How to choose a gaming laptop

Laptops are a little type of computer adapted for games. it due to the features of the relative position of the screen and keyboard, high complexity (and often impossibility) upgrade, low performance cooling system and near other factors. However, thanks to mobility and compact the form factor, many choose laptops for games.

How to choose a good gaming laptop: options for which need to pay attention

How to choose a gaming laptop

From a gaming laptop, first of all, a high performance, especially in terms of graphics processing. therefore list of characteristics that you should pay attention to as follows:

  1. Screen resolution;

  2. Graphics card options;

  3. Processor performance;

  4. The amount of RAM.

These are the main parameters that need to be considered when choosing a gaming laptop. You can also appreciate the convenience of the keyboard and touchpad, cooling system quality and special gaming functions.

Gaming Laptop Screen Settings


Screen resolution determines the quality (“smoothness”) of the picture, the number of elements in the image and the ability to run modern games – many of them simply don’t “go” to small displays. In addition, the shift frequency indirectly depends on it. frame.

Optimum Screen Resolution for Gaming Laptop – Full HD (1920 × 1080 pixels). At a lower value of this parameter, the picture It will not look too beautiful, with more – it will increase load on the video card, which is not functioning well the cooling system will cause overheating and in any case will cause intensive use of battery power.

Screen diagonal standard for modern gaming laptops is 17.3 inches. Devices with smaller displays may turn out to be uncomfortable for gameplay, and with large ones – uncomfortable with transportation. At the same time, if it is not planned to endure laptop from home, you can purchase a model with a 21-inch screen and resolution larger than Full HD.

Graphics Card Options

Graphics Card Settings

The video card is the main stumbling block of manufacturers modern gaming laptops. Special “mobile” graphic accelerators are characterized by very low performance, which definitely not enough to render saturated with details Images. Powerful video cards require a significant increase cooling system functions and also lead to increased power consumption.

Therefore, the vast majority of gaming laptops related to mid-range, equipped with not too productive video card. This allows manufacturers to optimize the system. cooling, so as not to overheat the chips. Flagship gaming laptops come with an almost desktop video card (and sometimes and really desktop – such as the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 in MSI GT80 ​​2QE Titan SLI, which on the Russian market costs about 400 thousand rubles).

So, if you need an inexpensive gaming laptop, oh really productive graphics cards have to forget. If you need a powerful graphics accelerator, you have to spend a little more money than planned.

However, for the comfortable passage of most modern games do not need a top-end graphics card. Such projects may run on a graphics accelerator with 2 GB of video memory. Except that picture refresh rate or depth of detail may be significantly lower than top-end or desktop configurations.

In general, 2 GB is the minimum required for a gaming laptop the amount of video memory. It makes no sense to buy less. More is possible (and necessary), but it is necessary to calculate first of all on the basis of the budget.

Notebook processor options


If the video card in games is primarily responsible for the graphics, then processor – for “invisible elements” such as behavior artificial intelligence, sophisticated physical model, the formation of elements of the environment and virtual environment. how consequence, it must also be quite productive.

Optimal processors for today’s gaming laptops – Intel Core i5 or i7 related to the fourth (Haswell) or more the older generation. Such chips while maintaining performance provide less heating and energy consumption.

AMD processors should only be used if if the budget for a gaming laptop is very limited. They are not as productive, energy efficient and “cold” as Intel chips, but also cheaper.

RAM size

RAM is also important for running resource-intensive games (and almost all modern projects are as follows). However go to extremes and buy the ASUS ROG G752VY-GC337T, which It costs a little less than 250 thousand rubles, but it is equipped with 32 GB of RAM, not worth it.

For most modern games, 8 GB will be enough random access memory. Still, we are talking about a laptop, and on it to launch any projects in maximum quality a priori not costs – is fraught with overheating of internal components. If you want get the best gaming experience – devices with 16 GB are suitable random access memory.

Other gaming notebook selection options

Other options

Also, when choosing a gaming laptop, it is worth considering a number of other parameters:

  1. Hard disk capacity. Given the resource intensity of modern games, it is unlikely it would be advisable to purchase laptops with HDD less than 500 GB Optimal configuration: 128-256 GB SSD to run operating system and 0.75-1.5 TB HDD for installing games;

  2. Ease of keyboard and touchpad. This is a very important parameter, since it is through these controllers that the interaction with the game. For gaming, mechanical keyboards are considered the best. however, laptops are rare and expensive (such as the above MSI GT80 2QE Titan SLI). At purchase should evaluate how your hands are on the keys and how much fingers get into sight;

  3. Cooling system. Gaming laptops due to high the performance of their components is strong enough heat up, especially in modern designs. Therefore quality cooling system is very important;

Special gaming features – additional buttons on keyboard, backlight active keys, interactive displays on touchpads – all this makes the gameplay more enjoyable.


Given the high cost of gaming laptops, you need to choose them approach with all responsibility. Recommended to purchase configurations that not only meet current needs, but also surpass them – so that in the future on the device you can It was to launch modern games at that time.


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Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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