How to choose a gamepad

It is much more convenient to play with a gamepad than with a keyboard and mouse. However, not all games support control from such the controller.

How to choose a gamepad for PC: what to look for

How to choose a gamepad for PC

Immediately worth a reservation – no prices and characteristics of the gamepad Do not determine its compatibility with games. It depends on the software, including drivers and emulators.

But technical specifications can improve the gaming experience. Therefore, when choosing a gamepad, you should pay attention to the following its parameters:

  1. The presence of wire;

  2. Number of buttons;

  3. Number of analog sticks;

  4. Vibration response;

  5. Case materials.

But the most important characteristic of a gamepad is its convenience use: how well he lies in his hands, how heavy or easy etc. Unfortunately, it is very subjective – for all people the brushes, as well as the length of the fingers, are different. Therefore have to “try on” a model in a store – unless, of course, it is possible.

Wire availability

wire availability

Gamepads, like many other external PC controllers, are two types – wireless and wired. And each of them has everything the same advantages and disadvantages as, for example, mice.

So, wired gamepads have two very important advantages – high response speed and no need for recharging. AND their disadvantage is a restriction on the player’s freedom. Twitch and jump the room will not work.

Wireless gamepads provide slightly less response speed and need regular recharging. For example, that Sony Dualshock 4 is able to work on battery only 6 hours. But they provide complete freedom of action and movement.

Choosing the type of gamepad is based primarily on your preferences and manners of the game.

Number of buttons

Buttons are not the main control in gamepads. Not less, they can be “suspended” all the necessary functions for the game and actions.

However, the number of buttons should not be too large. When there are more than 10-12 of them, it becomes simply inconvenient to play. Yes and there is practically no space left on the controller. But if the buttons less than 10, you can get into such an unpleasant situation when you need to do something in the game – and the buttons on the controller are just not.

Thus, 10-12 is the optimal number of buttons on gamepad.

Number of Analog Sticks

analog sticks

Analog sticks are the most convenient controls in gamepads. They provide complete freedom of action in games and superb experience.

The optimal number of analog sticks should be determined based on from your preferences. For many gamers, one thing is enough – under right thumb while the left is on crosspiece. Others need two and a cross.

The characteristics of the sticks are also purely subjective. So, a controller with 8 degrees of freedom will provide such same gaming experience as with full 360 degree sensitivity. However, for dynamic games are recommended sticks with maximum sensitivity.

Vibration response

Vibration feedback is a very nice feature of gamepads. He provides deeper gaming experience and allows you to recognize some events inside the game even before they are displayed on the screen (or in the form sounds.

Of course, controllers with vibration feedback are more expensive than without it, Yes, and discharged faster (if it is wireless), but they are the ones highly recommended for purchase.

Case Materials

case material

Case materials determine the usability of the controller. Sure, most of these devices are made of plastic. However this the material can be complemented by rubberized elements, texture and other add-ons that make the gamepad more practical.

So, for example, rubberized handles and textured rear the surface will not allow the controller to slip out of wet hands and provide the comfort of long-term gaming.


gamepad manufacturers

Among the manufacturers of gamepads for PCs, there are three companies are Logitech, Thrustmaster, and Microsoft.

  1. Logitech produces fairly budget models. They sometimes don’t get important features like vibration feedback, but good Suitable for use as an entry-level device. Then this gamepad, accustomed to a completely new experience, can be replaced with something else.

  2. Thustmaster is a mid-range device manufacturer. They produce ergonomic gamepads that are suitable for a wide variety of games. Almost all models of this company have a reassignment buttons, sticks with a lot of degrees of freedom and others useful features.

  3. Microsoft releases some of the best PC gamepads (Valve with its a single device that also costs more than 5 thousand rubles as of the third quarter of 2017, in the calculation you can not take). They have everything – and vibration feedback, and the optimal amount buttons, and allowing to do without an emulator software technology, and even a great battery life. But they are also quite expensive.


In the following articles, our experts tell you how to choose video card for games and the secrets of choosing an operating system.

Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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