How to choose a game console

The right choice of game console determines not only the number of projects available for her, but also the gaming experience in the future.

How to choose a game console

How to choose a game console: what to look for

Almost all modern game consoles offer approximately the same gaming experience and the range of available projects, but, as usual, “some are more equal.” When choosing a console is worth decide on the following aspects:

  1. Type (landline or mobile);

  2. PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo

  3. Generation.

However, the vast majority of modern games cross-platform, so they will be available on almost any game console.

Fixed or mobile set-top box

Fixed or mobile set-top box

Stationary consoles have the most “advanced” hardware and therefore provide the best gaming experience with realistic graphics worked out by a physical and combat model. Nevertheless, you won’t take them with you – unlike mobile ones. Portable consoles allow you to play anywhere – on the road, away from home, on work.

However, the mobile form factor imposes restrictions on hardware performance. Therefore, games for portable consoles neither modern graphics nor a well-developed gameplay model are different. With rare exceptions like exclusives for such set-top boxes like the Nintendo Switch.

The current generation of stationary consoles is as follows:

  1. Sony PlayStation 4 (including Pro and Slim configurations, as well as virtual reality platform PS VR);

  2. Xbox One (as well as the soon update of Project Scorpio);

  3. Nintendo wii .

Actual mobile consoles:

  1. PlayStation Vita;

  2. Nintendo Switch

  3. Nintendo 2DS (and New Nintendo 2DS).

An important feature of mobile consoles is that the games available to them are essentially exclusive. therefore the range of projects can be very limited. Before the purchase a mobile console should make sure that among the games available on it there are quite interesting.

PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo

The market for stationary consoles is divided between the three largest the players are Sony PlayStation, Microsoft xbox and Nintendo platforms. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Sony PlayStation

Sony PlayStation

Sony PlayStation is the largest gaming platform on the market. Therefore, almost all flagship, as well as hundreds of thousands independent projects go exactly to her. Sony Consoles PlayStations offer good optimization, great gaming experience and well-developed multi-user system.


  • A huge number of flagship exclusive projects;

  • Can be used in conjunction with PS Vita – and then on a portable the console will broadcast the video stream of the game;

  • Virtual reality platform PS VR;

  • PS Plus subscription for free DLC, some games and multiplayer content;

  • Availability of early access, beta testing and other methods play in projects that have not yet been released;

  • Early release of cross-platform projects (as it was, for example, with GTA V);


  • High cost – both the console and accessories or games for her;

  • High degree of heating;

  • Inconvenient multimedia player;

  • Virtually all multiplayer games require PS Plus Subscription

  • The need to optimize games for modern configurations Consoles (e.g. for Pro)

However, despite all these shortcomings, the PlayStation – best game console. The fact is that Sony is collaborating with game developers, so projects for this platform are highly optimized, and exclusives come out constantly.

Microsoft Xbox

Microsoft Xbox

Microsoft Xbox gaming platform – the main competitor for Sony PlayStation These companies are constantly racing for the gamer’s wallet. improve the hardware of their consoles, offer exclusive projects and interesting technological solutions. However, by For unknown reasons, the Xbox regularly turns out to be an “outsider.”


  • Software solutions. Streams without interruption from the game and videoconferencing – all this makes social and The multi-user experience is truly deep;

  • Unified Windows 10 platform;

  • EA Access subscription to download games from this publisher;

  • Streaming services for music and video;

  • Function of a set-top box with SmartTV support;

  • Software Infrastructure – Xbox Applications That Open additional features that can be installed on almost everything smartphones, tablets and computers;

  • Kinect reality recognition platform for outdoor games;


  • Free games are not free – F2P projects can be downloaded only with the Gold platform;

  • Insufficiently powerful hardware, which leads to a loss of gaming experience.

Thus, Microsoft Xbox is more like home media centers. with game console function. However, a single Windows platform becomes their most powerful advantage. For example, you can run game on the console, minimize it, open on the computer with this Xbox application operating system and continue playing already there.

Nintendo Wii

Nintendo Wii

The Nintendo Wii console is a rather peculiar solution for games. It offers an extremely unusual gameplay experience and management, therefore, almost all flagship projects are simply not released on her. Nintendo Wii is more likely to come as an extra console than main.


  • The unique gameplay experience that best manifests itself in outdoor games;

  • A large set of games for children;

  • GameCube Game Compatibility and Old Projects Nintendo;


  • A small number of games;

  • All this makes the Nintendo Wii a very unique platform, which is hardly suitable for everyday gaming;

  • Weak “iron”, which leads to poor quality graphs.

  • Virtually absent multiplayer and cross-platform projects;

  • The need for additional accessories for some games (especially GameCube);

All this makes the Nintendo Wii a very unique platform, which is hardly suitable for everyday gaming.



Game platforms are updated approximately every four years. At The previous one remains relevant for some time.

However, when purchasing a console, it is worth taking it from the latter generations. This means that from 2 to 5 years she will be support the most modern games.

But the previous generation consoles have a number of advantages:

  1. Low price for equipment (the console itself and accessories to her);

  2. Cheap games;

  3. Compatible with old TVs;

  4. The regular release of various indie projects.

There are also disadvantages:

  1. Developers may stop releasing updates for the game or and completely stop supporting multiplayer mode;

  2. New flagship games will not be released.

Thus, if the budget is very limited, you can purchase previous generation console. But only for a while. Then it still has to be replaced with the current model – so that enjoy modern games.

Other game consoles

Of course, these three platforms offer a range of game consoles. not limited to. You can also find other consoles on the market – for example, 8- and 16-bit. They have a low price, but have limited support, number of games and functionality. Such consoles are recommended exclusively to fans of the old school gaming.


In the next article, our experts tell you how to choose glasses. virtual reality – an overview of the best manufacturers, dignity and limitations.

Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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