How to choose a candy bar

Monoblock – a computer in which all components of the system units (motherboard, processor, hard drive, etc.) are integrated directly to the monitor.

How to choose a computer candy bar

How to choose a candy bar: technical specifications for which worth paying attention

Monoblocks are quite difficult to upgrade. Therefore, for the choice of such a computer technical characteristics should be given the closest attention. The most important are:

  1. Diagonal, resolution and other parameters of the monitor;

  2. CPU;

  3. RAM;

  4. Read-only memory;

  5. Video card;

  6. Manufacturer;

An installed operating system also matters, but not decisive. Because even on monoblocks Apple can be installed familiar environment like Windows or some open OS based Linux

Monitor Settings

monitor resolution

The vast majority of monoblocks are equipped with monitors, which have a diagonal of 19 to 27 inches. This parameter determines primarily the usability of computers and depends on what the device is intended for. So, for office or company suitable small monoblock with a diagonal of about 19 inches. But for watching videos, movies, editing Images worth buying a model with a 27-inch screen.

It is also worth paying attention to the screen resolution. Optimal its value depends on two parameters – the diagonal of the display and planned scenario for computer use. Most suitable values:

  1. For small office monoblocks – Full HD (1920 × 1080 pixels)

  2. For home monoblocks on which you plan to watch movies and video – 2K (2560 × 1440 pixels);

  3. For monoblocks intended for image editing, video, and also for games – the more, the better. Up to 5120 × 2880 pixels).

Some monoblock models are equipped with a touch screen. it rather a pleasant addition than a required feature. But not less if you plan to use a candy bar for editing images, it is advisable to choose a model with a touch screen and pen input support.



Since in monoblocks it’s rather difficult to replace the processor, already when buying such a device, you should make sure that the chip is fully meets the requirements. Its practicality is affected by the following specifications:

  1. The number of cores and embedded technology;

  2. Clock frequency;

  3. Generation.

But it’s worth remembering that the number of cores and clock speed processor – the concepts are quite blurry. So, quad chips Intel Core i5 families show less performance than i7 quad-core chips with the same clock speed – but more, than Pentium with the same specifications. Hierarchy by performance is the following (from least to maximum):

  1. Intel Celeron:

  2. Intel Pentium

  3. Intel Core i3;

  4. Intel Core i5;

  5. Intel Core i7.

  6. For AMD, similarly:

  7. AMD Athlon;

  8. AMD Phenom

  9. AMD FX

  10. AMD Ryzen

But the more powerful the processor, the greater its heat dissipation. And in compact monoblock case difficult to pack productive cooling system. Therefore, it’s worth choosing a processor, guided by the principle of “reasonable sufficiency”.

For office and uncomplicated home use Intel Celeron, Intel Pentium, and AMD Athlon processors. For video viewing – Intel Core i3 and AMD Phenom or AMD FX. For editing video, images, for games – top families.

Much more important for determining its processor performance generation. The most recent models are the most speed. For 2017, the most relevant generations processors: for Intel – the seventh; for AMD – the sixteenth.

RAM size

RAM size

Monoblock performance depends on the amount of RAM with multitasking, as well as running applications that processed in multiple threads or cache data (viewing web pages, for example). Therefore, the more it is, the better. But if proceed from the principle of reasonable sufficiency, then:

  1. For home with simple use or office work, it’s enough and 2 GB of RAM;

  2. For comfortable use in everyday use 4 GB

  3. To edit photos you need at least 8 GB;

  4. For video editing or for games – 16 GB.

Many monoblock models support quantity expansion RAM by replacing a bracket or installing additional. Therefore, making sure that such an upgrade is possible, You can purchase an inexpensive computer, and if necessary, equip its another RAM board.

Persistent memory


All data in a monoblock, as well as the operating system, are stored on the hard drive. Therefore, its volume must correspond user requirements. So, models with a 200 GB hard drive and less suitable except for not too active home use – except for the operating system, they can be placed on several films in high quality and a couple of modern games.

The optimal hard drive capacity is from 320 GB or more.

Hard drives differ not only in volume, but also in type:

  1. Flash drives – are found only in the cheapest monoblocks are characterized by low price and often low volume. But at the same time, they provide good system performance (up to a few seconds to reboot);

  2. HDD – classic magnetic storage devices. Are different low gigabyte cost and high reliability when using in monoblocks. However, they have a relatively low speed. due to the long response time;

  3. SSD – modern high-speed drives. Don’t need defragmentation, therefore, maintain performance for the entire period of operation. However they have limited number of rewriting cycles and relative high cost.

A good option would be to use a candy bar with two hard drives – SSD for operating system and HDD for storage custom files. But not all models of such computers offer similar functionality.

Video card

Which graphics card manufacturer is better

The video card in computers is designed to work with graphics. Therefore, it is obvious that for monoblocks it is necessary only in those cases if the computer is planned to be used for editing graphics, video or for games.

To watch videos, edit documents, surf the web or even undemanding games will suffice and an integrated video card.

The performance of a discrete graphics card is determined by its model and the amount of built-in video memory. It is worth considering that in monoblocks a mobile video card is used, that is, its speed in In any case, there will be less desktop.


monoblock manufacturers

Among the manufacturers of monoblocks, the following company:

  1. Apple – Launches iMac All-In-One Series specially for designers. They are equipped with a proprietary display with high resolution and excellent color reproduction;

  2. Microsoft – releases only one all-in-one Surface Studio. is he also intended for designers and artists since received display with a huge resolution and custom format 3: 2;

  3. Lenovo – mainly produces budget all-in-ones for home or office;

  4. Acer – produces both budget and very productive monoblocks. For example, it has solutions specifically for gamers.


In the following articles, our experts tell you how to choose an MFP. for home and office, and the secrets of choosing a netbook for high-quality web surfing.

Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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