Hotpoint-Ariston FA5 844 JH IX

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Specifications Hotpoint-Ariston FA5 844 JH IX

General characteristics

Oven electric independent
Volume 71 l
Dimensions (HxWxD) 59.5 x 59.5 x 55.1 cm


Heating modes 10
Automatic programs 2
Grill there is an electric
Convection there is
Defrosting there is


Switches recessed
Timer there is
Display sensory


Skewer not
Oven door folding
The number of door glass two
Oven cleaning hydrolysis
Other functions and features camera backlight, cooling fan, anti-theft system children protective shutdown
Clock there are electronic
Body color silver

Hotpoint-Ariston FA5 844 JH IX Reviews

Pluses: Beautiful design. Convenient to use, bake excellent, very satisfied.
Minuses: No instructions in Russian … perhaps for now the only problem.
Minuses: In my opinion, the best value for money quality!

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Pluses: Oven bakes very suitable. How much do I use Nirazu did not leave the dish unfinished.
Minuses: two glasses
Minuses: The oven is cool. Very easy to integrate, husband spent on everything no more than 20 minutes. Fits very well in the kitchen, what was unexpected, I thought it would look too modern. The door opens and closes smoothly, does not break. Two glasses, but this does not affect the work itself. Very comfortable recessed switches, I’m not afraid to hurt them during cooking or break them. Touchscreen display. You can set child protection or a timer.

Irina Shamonina

Pluses: perfectly baked, my first built-in oven justifies its price
Disadvantages: lack of skewers is very upset, the next I will be careful
Minuses: Very often I make cakes to order, so I need had a very good large volume oven. Immediately for some reason drew attention to her, probably because it fits the design the kitchen. It bakes beautifully. The baking is excellent. Very often pleasing to home, cakes come out excellent. Convenient to dry meringue, biscuit never falls. Nothing burns. Recently made a chicken grill, it comes out very tasty. I must try again grilled meat and fish.

Nadezhda Kitova

Advantages: Convenient touch display, reasonable price, opens very smoothly, steam self-cleaning
Minuses: it cooks perfectly and the rest of the oven and require weird
Minuses: it was very important for me that the oven Fits well in the kitchen, the design in our style is modern minimalism, so the oven was needed in color and without excesses. This one came up. As if specially for my kitchen. The display is much more convenient than a conventional mechanical timer, everything is fine visible and understandable. There is a convenient steam self-cleaning

Evgenia Martynenko

Advantages: self-cleaning by hydrolysis, everything is baked evenly
Disadvantages: in general, I think that nothing is better than electrical Ovens have not yet been invented. It is very easy to set the temperature if you can set a timer, well, or tighten the temperature, and even time while everything is preparing. Heats up very quickly, bakes evenly. Now meat in pots is not a problem for me. All right baked and will not be raw. Smell of burning or other unpleasant there are no smells in the oven. Easy to clean with a sponge after hydrolysis self-cleaning.

Zoya Kopylova

Advantages: price, timer, touch screen, easy to operation, cleaning hydrolysis
Minuses: not found
Minuses: I bought myself an oven, I liked the price, yes and outwardly the design is good. According to the characteristics, he is very good, most of all I like that there is a touch display, it is me more what suits you, as it’s much more convenient and familiar. Just as happy that there is a timer, this is an important feature, otherwise you completely forget that set cooking, and then everything down the drain. Still glad that cleaning hydrolysis, as it is very familiar to me. Light enough in operation, very quickly figured out. So I cook on it almost every day, I am very pleased with the work!

Polina Malashkova

Advantages: price / quality, steam cleaning and display
Minuses: Corresponds to its price – cooks all sorts of good goodies. In my opinion it is important that there is steam cleaning – it’s just great invention! After half an hour the oven is on its own and filled with hot steam, you just need to erase everything with microfiber. AND with the old oven I didn’t always succeed in washing even the detergents, and here almost everything leaves itself

Anzhela ekditova

Pluses: The main plus is that you can install it simply anywhere. We built it at eye level. So much more convenient get ready meals and follow. Two glass and windshield lighting the cabinet allows me to keep track of the progress without opening the door cooking dishes. Thus, everything is baked until golden crusts and biscuits do not fall. The grill function is very convenient, it turns out much tastier than in the store, and to please with barbecue possible at any time of the year. I also note cool hydrolysis cleaning and that the door, when closed, does not slam.
Disadvantages: do not forget to buy a skewer

Olga Isakicheva

Advantages: recessed switches, timer, hinged cover, price / quality
Disadvantages: I changed my old Soviet oven to this model. This is my first oven, so to speak, which I don’t inherited from my grandmother, so I looked at the price, and for I really liked the price. In general, after the Soviet Union, this model seemed to me very worthy. Most of all I liked that the switches in this model are recessed, which allows much it’s easier and calmer to change the temperature and power. Oven cover It opens very smoothly and in the direction familiar to me. Same very happy that there is a timer that greatly simplifies the task in surveillance cooking. I did not find cons as such, I like and the operation of the furnace, and outwardly it looks very decent. I hope that will stand as much as the Soviet one.

Lena Tikhonova

Pluses: self-cleaning hydrolysis, normal price, yes electric grill and convection
Disadvantages: none
Minuses: I like that you can put it in the oven right away 2 the dishes are calm, the volume is 71 liters, very, very large. Wherein due to convection, everything bakes very evenly, and meat and dough) Here already written, but I also can’t but mention hydrolysis treatment, a very cool invention. With the old oven, I’m very tired fiddling with cleaning, all sorts of means, but here everything is much simpler, I start self-cleaning, and after only wipe with a cloth remains)))

Lyudmila Stavitskaya

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