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Features Headphones Westone UM PRO30

main parameters

Device type headphones
View plug-in (plugs)
A type reinforcing bars
Frequency Response Range 20 – 18000 Hz
Sensitivity 124 dB / mW
Impedance 56 ohm
Weight 12.7 g
External noise isolation 25 dB


Number of drivers 3
Type of mount without fastening
Design folding
Cable type symmetrical, detachable


Headphone jack mini jack 3.5 mm
Headphone Jack Shape L-shaped
Length of cable 1.28 m


Features interchangeable ear pads
The number of pairs of interchangeable ear pads included 10
Case / Case Included there is
Additional Information headphone cleaning brush

Reviews on Headphones Westone UM PRO30

Advantages: 1 – cable 2 – set of ear pads 3 – box for transportation
Disadvantages: 1 – workmanship (the case may fall apart at You in your hands or when shaking in transport) 2 – sound quality (Wow the effect is worth the wait, just a good sound, but the same sound can be get and 4 times cheaper – Phonak 012, 2 times cheaper Etymotic 4r)
Disadvantages: The choice of fittings up to 30,000 is huge, it is a pity that by Westone, which makes headphones by hand – such curves hands gluing the body is not a problem, but aesthetic admiration leaves at the moment … I chose a manufacturer from France and it was with him Wow effect obtained.

Leonov Alexander

Pluses: Sound for this price category is comparable to 4 Original cable
Disadvantages: The first repair of one channel in a year, the second after a year and a half The third repair in a year, then the fourth, heels and they covered themselves. The cable fell off during the year. one and a half years of the connectors themselves on the channels, on the right and on the left The cable can not be repaired, you must buy the original for 6500r High-frequency cable for satellite dishes is not suitable High-quality expensive cable for stationary speakers not suitable Resistance must match the original Channel quality right left assembly China at 3 with a minus
Minuses: Sound is normal with good recording and original cable High-frequency cable overshoots and the sound is not stable walks Military M1 Copper Cable, sound does not hold Expensive cable for speakers, overestimates high frequencies and underestimates low, but not critical if you are not going to listen to something studio

The user has hidden his data

Advantages: 1. Sound (your Cap). Well, for what else are they bought headphones? Paint here about the aspirations of vocalists and how distinctly audible rattle of mediators on strings, I will not – on the Web there is enough such “useful” information. I can only say that the headphones transmit sound absolutely neutral, without emphasis on bass, high and etc.,. It is like a “plateau” of sound. Without bulging, humps, failures … Yes, of course, if you climb into the frequency response and other technical you can find fault, but by ear the sound is perfect for those who wants to listen to music without special embellishment from the side of the headphones. Of course, this is IMHO – for everyone, the concept of an ideal sound is different, but ears after similar reinforcement sound difference compared to budget headphones notice immediately. 2. Signature behind-the-ear landing coupled with custom nozzles provides an ideal position. Can at least stand on your ears. Yes, and without custom – the usual “foam” is enough for practicing at least jogging, at least other other “dry” sports. 3. Replaceable cable (already commonplace, and still warms the soul) 4. A bunch ear pads included – even if you don’t want to cut yourself custom runoff nozzles enough for the eyes. At least try it.
Disadvantages: Workmanship (for more details, see the Comments). There are no complaints about the sound.
Disadvantages: I became the owner of this model a year ago, deciding that it’s time to already replace your UM 2 RC, which have fully served the program. Bought, put on custom, inserted. I was happy as a child by golly! No, well, the truth is earth and sky, even compared to previous umki. And after a year with the penny began interesting – the right earpiece fell apart into two halves in my hand, when I once at home took off custom to wash! Rave? Well full rave! Headphones for half a bucks just went wrong in my palms! Westown guys, why are you ??? I can understand everything – well, there if it fell in the rain, someone else stepped on them, but here … Were bought in a normal store, did not “bathe”, did not bite, did not fought, etc., were stored exclusively in the company case. AND is … Well, what to do? Assembled, glued with banal superglue (Tryndets, of course, remembering the price of “ears”!), began to use farther. And after a couple of months, with the advent of winter, problems began with right ear: the sound floated, becoming louder, then quieter, and sometimes disappeared altogether. I thought a jamb with a cable. It turned out – no, not it. I did not disassemble, and this time I just handed it over for repair. In a couple days talked with the masters of the service: open contact crossover due to temperature differences. Literally: “usual for this model problem in the second year of service. “No words. Censored. And when We look at the price of headphones, and ordinary ones disappear. But by the sound of something great ears … what prevents them from being really good, without similar jambs? Unclear.

Ladygin Alexey

Advantages: Replaceable cable.
Disadvantages: Headphones do not play music. Landing. Mount ear pads.
Disadvantages: Now in more detail about the disadvantages, tk. special advantages, except for the price)), I do not see. Landing for an amateur. To someone like, someone not, I will not argue, everyone has different ears. I’m for two I couldn’t get used to the day. The ear cushion does not lock on the earpiece. Sometimes the ear cushion remains in the ear. Third-party ear pads may not hold at all. Now about the main thing. Headphones don’t give out music like her musicians conceived, and separate sounds from the prepared music. Yes, every instrument is really audible (though not all ranges, on top frank porridge). Yes it really is another sound (but not the sound of natural instruments). Interesting sounds you can hear a lot in these headphones. But in these headphones impossible to hear music. The emotion from listening, as such, missing completely. Music should please, touch to tears, make dance … Perhaps such an unemotional split the sound for members is suitable for the sound engineer, but not for the person in love with music. I listened to these headphones on the players for 15t.r. and 25t.r., music in FLAC, DSD format. At a volume above 60%, sound goes into a rumble, detail is lost.

Dudarenko stanislav

Advantages: High-quality reinforcing sound without dips / holes with quite expressive bass, which is a rarity among the armatures. Also I liked that the assembly is American, the equipment is rich, The mount is convenient. The price for three driver fittings is very good.
Minuses: Demanding – they are not cheap android will pull.
Minuses: Great ears, different from most fixtures (which I have ever listened to) for the better. Sound at UM PRO30 is truly clean, transparent and resilient.

Fomina Christina

Pluses: Very detailed headphones Assembly USA)
Minuses: Demanding on the record and source
Disadvantages: iBasso DX50 MDM-compozit + Westone UM 30 Pro + cable Litz (Cu) 250×0.04 = Enjoying Music)

George Batalov

Pluses: Very good (for plugs) sound, comfortable behind-the-ear fastening, rich equipment.
Minuses: I liked everything.
Disadvantages: Great headphones for good players. Special well they convey vocals and the top. Recommend!

Ryabova Gayane

Pluses: Sound, landing, equipment, appearance, excellent mount.
Minuses: Demanding on sound source and recording quality – Flac begs for itself =)
Disadvantages: Westone UM PRO30 is very different from the usual headphone plugs. They sound not only better, no, the UM PRO30 just different. It is fast and bright, free and light, detailed and expressive. When you listen to the recordings, it seems like you’re you sit in the center of the hall and the orchestra plays especially for you and only for you. I recommend to all lovers of instrumental music.

Titova Jeanne

Pluses: very detailed, smooth, clean (no Priukras) sound. Nice design. Very interesting mount, it is for me I liked it much more than usual. Sitting very comfortable, ears are not never get tired of them.
Disadvantages: Very demanding on the sound source and quality records. So I had to search all my songs in FLAC format and he like – in others, unpleasant shades began to be heard. Good player I, fortunately, had.
Minuses: It is important to understand that in order to receive from these headphones maximum sound quality, you need to have appropriate equipment. I had it, so I’m very happy with the purchase! =)

Osotkina Khazyar

Pluses: Great sound, great balance, strong noise reduction, comfortable ear pads.
Minuses: Awesome headphones, received them as a gift from the guy. I didn’t listen to such an excellently verified sound before, all sounds are accurate, clear. Excellent sound insulation thanks ear pads that take the form of an ear canal. I’m in delighted!

Veronika Mukhortova

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