Headphones Sony MDR-ZX660AP

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Specifications Headphones Sony MDR-ZX660AP

main parameters

Device type headphone with mic
View overhead open
A type dynamic
Frequency Response Range 5 – 25000 Hz
Sensitivity 104 dB / mW
Impedance 40 ohm
Maximum power 1000 mW
Weight 193 g


Membrane diameter 40 mm
Number of drivers 1
Type of mount headband
Cable connection one-sided


Headphone jack mini jack 3.5 mm
Headphone Jack Shape L-shaped
Gold plated connectors there is
Length of cable 1.2 m


Features Neodymium magnets

Reviews on Headphones Sony MDR-ZX660AP

Minuses: I haven’t seen it yet, the sound quality exactly depends on source, on devices (smartphones) with a dedicated audio chip all just gorgeous.
Disadvantages: Your money costs 200�pro = Sound, design, quality

Homenko pavel

Pluses: Sound. Balanced sound. Saturated Bass (smooth). Average sound insulation.
Minuses: ear pads are small, the ears are turned on 90 degrees is good, but the opposite should have been at least 5-10 degrees turn because of this there is a feeling that the headphones press hard
Disadvantages: At this price, I recommend buying. The choice was between mdr-xb550ap and mdr-zx660ap. But I chose them as in the first In this case, the sound is muffled by low frequencies, as everything sounds dry, but ease of wearing on all 5, mdr-zx660ap juicy sound, bass smooth. PS. mdr-xb550ap speaker 30mm, mdr-zx660ap speaker 40mm

Sergazin alibek

Pluses: Good earphones for the price. The wire , which is not confusing. The sound is normal. Special claims for the year there are none (except for the shortcomings below)
Minuses: After a couple of months, the design of the cups began to creak headphones- sometimes it distracts With prolonged use in the headphones are hot.
Minuses: Price quality balanced. You can take it.

Sosnovsky Alexander

Pluses: The sound is very saturated, the bass is juicy, especially if you listen with good equipment. The design is nice. Soft ambrosury and headband. Microphone.
Minuses: Build quality. And this is the main and only minus. Specific high frequencies. (not for my taste)
Minuses: Despite the fact that they are all so comfortable .. So They look good … They play so powerfully … And how well they were assembled on time of purchase … But. They started two weeks after the purchase to fall apart. And after half a year of normal use turned into trash. The caps on the headband cracked and fell off. Ambroshura parted at the seams. Everything rattles wildly. Right earphone (its body) began to creak wildly, so that the ear falls off such. No, I don’t argue – the sound and the rest are really good headphones. But the case … How could it be done so that everything doesn’t matter collapsed in just half a year? Purchased in the official Sony store for 3600 rubles. I believe that for such a price, build quality could to be much better.

Petrov Slava

Advantages: Quality, Price, Compactness, Sound.
Disadvantages: A headset with some phone models may not suit. At first, my ears hurt, then I got used to it (it’s not critical).
Disadvantages: During use, there were not any problems work perfectly with both the phone and the PC.

Kharitonov Roman

Pluses: Qualitatively made headphones
Disadvantages: Some kind of distortion of sound in frequencies. Too much bass, had to equalize the whole picture with an equalizer. But after a half-hour game with an equalizer, it began to sound perfectly.
Disadvantages: Ordinary simple headphones. The microphone is working for some reason, only on a smartphone, in a laptop – nobody tells me he hears.

The user has hidden his data

Pluses: Convenient, wire, L-shaped plug, high-quality, by sound: powerful bass
Minuses: the headband quickly worn away
Disadvantages: Personally, the sound seemed deaf to me, but twisting it eq. At medium frequencies it became normal.

Fassakhov Ayaz

Pluses: Overall a good, clear sound – as for me
Disadvantages: booming bass, which sometimes makes music turns into cacophony. Who wants to understand what I mean – listen to these ears LP – In the end.
Minuses: For electronic music in general, normal ears, on my opinion. For deep dubstep, that’s how it flies. For alternatives and other rock may not work.

Aksenov Sergey

Pluses: Really high-quality sound Bass doesn’t drown out Music Comfortable to use, can be used for hours Excellent soundproof Good microphone Volume at height Swivel design Beautiful design, a wide selection of colors. Price quality, if you’re lucky with the price
Недостатки: Немного хлипкие Нет складной конструкции =>take up a lot of space No cover One control button not enough, but it’s not critical at all head, if you tilt back and forth or jump a couple of times – fall off (but I have a small head, heh)
Minuses: Long chose as a gift to a friend, inspired characteristics and reviews and bought them for him and myself too. Both were very satisfied. For 4300 I would have thought whether to take it, but for 2250 questions were no longer standing. The sound quality is really gorgeous, friends like to take headphones from me sometimes just to enjoy sounding. I have no complaints about bass or volume, listen all kinds of music. I often travel on buses, it’s nice that it’s good road noise is isolated and music can be enjoyed. And call anyone can, extraneous noise does not interfere with either sound or to the microphone. If you turn it on so that you don’t hear anyone, then others are not loud, but you can still hear everything that plays in the headphones. I really miss the folding design in them. Unfortunately, headphones take up a lot of space, and coupled with their relative friability and lack of a cover it is necessary to oh-very carefully them to transport. Well, at least there is a swivel design. Although, for half a year and two long journeys with them, pah-pah, nothing It happened. The ear pads are very soft, pleasant, only scary accidentally scratch the material. The flat cord is very convenient, L-shaped plug inspires me more confidence than direct. In general, the pros a lot, and of the minuses – only my fears, which are not make excuses. I advise friends.

The user has hidden his data

Pluses: One wire, sit comfortably, have a microphone, good design and great sound.
Minuses: They are not.
Disadvantages: I bought in dns for 3300, I have never been disappointed. Before this 2 years wore sony mdr zx 100.

Ognev Denis

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