Headphones Sony MDR-XB50AP

Headphones Sony MDR-XB50AP

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Specifications Headphones Sony MDR-XB50AP

main parameters

Device type headphones with microphone
View plug-in (plugs), closed
A type dynamic
Frequency Response Range 4 – 24000 Hz
Sensitivity 106 dB / mW
Impedance 40 ohm
Maximum power 100 mW
Weight 8 g


Diaphragm diameter 12 mm
Mount type without fastening
Cable type symmetric


Headphone jack mini jack 3.5 mm
Headphone jack shape L-shaped
Gold plated connectors there is
Length of cable 1.2 m


Answer / end conversation there is


Features: neodymium magnets, replaceable ear pads
Number of pairs of replaceable ear pads included 4
Carrying case / case included there is

Opinions about Headphones Sony MDR-XB50AP

Advantages: Excellent sound quality of wires bass sound detail a trusted brand fell in love with them
Disadvantages: I bought white ones, so they got worn out and became not very presentable. bulky, looked at how they were sitting in a friend's ears, realized that it was like cotton wool in the ears, and in a hat it was not very convenient to listen to
Disadvantages: I fell in love, I bought the black ones twice, I liked them more, but I lost them, I bought the second white ones, now I go with them, I did not feel the difference, although I noticed that the black wires are not much thicker

Pale George

Pluses: Excellent headphones, good sound isolation, full spectrum of frequencies, I recommend
Disadvantages: No


Pluses: Convenient button. Microphone Interesting shape. Bass
Disadvantages: Twisted bass
Disadvantages: I did not pay attention to the extra bass inscription, in the end we get what we get – the whistle on the middle ones, the voices / vocals cannot be heard in places. In general, normal ears, I really like the microphone and the button =)

Znak Znak

Advantages: the sound is not bad (I am not particularly picky about the sound, but I will not listen to the frank g), I hope that the wire is thick enough to last a long time, it gets confused a little, especially if you tie it in my way)
Disadvantages: large speakers, it is inconvenient to wear under the hat, and even so, by pulling, you can drop it from your ears
Disadvantages: earlier there were also Sonya from about this range, and recent ones are siaomi, hybrid, in sound, they are probably better, but they lasted less than a year (the wire of one of the headphones broke off)

Zimin Pavel

Advantages: does not fall out of the ear, good bass
Disadvantages: ears get tired, but you get used to it. The design is very simple.

Shubina svetlana

Advantages: I use it for a month, until it broke. The plastic is normal, I did not check it in the cold.
Disadvantages: The biggest disadvantage is the earbuds. You feel them inside your ear all the time, especially when you walk (most likely due to the fact that the headphone jack sticks out, and a kind of lever is created). If I knew, I wouldn't buy.
Disadvantages: Before that, there were Sennheiser CX 300 II. I wish I had bought them again. Yes, Sennheiser also had its drawbacks (fragile bundle of wires), but they sat in my ears like a glove. I didn't hear much difference in sound (I listen to melodic death metal)

Turundaev Artur

Pluses: Value for money.
Disadvantages: sound for 4+. I expected more, better sound. No sound adjustment

The user has hidden his data

Pluses: For such a pricing policy, these headphones are ideal. The sound is decent! The microphone (sorry, no volume) performs its task perfectly!
Disadvantages: Maximum wire and that is not exactly disadvantages. Thin and tangles stubbornly quickly. With careful handling, I think they will last long enough.
Disadvantages: Not an audiophile, so I can't tell you much. I was looking for a replacement for my old Sony MDR-XB30EX. For a price of up to two thousand with this sound, the most ideal option.


Advantages: sound quality, bass, reliability, performance
Disadvantages: not found
Disadvantages: When buying high-quality and compact headphones, I always leave the choice on them. This is the third purchase in a row. The first – to myself, the second – I recommended to my son, the third I bought as a gift, because the packaging is also appropriate. I use it with iPhone 6, including as a headset. They were discovered by me by accident, buying in a Euroset store, after a breakdown of the regular ones from the iPhone. Later I was pleasantly surprised by the sound quality.

Andrey Petrov

Advantages: fit perfectly, comfortable, sound great
Disadvantages: no
Disadvantages: Great headphones, bought another one for myself

Vasenko Vasya

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