Headphones Sony MDR-NC31EM

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Specifications Headphones Sony MDR-NC31EM

main parameters

Device type headphone with mic
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A type dynamic
Frequency Response Range 20 – 20,000 Hz
Impedance 31 ohm
Weight 21 g


Membrane diameter 13.5 mm
Type of mount without fastening


Headphone jack mini jack 3.5 mm
Headphone Jack Shape straight


Additional Information digital noise reduction function; not compatible with devices that do not have a 5-pin audio jack

Reviews on Headphones Sony MDR-NC31EM

Pluses: noise reduction, very light, good sound
Disadvantages: large (it’s difficult to wear under a hat), diverse a wire (personally it’s not very convenient for me), there’s no control panel at least play / pause
Minuses: Amazing offer for the price. Real Headphones with decent sound with real noise reduction. Sonycool.

Sandomirov Alexander

Pluses: Very good sound. Chic microphone. Noise reduction really works.
Disadvantages: Very specific mode of operation as a headset. Each of the headphones is a speaker and microphone. One in the ear in another you say. Moreover, the one in the ear is also fine writes down. Interlocutors hear footsteps around the room.
Minuses: I’m buying a second model. I bought the first two years back. Ground cable.

Miroshnikov Andrey

Pluses: Sound, bass, noise reduction
Minuses: Short cord. I bought headphones 4 times, tormenting one and there is a problem, the plug breaks constantly, because of which it does not work one earphone
Disadvantages: Headphones, due to their quality, no longer cost that kind of money

Algarin Leo

Advantages: Quality, indestructibility.
Minuses: The sound is worse than previous similar models Sonya.

The user has hidden his data

Advantages: They have been working for 4 years and nothing to do with them happened like new. Given that I handle them enough carelessly. Noise isolation is ideal. The sound of fire.
Minuses: They are not.

Taisiya Tyurikova

Advantages: 1. I will not describe in detail the sound quality, it is at the level of plugs for 500-800 rubles, enough for me. 2. Good soundproofing due to ear pads, but …
Disadvantages: Active insulation works only at the level monotonous hum (noise), for example, the hum of an airplane, ventilation, etc. Headphones do not clean up the rest of the noise. Apparently this is a consequence the fact that the noise cutter works through the phone’s CPU.
Cons: If you need cheap noise canceling headphones for flight, then this is one of the best, something else to expect from them is not worth it.

Airat zagretdinov

Pluses: Excellent noise reduction but only with Sony Xperia ….

The user has hidden his data

Pluses: No
Minuses: Do not work on Samsung s7


Pluses: Sound! If I’m not mistaken, the diameter of the membrane is 13mm! If someone in a modern Sony phone, they suppress noise .. Initially, these are headphones from the Sony e584 player. Which I use three years. And only with native headphones!
Minuses: you have to pay for everything, minus is that under the heading it is difficult to wear on the side, you can’t sleep.
Disadvantages: On a regular smartphone, you will not notice the difference.

Ilyin Denis

Pluses: + SOUND. Undoubtedly, for that kind of money (at one time I took a discount for 1300r) this is the best headphone on the market !!! +DIGITAL NOISE SUPPRESSION. Great feature! Similar earphones with This function costs from 4500r! + STRENGTH OF THE HOUSING. Maybe me the only one who had headphones under the wheels of the car and flew with 4 floors with landing on the asphalt)) They withstood all these “tortures”, leaving a couple of scratches.
Disadvantages: – Poor quality wire sheath. For 1.5 years use the wire becomes unusable at the base of the plug and at the branching point of the headphones, because of which the wire itself starts slowly but surely break (I listen to music EVERY day). – five- CHANNEL PLUG. I listen to music on the Sony Walkman NWZ-583 player, he successfully supports this plug, but with other devices having problems. However, they are successfully resolved by regulation of the “insertion depth” of the plug into the audio jack.
Minuses: Great headphones! Despite not the highest service life, better sound for such or lower prices are nowhere to be found!

Shevchenko Alexey

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