Headphones Koss Porta Pro

Headphones Koss Porta Pro

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Features Koss Porta Pro Headphones

main parameters

Device type headphones
View overhead open
A type dynamic
Frequency Response Range 15 – 25000 Hz
Sensitivity 101 dB
Impedance 60 ohm
Harmonic coefficient 0.2%
Weight 79 g


Type of mount headband
Design folding
Cable connection bilateral


Headphone jack mini jack 3.5 mm
6.3 mm adapter included there is
Length of cable 1.2 m


Case / Case Included there is

Koss Porta Pro Headphone Reviews

Pluses: Nice to sit on the head, ears do not get tired. Velvety bottoms.
Minuses: Tops are not very. Headphone life when active use is small.
Disadvantages: In general, the headphones live up to expectations, they took to Listen to home radio channels, music or watch movies on your tablet. It’s nice to listen to pop music, rap and the one where drums are important. For movie views are very worthy. Not very cool where important top, not everything is distinguishable, in some headphones at the same price the top categories are much nicer. Since we’ve already bought the 4th set, It can be noted that in general, the life of the headphones is not very long. foam rubber is erased, wires are abraded. But for such a retail price We consider it admissible. In public transport it’s unlikely to do, insulation is weak. But the ears do not get tired and you hear the surrounding furnishings for home just right.

Gorbuntsov Alexey

Pluses: Almost everything, especially sound quality.
Minuses: Not yet discovered.
Disadvantages: At a price of 2400, an almost optimal ratio “price quality”.

Khodosh Lev

Advantages: Good bass, high – also without complaints. The ears They sit tight on the head, but do not press on the whiskey.
Disadvantages: At low temperatures (below 5) wires in place Entrance to the speaker emit annoying knock, as they do not confuse. In the underground it’s better not to use it, all the same, nothing but car noise hear.
Disadvantages: Good for home, walks in the woods, sports. Folds comfortably. Suitable for any size of head and ears. I put five.

Alexandrov Alexander

Pluses: Sound. Comfortable wearing. There are too many to list.
Minuses: Soundproofing is not too good.
Minuses: I agree with everything that was said earlier. it great headphones. Of course, not without sin, but where they have advantages more than flaws. Here’s a great sound combined with the most comfortable design for long-term wear and construction will allow enjoy any kind of melody even during tense moments, not afraid that they will fly away. They sit comfortably on the head, do not press on the ears. But the sound is a fairy tale. I have never seen anything like this before.

Dobrynin Maxim

Advantages: These are great headphones for their sizes. They compact enough when folded, but their main advantages are not in that. They play amazingly. High sensitivity allows use them with even so-so phones – the volume will be sufficient, but I took them specifically for iPod Classic, where I usually listening to lossless music. The range is striking for this size. If HF is predictable, then the ability to deliver such low the frequencies at first were simply surprising. I’m used to full monitor Closed DJ ears like Technics RP-DH1200 or at least F880, but they do not give such a feeling. A very important feature of Koss is scene creation. I have no sensation of music in my head. The scene is wide as if I am sitting in front of good classmates. Despite the external poppin – they are given great Jazz, Funk, Blues and others are not the best simple genres. Hotel plus is weight. He is simply not there. Them almost impossible to feel on the head. Convenience is just above all praise.
Disadvantages: Of course, there are also disadvantages. The first follows from their designs are portability. They are open – respectively in there will be problems on the subway – I’m only listening to podcasts in the subway talking. Second – the hinges begin after a while creak and click. a drop of silicone solves the problem, but before that I I have not met headphones that need to be lubricated.
Disadvantages: perhaps one of the best ears that I have ever had use. a big plus is that for them there is spare parts-ear pads as foam, and leatherette and even velor, spare wires are also available, but for those who use them with a telephone There is a set of upgrades with a microphone and buttons on the wire. also worth note that the manufacturer gives them a lifetime warranty.

Belov-Kovalevsky Andrey

Pluses: Do not press on the word at all. For hours of battles – must have. For such seemingly plain-looking headphones, the sound is amazing, super powerful bass.
Disadvantages: There are no disadvantages.
Disadvantages: As such, there are no more reluctance. Want second set to buy at work.

Sivtsev Dmitry

Pluses: Sound quality is very good. Compactness that folding is generally fire.
Minuses: Reliability by 3. Although it depends, I think, on the method operation and modification.
Minuses: The first time I bought it probably 8 years ago. then the sound quality was amazing. They worked for me for about 2.5 years. I frayed the wire into the left speaker, I suspect that I unsuccessfully bent into frosts, since everything has accumulated just in the winter. Bought a year later them again (before that there were KOSS Sporta pro – subjectively the sound is worse). This time they worked for about 1.5 years, a wire has accumulated in the area plug, the plug was angled and the wire in a rag, the first was angled and wire in plastic. Six months later I bought again, already for almost 3k, wire rag, straight plug. Worked for 2 years, hooked the wire for the door handle and jerked, as a result, a wire somewhere broke as one the ear immediately subsided, and the second became quieter ~ 40%. Now the same only red – metallic, bought on Ibei last NG, wire Rag reinforced, straight plug. Work almost a year without complaints. But it seems that the sound is slightly worse than on the previous ones. Though maybe it’s just age-related changes in perception. Solder wires here it is not possible if there is no experience and a normal soldering iron, since wires as thin as hair. From time to time, their ears hurt. I.e the auricles themselves, if worn for more than 4 hours in a row. I suspect what is it because of the shape of the ears and the way the headphones are attached to the head. By sound quality. In general, a thing is highly subjective, and does not depend only from your ears but also from what, where and what you are listening to. So what to recommend right here is 100% I would not. If possible – It’s better to listen, and then make a decision.


Pluses: Great sound and sound insulation. I liked the fact that strong enough, although they wear out over time. The best thing it’s portability and a great case from KOSS (leather)
Minuses: The input plug wears out very quickly
Disadvantages: For such a price, the best that is on the market.

Nikonov Dmitry

Pluses: Awesome sound. Very powerful bass. Sit comfortably on to the head. Neither the ears nor the head get tired even after a whole day of wearing. Do not fall off your head even with active and crazy extreme riding a bicycle (you can change the effort from comfortable to strong). The most comfortable headphones in the world. Just diabolically are good.
Disadvantages: Hair may be pulled out of the head when removed (often stuck in the rim resizing mechanism)
Disadvantages: Can be used at home and at least parkour to do. I have been using it for about 8 years. Once I stepped on them and broke them. I bought the same. They are worth their money.

Kondratovich Svetlna

Pluses: decent sound, comfortable, lightweight, reliable, have an original appearance.
Minuses: The wire is quite rigid, ear pads have limited margin of safety. Metal headband occasionally clings to hair.
Minuses: I bought back in 2010, I use to this day, 8 years uptime During this time, 4 times changed ear pads, 1 time repaired the plug. Headphones year lying on the windowsill, wire Zadebel, maybe from the sun, maybe from the cold. I also use HyperX Cloud Stinger, and Sony MDR-EX15LP

Ibragimov Ruslan

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