Headphones Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro (80 Ohm)

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Headphones Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro (80 Ohm)

main parameters

Device type headphones
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A type dynamic
Frequency Response Range 5 – 35000 Hz
Sensitivity 96 dB
Impedance 80 ohm
Maximum power 100 mW
Harmonic coefficient 0.2%
Weight 270 g
External noise isolation 18 dB


Type of mount headband
Cable connection one-sided
Contact pressure 3.5 N


Headphone jack mini jack 3.5 mm
Headphone Jack Shape straight
6.3 mm adapter included there is
Gold plated connectors there is
Length of cable 3m

Reviews about Headphones Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro (80 Ohm)

Advantages: Strong, reliable design. Sit comfortably on to the head. Deep, but not overloaded, balanced bass. So deep that you feel the vibration of the chest, as if The room has a premium subwoofer. Reliable middle with a pronounced sense of presence. The depth of the scene and the detail is very pleasing. Sometimes you even turn back, so much real the depth of the scene, it seems that the sound comes from behind. Frightening reality presence. These headphones, like litmus paper, identify recording quality, all the flaws of the track and source are heard. Very critical to the quality of the recording, this is their advantage and disadvantage. I recommend to evaluate the sound quality: ALBUM Convergence Artists: MALIA, Boris Blank 2014 Jazz. Track for the test bass (bass) Alex Lotus – My Life on music.yandex.ru do not forget to turn on the mode Hq.
Minuses: Painted high-frequency range, it does not infuriate, but tires with long listening. Heavy twisted cable, it seems that he heavier than the headphones themselves. The cable is not removable. Like any dynamic monitors, require thorough and long warming up for at least 100 hours, after which the range is leveled but not significantly. Overpriced, most likely for the “Legend”, Germany and hands made. Although 12,000 rubles. at euro 63, it’s less 200 euros. For a good home system, it’s a penny.
Minuses: Summary: good ears for the house (solid 4), but not more. There is nothing legendary in them. Simple design and materials. I would give my preference to the DT 1770 Pro for the same money. I use the Myryad M series in the Hi-End system.

Sysoev Dmitry

Pluses: use 7 years I do not know what to dig. all in They are wonderful. they sit on the head perfectly, softly. head and ears are not get tired. The sound is magnificent over the entire range. price for such a sound just ridiculous.
Disadvantages: a hard case is not included and the wire is not removable and very long. I really need just that.
Disadvantages: just buy it. nefik think. if you were looking closed ears – you found them. 5-point sound at 7k. convenience by 5 point on 7ku. and the price is not at all clear why this low.

julia huimya

Pluses: Very detailed, slightly colored sound. Ease of wearing at height, over time (3-5) years begin frayed ear pads. My headphones are over 10 years old, still nothing has broken, recently changed ear pads and leatherette overlay.
Minuses: No
Minuses: not killed workhorse

Karpukhin Anton

Advantages: 80 ohms. Well yes, such an interesting wonnaby studio flat sound. Nearly. The color of the lower (peculiar) and anthrax. TO unfortunately not impressed at all. (for 12k now).
Minuses: Everyone has different ears! (do not forget) and I side, but the sound with an increase in volume in general seemed booming (lower?) albeit even.
Disadvantages: I won’t write what I was listening to, however mdr-cd900st and shura 940 in my understanding they surpassed them. (let the shura with the wildest the color of the upper and a little medium, but with a general approach to sound both look more appetizing).

The user has hidden his data

Pluses: – The most comfortable fit that I met, – put on and forgot. – Detail, – practically competitors for this price no – Possibility to change ear pads
Disadvantages: – Sensitivity to recording quality – Not removable cable (3m straight – and what to do with it?) at 250 ohms it is at least twisted) – Options (included only adapter 6.3 and cheap bag made of synthetics. I would like more spare ear pads) – Failed Mid – Bubbling Bottoms, Headphones Cannot control bass / bass
Minuses: I have an 80 ohm version. I also listened to 32 – too bullied hf, with color. Headphones are generally ambiguous – how studio ones are not suitable because of a crooked sound (V-frequency response), like music fans especially too – because of dryness … But in detail just space) Extremely not recommended for source with emphasis in low frequencies, with accented bass. Also, the source should be not sharp sound. Before buying, you must definitely listen to your source.

The user has hidden his data

Pluses: – Crystal clear sound – Tickling drum eardrum bass – No audible sound distortion at high volume
Disadvantages: The cover package that comes with the kit is not at all theme (it would be better to put a plastic case in the kit). Heavy twisted a cord that, when walking, beats like a whip of the Dark Lord.
Disadvantages: A lot of headphones were up to the DT 770 250 Ohm. Listened to Sennheiser HD 201 (headphones about nothing at all), Philips SHP2000 (bass good, but the rest of the frequencies are not audible), Sennheiser CX 275s (the sound can be described with the word porridge), droplets of Sennheiser CX 175, Creative EP-630, other budget models of droplets from Sony (Sonya sounded really nice). Perhaps the most chic and really impressive sound from the category of droplet headphones gave droplets Ostry KC06A (very impressive, after many years listening to droplet music by Sennheiser). Music in mostly listened from a Nokia Lumia 720 (low power source) sound signal). Ostry KC06A droplets opened a window into the world of music, which had been littered with tons of Senkhayzer cotton wool before. true from long listening to music, due to the design of the headphones themselves (droplets or plugs) ears begin to hurt. Due to small impedance droplets Ostry KC06A sang perfectly with the phone, but not with player. When connected to a Cayin N5 player and when the player is operating in high gain (high gain Hdb) droplets Ostry KC06A just start yelling at high frequencies that listen impossible. In this connection, the DT 770 Pro 250 Ohm were purchased (The high impedance of the headphones should in principle give less distortion in the musical composition). At first it was very scary to buy such expensive headphones (cost 11.500 rubles), but based on successful experience in acquiring Ostry KC06A (costed 4,500 rubles), a decision was made on the acquisition. Acquired DT 770 250 Ohm as a bunch to the Cayin N5 player. These headphones are just like a gift from the Gods! Such you begin to hear the nuances: as if someone is playing the drum setting to your left as if someone behind is playing with maracas, as if someone on the right is whispering in your ear during powerful loss of basic tools. This is a miracle of miracles, not headphones. Pleased with them, like 1000 elephants 🙂

Zhukov Arkady

Pluses: Sound, no SOUND! Comfortable ear pads
Minuses: Heavy, heavy cable
Minuses: 250 Ohm version, who writes that there is little bass – guys just connect and listen to them will not work, you need amplifier. Only a good DAC and only lossless. In general, first brought home new ears, connected to the ASUS Xonar STX, and how it is many write sound without bass, quite nice and clean. Despite the fact that this card should swing high-impedance headphones is something here it was not that. As a result, I put a bunch of NUFORCE Icon HDP – TEAC AH 300 – DT770PRO. Guys, after warming up, these headphones just became GUN! I’m not an audiophile but the words come to mind: deep, clear, elastic. I haven’t heard such bass anywhere. The sound will not say that mega detailed, but damn it is very beautiful. I recommend to buy subject to a good source and amp.

Pirozhkov Artyr

Pluses: Excellent quality materials. Ear pads are nice pleased – the skin, and not as in the picture. 2 adapters included Production Germany.
Minuses: They do not sound as loud as we would like from full-size headphones with the prefix PRO. Tarpaulin cheap headphone storage case
Disadvantages: Long cord 1.6 m (choose “+” this yourself or “-“)

Ladutkin Pavel

Pluses: Comfortable, lightweight, soft bass, with an amplifier the full potential of the headphones is revealed. Made in Germany is a trifle, and nicely.
Minuses: Source sensitive, if you have a player, then need powerful, not folding, not all music will sound good in of them is a little uncomfortable. But the genre that fits these the headphone sounds great. The vocals don’t sound expressive, as if drowned in the sound of instruments.
Minuses: I wanted to take Audio Technica msr7. At the last moment the choice fell on the Bayers.


Pluses: 1. Sound – Detailed, clear sound, large stage, chic bass, well-built sound, generally cool in listen to them) 2. Convenience – they sit quite comfortably and firmly in them you can even play soccer. 3. Reliability – very soundly made and at the same time a decent view. They are clearly not afraid of the street.
Disadvantages: It takes about two weeks to warm up.
Minuses: I mainly listen to metal and rock in my ear they seem to be intended for this music. But at the same time, if I decide listen to the classics or instrumental quite satisfied with the sound. P.S. If you friends bought and heard not what you expected and wanted, then this normal phenomenon, so it was with me. Be patient about about two weeks later you’ll understand how cool they are. Bass will become the velvet whistle on high disappears the shade of aluminum will disappear ears cease to hurt hearing will remain intact) As an option turned on the music and put the headphones on the table, the volume for the first 4 days 50 – 60�� further for 10 days; 70 – 80�� approximately 4 hours in day. I wish you all good luck and enjoy listening)))

Shchelokov Sergey

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