Headphones Audi o-Technica ATH-M30x

Headphones Audi o-Technica ATH-M30x

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Specifications Headphones Audi o-Technica ATH-M30x

main parameters

Device type headphones
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A type dynamic
Frequency Response Range 15 – 22000 Hz
Sensitivity 96 dB / mW
Impedance 47 Ohm
Maximum power 1300 mW
Weight 220 g


Diaphragm diameter 40 mm
Mount type headband
Design foldable
Cable connection unilateral


Headphone jack mini jack 3.5 mm
Adapter 6.3 mm included there is
Length of cable 3m


Features: Neodymium magnets
Carrying case / case included there is

Reviews about Headphones Audi o-Technica ATH-M30x

Pluses: Great sound, design and everything is great. I liked it very much
Disadvantages: no disadvantages
Disadvantages: Those people who write that the sound is disgusting, try to insert the plug deeper into the jack, or it happens that you can put on the headphones the wrong way. They say L and R, which means left and right, as on all headphones. This way you will not get confused about how to put them on, and I am sure that my words will help increase your rating.

Khachiyan Georgy Arkadevich

Advantages: good noise reduction, solid construction, design, good sound.
Disadvantages: When listening to vocals at high volume, all “s” and “s” just hurt your ears. It's strange that no one noticed this. The fact that the wire is not disconnected is also a disadvantage.

Kurbanov Roman

Pluses: Unrealistically cool sound for your money. I bought ears for the office, I listen to music from my phone and laptop, but the difference with old Sony ears is huge.
Disadvantages: Material that seems to be leather, but in fact does not look much like it. Harsh to the touch, at first there was a very strong smell (fortunately, it disappeared quickly enough). Let's see how long it lasts.
Disadvantages: When buying ears for 4k, I never expected to find such a successful model. My criteria were – convenience (because it is planned to listen to music in the office for a long time), noise reduction (so that they would not hear me, and so that I could hear others less – a kind of anti-open space mode) and, of course, sound (although here after a terrible disappointment with the Bose QC35, I did not expect anything particularly good for that kind of money). So far, in all respects, the ears are beautiful (especially if you keep their cost in mind). Conveniently, there is an adapter through which you can connect your ears, for example, to a digital piano. I intend to spend many happy years with these ears, and the only thing that raises concerns is the material of the headband and embrasures and the fixed wire. The rest of the ears really liked. P.S .: they even have a carrying bag (of course, I will not use it, but suddenly it is important for someone), and the design itself is foldable and quite mobile.

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Pluses: Really cool ears. Soundproofing, bass quality, medium and high. Comfortable headband. There is nothing much to compare with, but as soon as I listened to them in the store, I immediately realized that this is what I need.
Disadvantages: Price?
Disadvantages: Detailed review with examples of photos here http://otzovik.com/review_4723532.html

Yunusov Pavel

Advantages: Sound quality, quality of construction, convenience of construction, are 100% worth their price.
Disadvantages: There are no disadvantages for me. The only thing is if there was a detachable wire, it would be better (just in case).
Disadvantages: I write electronic music, these headphones fully satisfy my needs. For 9 months of use, their condition has not worsened in the least. Those who write that the material is bad and they are falling apart simply do not wash. Ears from them do not hurt, you can sit in them for at least whole days. I recommend headphones.

Voronov Anton

Pluses: Sound – normal, not top, but not cheap either. For my money – ok The length of the wire is a plus for me. All
Disadvantages: The main disadvantage is that – keeping the headphones just on the table and using them daily, after a year – the skin was already cracked, after two – it was covered with holes and abscesses, the pieces began to fall off. A sad sight. Now I'm not at all sure if it's leather
Disadvantages: I would not recommend them, unless you immediately find a solution to replace the leather parts with the ears. Somewhere there were old Soviet large headphones (with a red case) – so the skin on them is still in order

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Pros: Sound balanced, price, usability, long cable
Disadvantages: Hot in summer
Disadvantages: Excellent headphones, value for money.

Finn alex

Strengths: Convenience, foldable, design, intelligibility and detail
Disadvantages: 250Hz, 5kHz and <7kHz; overpriced.
Disadvantages: If you have previously listened to music with bass-accented headphones (budget sony, pioneer) or high-pitched (akg) headphones, then most likely you will not like the sound Audi of o-Technica. Looking at the frequency response, you can see that the entire low-frequency range is below -3dB, at 250Hz the pit is down to -10dB. The curve flattens to zero only at 400Hz and starts to climb up to + 7dB at 4kHz, again pit at 5kHz again down to -10dB. A sharp jump and at the 7kHz peak we have an amplitude of + 10dB. The small frequency range of the microphone does not allow me to describe the curve above 10kHz. But subjectively by ear, somewhere in the region of + 6dB or higher. The manufacturer positions the model as a studio model. But this is debatable. On the one hand, there is good detailing of the mid-high and high-high frequencies due to dynamic discharge at 5kHz and emphasis at 7kHz. On the other hand, there is almost complete absence of low-middle and middle frequencies. Quite a strange circumstance, given the manufacturer's promises – the detailing of the middle range. I am still young and the high frequencies are very damaging, so the intelligibility in the middle and low ranges, for me personally, deteriorates even more. I will assume that people of age will not face such a problem. All in all, given all of the above, I would not recommend these headphones for mixing. Modern orchestral music (two steps fro hell for example) sounds too pretentious in them due to the small amplitude of the low and middle frequencies. But the classical (not oversaturated with percussion), on the contrary, sounds lively and pleasant. The same can be said about rock and jazz music – classical is good, modern is worse. For beginners “electronics engineers” and arrangers, headphones can also be recommended if there is no excessive sensitivity in the high range. The main rule of choosing headphones is the pleasant sound of the music you are working with, so as not to keep the corrections in mind when mixing. There is nothing universal, alas.

Shutov Yuri

Pluses: 1) Sound. Not to say that it is perfect, but its 6,000 rubles. win back 100%. The bass is unobtrusive, the sound is pretty neutral – exactly what I was looking for. 2) Excellent sound insulation. People around you do not hear your music and you do not hear those around you. 3) Portability. The foldable design of the earbuds makes them incredibly compact when folded. A simple leatherette bag included. 4) Reliability and quality. No backlash or creaks. The wire does not twist into knots. All movable joints are quite strong. 5) Soft ear pads. You can leave your headphones on for several hours. In this case, the material of the ear cushions is selected so that the headphones are evenly pressed against the head. The main thing is to find the right fit for your ears. 6) Audi o-Technica, after all.
Disadvantages: 1) Non-detachable cable. The main drawback of headphones, which significantly limits their practicality and scope. Firstly, listening to music from a player or phone, carrying 2 meters of cable in your pocket will be at least inconvenient. Secondly, in the event of a wire failure, it will no longer be possible to fix the headphones without a soldering iron and electrical tape. 2) Sounds absolutely disgusting from the integrated sound card. At least for me. To listen to music from a computer, either a discrete card or a separate amplifier is needed. Affects, probably, the impedance of 47 ohms.
Disadvantages: I bought headphones for the Fiio X1 player. I have never regretted it. For the second month now I have been listening to flac-format music with studio sound quality. Headphones are suitable for playing any music, but in some cases you will have to twist the equalizer. The only gripe with the sound I will have is just not the best detailing of high frequencies. As already noted by one of the users, the headphones have a fairly high impedance. The hi-fi player can cope more or less, but a regular mp3 player (or a media player of the Sony NWZ-E383 level), as practice shows, does not even come close to revealing the capabilities of these “ears”: the sound is squeezed. There is also no volume control on the cable, so when playing from some phones, the volume level may change jerkyly. In general, in terms of price / quality ratio, it is an extremely successful model. Recommend. Update from 11/25/2016. 1) I take my words back about the design. I thought that these headphones looked ugly and unaesthetic until I saw the ideological competitors, which are the Sony MDR-7506 and Sennheiser HD 280 PRO. At this point, the designers rested properly. The owners of these models will ask me not to kick hard with my feet, I am not saying that they are bad. 2) I experienced a lot of frustration when I connected the headphones to my computer. The sound became incredibly dry, with highly dominant high frequencies. The bass has simply disappeared, it does not exist in principle. The volume is also not felt. If anyone wants to connect the M30x to a computer, it's better to immediately think about purchasing an amplifier or a good sound card.

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Pluses: Design is not bad, packaging
Disadvantages: The sound is just disgusting
Disadvantages: I read reviews about these headphones and bought them. To be honest, I'm shocked how these headphones can be put at 5. Such an assessment is apparently given by people who have never heard normal sound since birth. High frequencies are just disgusting !!! The cymbals hiss and clink so that you want to immediately stop listening to music and everything else is no longer important, neither medium nor low. These headphones are not for music. I compare it with my previous KOSS UR 40 headphones. While the UR 40 is 1.5 times cheaper, the sound is much cleaner.

kapustin sergey

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