Headphones Audi o-Technica ATH-IM03

Headphones Audi o-Technica ATH-IM03

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Specifications Headphones Audi o-Technica ATH-IM03

main parameters

Device type headphones
View plug-in (plugs)
A type reinforcement
Frequency Response Range 18 – 18000 Hz
Sensitivity 108 dB / mW
Impedance 34 Ohm
Maximum power 3 mW
Weight 8 g


Number of drivers 3
Mount type without fastening
Cable type detachable


Headphone jack mini jack 3.5 mm
Headphone jack shape L-shaped
Length of cable 1.2 m


Features: replaceable ear pads
Number of pairs of replaceable ear pads included 4
Carrying case / case included there is

Reviews about Headphones Audi o-Technica ATH-IM03

Advantages: The sound is fast, bright and dynamic, it sounds very natural and lively. All frequencies are heard in great detail, there are no sags and drops. Soundproofing is good, ambient sounds are very dampened. The price for 3 drivers is very good.
Disadvantages: There are not enough nozzles in the kit – usually much more goes to anchor headphones. I had to buy more from Comply for myself.
Disadvantages: Excellent model in terms of price / quality ratio. I do not recommend taking less than 3 drivers – very often there will be dips and “ladders” in the sound. More than 3 should be taken only for a very good player, and they are naturally more expensive. So 3 drivers are the golden mean, just one each for low, middle and high.

Nakozin Vova

Pros: Sound: bright, natural and interesting. The scene struck me with its depth. Fit: just perfect. Thanks to the behind-the-ear attachment, the ATH-IM03 sit tightly in my ears. Appearance: cool, and that says it all. + the supplied cable is very durable, there is no microphone effect.
Disadvantages: Not found.
Disadvantages: ATH-IM03 is my all-time favorite plugs. Japanese quality is felt in every detail. Recommend! =)

Orlova Lucien

Pluses: Excellent (for plugs) sound, tight and secure fit in the ears, three emitters.
Disadvantages: The unusual design of the plugs takes some getting used to.
Disadvantages: I gave it to my younger brother to get used to the good sound.

Lubinov Vyacheslav

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