HAMA Star-63 (04163)

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The best outdoor tripods – tripods for photography and camcorders

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Specifications of HAMA Star-63 (04163)

Main characteristics

Tripod Type floor tripod
Appointment for cameras and camcorders
Shooting height from 66 to 166 cm
Maximum load 4 kg
Head in a set
Weight 1.74 kg


Vertical format shooting there is
Bag hook there is
Level there is
Number of boom sections 3
Rod diameter 26.7 mm
Tips rubber
Case included there is
Color options silver
Features quick-mount system and camera lock; terminals for fast fixation of the set length of legs of a tripod

HAMA Star-63 Reviews (04163)

Pluses: A good tripod. Levels, height, weight can be to hang.
Minuses: all right
Minuses: I recommend.

Den den

Pluses: Personally, I really liked the quality of the metal and plastic, serves me well) A great gift for the day birth!
Minuses: not found
Minuses: It came in 2 days, what you will use is always)

The user has hidden his data

Pluses: High enough, strong, thick legs, on compared to the previous tripod.
Minuses: not found
Disadvantages: Found over 1800, although the average price of 2600 in the city. Very pleased. Recommend

San danila

Advantages: price, sturdy, non-swaying, easy to use, easy to set up, cover in configuration, fulfills its price completely. 3D head, built-in level.
Disadvantages: exceptionally heavy, but not critical.
Disadvantages: my nikon d7000 with a whale withstood excellently, not staggering. However, I did not use anything else before, therefore difficult to judge.

entsi kate

Advantages: Price / quality
Minuses: No found
Minuses: Great tripod for beginner / amateur. Twice survived a 10-hour flight in the luggage compartment in a bag with soft sides (not even in a suitcase), shooting on the beach in the field and subsequent sand cleaning. Now it looks almost like new. It’s worth the money. We are 100% satisfied with the purchase.

Mikhailova Tatyana

Advantages: – price-quality – solid, not flimsy – 3d head – many settings for the required height – no backlash
Minuses: not found
Minuses: Chose a long time, went through about 10 models to 5 thousand As a result, I stopped at this and did not lose. Satisfies everyone. It is configured in 30 seconds, does not go anything, does not play. Satisfied. I advise.

Zubarev Alexander

Pluses: Normal build quality for the money. Excellent height, with maximum layout, the LCD display is exactly on eye level at my post 197 cm. I don’t know who is shaking there, I have a Fujifilm FinePix S200EXR sits rooted to the spot, and it’s almost kilo of weight. In extreme cases, the suspension of cargo hook for stability. Solid appearance)
Disadvantages: Quality and processing of plastic parts and fasteners not perfect, but bearable. And yes, about the German assembly … not mislead people, the assembly is still Chinese! (would strange if vice versa). On the box, despite the presence of German barcode (40 ….) literally written: Manufacturer: Hama 86652 Monheim, Dresdner Strasse, 9 / Germany, Made in China))
Minuses: So far, everything is fine.

Ivanov Sergey

Pluses: Optimal price Great functionality Pretty universal and sustainable
Disadvantages: No smooth feed of the handles – not convenient when Movie shooting Plastic handles are not reliable Vertical grip it works incorrectly
Minuses: I use it recently, while I am satisfied. Price quality optimal.

The user has hidden his data

Advantages: -many settings -built-in level -good height – stable foot bases
Disadvantages: – rather flimsy, although all the tripods in this niche such axis handles do not have a smooth ride
Minuses: I look – they admire him here, well, admire him you can if you never use anything else. I personally took 15×70 binocular tripod weighing 2kg. – he doesn’t fix it, the binoculars shake like an aspen leaf. If you put a soap box on a tripod weighing 300 grams – then everything is fine.


Pluses: ease of use, 3D head, for the money super plastic, bought under the photo (semi.profff. Fuji S9600) and digital camera (samsung H205) .With my height 195cm in full layout just at eye level. For that kind of money 1030 rubles there are no competitors. For infrequent shooting the most. Case included. Assembly Germany. The color is dark beige.
Minuses: A bit heavy 1.7kg, but not from the wind will fall.
Minuses: Acquired in a computer center, where attendants are some slaves and hului. Satisfied with the purchase as elephant.


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