Gemlux GL-SM600B

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Specifications Gemlux GL-SM600B

General characteristics

A type stationary
Bowl 4.50 l, stainless steel
Power 600 watts
Number of speeds 6
Additional modes impulse
Number of nozzles 3
Nozzles whisk for whipping, dough hooks
Body material plastic


Attachment Storage not
Cord winder not
Rubber handle not
Weight 11.7 kg
Additional Information shovel nozzle

Reviews on the Gemlux GL-SM600B

Pluses: Great for the needs of our small a cafe.
Minuses: Mixer mixes well, whisk until smooth consistency, while not requiring much time for this. Enough powerful and does not rattle at work, does not hit the table. Convenient management and clear detailed user instructions. Big Thank you for such a great and inexpensive mixer!

Sergeev Ivan

Disadvantages: I have been using it for almost a year and everything is okay, quick mixing without the absence of shutdowns or failures. clear detailed instructions, fully equipped, powerful engine, working fast for this reason. but he is noisy. and still small bowl for my kneading (family of 5 people)

Bolshakova Nadezhda

Disadvantages: Very inexpensive, powerful and attractive looking. I use in the preparation of cakes, and the wife is there where only he doesn’t attaches in general. We are lucky to see such an offer and immediately ordered. Delivered many pleasant moments and in the process cleaning and disassembling the mixer, the design is good and there is no feeling that here it breaks a little bit. I advise!

Teryaeva Lyudmila

Minuses: Quick mixing, press and immediately starts work. I’ll note as advantages the absence of freezes and overheating, understandable instructions on how to turn on, use and look after. I do everything as accurately as possible, I hope for the maximum life time.

Gudkova Natalya

Minuses: No complaints, it works without failures even at high revolutions. A great addition to the hostess in the kitchen. Not much space takes, work comfortably. Of the features, I can note the noise at work, but this is normal, as the rest write. For the rest he is just perfect.

The user has hidden his data

Pluses: Appearance, compactness
Minuses: This unit is completely one big drawback !!
Minuses: I can not imagine what can be done in the kitchen with by the help of this misunderstanding. He beats up very long and poorly, 10 minutes at maximum egg speed with sugar … the result is an unstable foamy substance that is soft it’s slipping from the corolla … there’s no question of any peaks, not even soft ones, nor, moreover, tough. I continue to try to do it all the same sponge cake, add flour and at low speeds 2 minutes I mix, the result, I want to cry, all the flour settled down the bowl and not mixed up …. give this “engineering nightmare” second chance, trying to knead dumplings dough, good for that, in complete set there is a special hook for a tight test. I read instructions, the maximum weight of the heavy dough is 1.2 kg. I choose a recipe where the output is 950-960 grams of pure dumplings. Falling asleep in I bowl everything I need and turn on the batch at 1 speed. I initially did not I expected a miracle after a biscuit, but here in general, something with something. After several rotations, the mixer strains abruptly, the hook turns intermittently … he lacks power, he cannot knead less kilograms, with a declared weight of 1.2 kg. But the best part is that return this disgrace back to the store, I did not succeed. It turns out as soon as you have loaded the products into the bowl, yours, technique instantly it becomes B \ U !!!! And is not refundable !!! IN service center could not check the quality – the master raised eyebrows … what do you want? The mixer is not broken, buzzing, twisting … so it’s in excellent technical condition … So now, I purchased for 9900, excellent, beautiful box, which is completely useless technique that buzzes and twists, but that’s all it knows how to do, neither beat, nor mix, nor knead. Run away from this nightmare.

Botvina Galina

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