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GEFEST CH 1211 Specifications

General characteristics

Panel Type gas hob
Installation independent
Dimensions (HxWxD) 9.5 x 59 x 51 cm
Built-in dimensions (WxD) 56 x 48.6 cm


Panel Material enamel
Total burners 4
Gas burners 4
Express burner 1

Control Panel

Panel Location side view
Switches rotary
Electric ignition yes, automatic


Gas control hobs there is
Cast iron grates there is
Colour burner panels – white

Reviews of GEFEST CH 1211

Advantages: Quality, price, ease of use
Disadvantages: For a given price category they are not available, but if If you want to make “fast” roasts, then look for a stove with a more powerful gas supply is the standard here.
Minuses: Serves a year with a bang, does not get dirty, enough wipe, does not absorb and does not scratch, almost like new, knots protected from spills and water and grease from entering the panel, this also applies to switches, which is important, because it’s gas and that’s it connections must always be in perfect condition. Fair saying, if the design suits you and you are not looking for something beyond the norm, there’s nothing to think here, this is what you are looking for: simple and convenient.

Potapov denis

Advantages: Price, gas control, cast-iron grates
Minuses: Not very convenient mount to the countertop (two metal corners).
Disadvantages: Who does not fit snugly to the countertop. You buy silicone-based sealing cord, glue around the perimeter and things are good.

Marinin Vitasa

Advantages: – price – it looks pretty decent – its functions performs
Disadvantages: I often cook at the greatest comfort – she squeaks until gas is completely reduced to a minimum, it infuriates my husband, but for that kind of money is quite bearable
Disadvantages: supplementing the review – we’ve been using it for half a year – no of problems

Sergeenko Irina

Pluses: Great panel!
Minuses: It looks pretty decent, cook one on it pleasure. I am happy with the purchase. The price is quite reasonable.

Savelieva Ira

Pluses: Washes well, everything works.
Minuses: A bit noisy.
Minuses: For the money, great panel!

Belyakova Alexandra

Pluses: Simple cheap panel. There are gas control and cars set on fire.
Disadvantages: Not very thoughtful arrangement of burners. On the before rendered the largest and smallest and because of the features grates on a large one you put a pan or pan all the time crookedly (off center). Already burned so one handle. And constantly on the head gas just above the minimum whistles the jet burner
Minuses: I bought in color K6 but I wanted a purely stainless steel in the principle of color I do not regret not easily soiled. From the main first impressions are very flimsy pens

Makarenko Vitaliy

Pluses: Gas control for such a price. The cheapest offer of gas panels.
Disadvantages: 1. Stamping the plate body is not very high quality. Because of this, it does not fit snugly against the countertop. Dirt and food debris will clog under it. 2. Noisily running at maximum power. 3. High pots above burners. Small pots are not convenient to use.
Minuses: Great budget option

Kuznetsov Alexey

Advantages: the panel has all the necessary functions for safe operation.

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Minuses: A corner is included. Read the instructions for operation.

Gatiyatullin robert

Advantages: Where you will find such ridiculous money cooking. Gas control, electric jets and cast-iron grilles! But the fact that it’s also NOT a stainless steel (I sincerely do not understand why it’s now on the market she became so much). White enamel is very convenient to wash. Prepare conveniently. 4 pots / pans not small diameter. Handles do not heat
Disadvantages: in design it loses to promoted brands, but I took not for design
Disadvantages: hard to find in our city. performs its functions for all 100

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