GEFEST 6500-03 0045

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GEFEST specifications 6500-03 0045

General characteristics

Hob gas
Oven gas
Control mechanical, switches: rotary, display, timer
Electric ignition hob + oven
Type of electric ignition auto
Clock there is
Dimensions (WxDxH) 60x60x85 cm


Oven volume 52 l
Door folding
Grill there is a spit in the kit
Convection not
Gas control oven there is
Cleaning traditional
Oven Features backlight


Working surface strained glass
Cast iron grates there is
Number of burners gas: 4, quick warm-up: 1
Gas control hobs there is
Protective shutdown not
Control panel lock not


Colour brown
Drawer there is

GEFEST reviews 6500-03 0045

Advantages: In general, the stove, like a good stove, bakes excellently in the oven (off), but ….
Minuses: Rather, the model is not bad, but the hands are crooked, who and where it comes from!, not to mention the service. 1. Not having worked even a year refused electric ignition on the two rear burners. 2. Then arose problems with igniting the left rear burner from a piezo lighter ( deceased). You can set fire with matches, but it can work to start well, certainly not from the first attempt … 3. About the same time began to be wise drive electric spit. If he again periodically scrolling back and forth, for some time now twists only in one direction or forward or backward (this is if use the drive enable button. 4. Spit handle collapsed almost immediately (the edge broke). Secured with a clamp and glue, but now hangs on the conditional thread of the spit itself and that look this skewer with contents can be lost (dropped) at any time. Found a way out of the situation, a thick tack. 5. Support (bracket) for the skewer at the oven door, such an uncomfortable thing in mount that this same bracket can fall out of the grooves into any moment, for example when you pull out a skewer from a plate. But he hot! and it’s not 20 degrees in the stove .. but you still have to manage it in insert these same grooves on top of the oven. This is not to say that the enamel at these grooves flew a little along the campaign …
Minuses: I wrote about the good and bad mechanisms, but it remains add about the main thing. My stove was purchased a little over a year back in Moscow. 2 year warranty, but where to repair it, if not in Moscow is a problem. According to the warranty card in Tver there is also service center, but turning there I found out that they are these plates do not serve !!! The coordinates of the representative of the manufacturer of this miracle I did not find any equipment from Belarus in Russia … That store where she acquired – rested in non-being, then you won’t ask, and in general then to anything, if there is a warranty service! But he is gone !! Perhaps for now, and all about her …

Putin Dima

Pluses: I like everything! And the oven is excellent and the surface. It looks very beautiful. Washes just fine. Bought at December 2014, while not a single gripe.
Minuses: No

Romanova Julia

Advantages: Gas grill with rotating skewer, design and functionality without competitors in its price categories.
Minuses: Not yet discovered.
Minuses: We bought a plate instead of the Soviet one, which worked more 28 years old (and working properly at the time of disconnection), therefore Pleasantly surprised by the functionality and design. No claims to the stove I have the work of burners, ovens, grills and timer more than arranges. Would buy a second time, would take a modification with advanced electronic timer that allows you to turn off the flame on the end of the countdown.

Hubble John

Pluses: Glass – easy to clean, Italian burners, gas grill, gas control of everything, price in comparison with similar ones complete sets.
Disadvantages: glass – dust and dirt are visible (let’s say – reverse medal side), lower box, or rather the fastening of the glass facade drawer, low quality drawing on glass, antediluvian gas control.
Minuses: The plate was purchased due to the complete lack of analogues in this price category, a similar set of functions is only in the Kaiser, but the price tag is almost 3 times higher! In boshe and no hans some functions and reviews about them are negative, and again price tag. The stove is very happy, everything works. In the kit came the grill, baking tray and baking tray (aluminum, set in special. recess in the grill), skewer, stand for small buckets, a set of nozzles for liquefied gas and plastic adjustable legs. Italian burners, give an even blue flame (network gas). Gas control obsolete – by ducts (in modern stoves it is electric, the connection of the solenoid valve to ordinary wire thermocouple), but it works efficiently and very fast. Ceramic and electric candles are subject to destruction if cooled quickly (for example, if wiped with a wet cloth without cool), but on the other hand are sold in stores specializing in spare parts for gas equipment (set 4 pieces cost about 100 rubles). The oven is chic, big. Lower removable wall – easy to clean. Graduation in degrees, as in electric stoves. The skewer starts spinning when the lights are turned on. Lighting – two lamps, one on the left on the side wall, the second on back wall. The lower burner does not give a golden crust on the chicken, but there’s a grill for that. The quality of the print (picture) is not very close. The glass of the facades is thin. The glass facade of the lower shelf is glued to the shelf itself on hot melt adhesive. There is no handle at the shelf, there is a notch under the arm and you have to pull the glass itself, but it bends unpleasantly. Itself the shelf is very large and comfortable, on roller guides. The only minus is not even the plate itself, but the colors – a complete absence brown glass hoods of an affordable price segment (well, so at least not more expensive than a stove), a Hephaestus hood under this stove (brown glass with print as on a plate) in Russia they practically do not sell. I recommend buying for those who need a stove, not glamor.

Demidov Ivan

Pluses: Great design. Lattices are separate (if on one something ran away, you can remove the half of the grate and wipe it quietly, without removing all the pots). The oven is very voluminous. The box is just find! I keep pans and small pots, ladles there. Spacious place upstairs. I put two big pans and they don’t interfere with each other. Gas control. Glass is easy to clean.
Minuses: Well, in the first three minutes after connecting a spark broke in one of the comforts. Cant, of course, but for me experienced. Moreover, this is the smallest comfort, and I don’t I use almost. Maybe once a month, and then on a promise. Comfort stand on the basis of stainless steel and the rest of the glass surface. So there is a small gap in the floor between this platform and the glass millimeter. It’s me that you shouldn’t stain the stove very much, because garbage gets into this slot and then it will be difficult as it should Rinse. But I just solved the problem: every evening I just cook I wipe, I do not allow myself to blossom, so to speak. For that, the stove is always Clean and nice to cook. For me, this is probably not a minus, but simply trifle, but I consider it necessary to report about it.
Minuses: I am very pleased with the plate, despite the small jambs, described above. In its price range, just super! On the the tempered glass surface can’t get enough! The only thing what I miss is locking the buttons to set the clock and timer. At home a small child 1, 5 years old and he constantly these buttons pokes. Once the timer worked at night, apparently the son set on a large period of time. Beeps the timer loudly enough, but not deafeningly, I have enough for a two-room apartment. About baking neither which I can’t say, because I haven’t tried it yet, but chicken, meat in sleeve, the fish bakes perfectly. For someone, the availability of lids, to be honest, purple. I have an apron in my kitchen and there are cutting boards near the wall, so wipe it once a month “apron” is not difficult for me. 🙂 My general impression: I am satisfied. But I by nature, such a person that is demanding in moderation and able to trifles close your eyes. 🙂

Kondrashova Maria

Pluses: The presence of a gas grill. Availability of control sensors gas burners on hob, oven, grill
Disadvantages: after a month, the automatic ignition of the gas grill (and this is the latest model of gas stoves of this company), through two weeks auto-ignition of one of the burners. Because connected independently, the service requires reconnection by specialists in gas appliances (and it already costs money), and only then by repair. He called the gasman (450 rubles at the rate is their approval) It was repaired under warranty, but after 3 weeks the sensor broke gas control on one of the burners (the largest and most beloved) and she became not working, I will call again.
Disadvantages: It turned out that Hephaestus most often breaks down auto ignition. The rest is soundly and qualitatively made.

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