GEFEST 6100-04

GEFEST 6100-04

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Specifications GEFEST 6100-04

General characteristics

Hob gas
Oven gas
Control mechanical, switches: rotary, display, timer
Electric ignition hob + oven
Type of electric ignition auto
Clock there is
Dimensions (WxDxH) 60x60x85 cm


Oven volume 52 l
Door folding
Grill there is a spit in the kit
Convection not
Gas control oven there is
Cleaning traditional
Oven Features backlight


Working surface enamel
Number of burners gas: 4, quick warm-up: 1
Gas control hobs there is
Protective shutdown there is
Control panel lock not


Colour white
Drawer there is
Additional Information wire guides; barbecue

GEFEST 6100-04 Reviews

Pluses: off timer for every comfort and the oven.
Disadvantages: unpredictable operation of the oven. disgusting service Hephaestus. after a year with a little exploitation the grill broke. Waiting a long time for warranty repairs, but that’s all have established.
Disadvantages: The oven initially did not work correctly: disconnects by itself after 1-2-20 or another period of time (gas control falsely triggered). The first warranty repair was done half a year after purchase. The second – in a year. A second time replaced one part (responsible for triggering gas control by timer) and everything was fine.

orlova alexandra

Pluses: Grill, gas control, automatic maintenance the right temperature in the oven.
Minuses: No thermometer in the oven
Minuses: The stove is completely satisfied. Just not enough thermometer in the oven. It is not clear when I warmed up to the desired temperature. I determine by eye when the flame decreases for maintain temperature. Grilled chicken was cooked. Nothing complicated, but meat just melts in your mouth.

Andrey Matveev

Pluses: Full gas control Easy ignition with one hand. Turn and press. Dish drawer Sleep timer (a not just a sound) for each !!! burner and oven separately !!! Can put at the same time 5 different timers Eggs will be boiled, not fried, the kettle does not boil, etc. Auto power off after a certain time (several hours) the cast-iron grating does not lead and they do not bend independence from electricity. Burner-oven-gas control works without a socket
Disadvantages: Goes off after first plugging in. Inserted in the socket – turned on the stove – 20 seconds – everything went out. I did not understand why is this done. Annoying Resets time after shutdown from the outlet. The battery would quiet timer 4 times, would do 30 seconds. From another room can not be heard flimsy. When turning the skewers scroll. Skewers themselves yes and grill also with raw edges and cut fingers. Old hephaestus (or what was his name before) boiled the kettle faster
Disadvantages: the functionality is incomparable with competitors. Old stove changed the same brand only because of the timer and was not mistaken with the choice! If you need a stove, not a built-in, this is an excellent choice. Eliminate minor issues


Pluses: Well, stove and stove, hobs and oven. How is it she bakes I don’t know, I don’t understand this, but formally everything numerous functions even worked for a while, glory father, stretched for 3 whole months without incident.
Disadvantages: The quality of this potato stove, to put it mildly, is not very. After 3 months, ignition of the lower burner stopped working the oven. At the grill and cooking hobs worked. But just now (7 months of operation) the ignition stopped working everywhere. Yesterday here worked, today no longer.
Minuses: Koroch, I highly do not recommend this article to purchase.

Surovtsev Nikolay

Pluses: Excellent stove. Everything works with a bang, oven just a miracle.
Minuses: A small number of baking sheets. When igniting comforts you need to keep the ignition for a long time. When the oven is working, you don’t know when it is warmed up to the desired temperature (no thermometer).
Minuses: I am very pleased with the stove; my wife has long dreamed.

Askerov Sergey

Pluses: A huge number of advantages. 1. You will not find a stove more functional for the money. 2. Timers for everything (six pieces in total), all work independently. You can cook five dishes and set yourself a signal not to forget anything add / stop. incredibly comfortable. 3. Thermostat in the oven. convenient thing, because don’t think about the regulator, just put temperature and all. opened the oven, closed, the flame became a little more, the oven warmed up, the flame again decreased. conveniently. 4. Gas control wherever possible. 5. Auto ignition is also everywhere. 6. If you forgot to turn off the gas, it will turn itself off even without a timer, through 3 hours. (This is written in the instructions, I did not check). In theory this item may be someone writes down, but I’m 8 I don’t cook hours, therefore in plus.
Disadvantages: 1. Grill. someone like that, but I do not need. only dirt on collects itself. 2. One button to turn on the light and drive the grill. The grill is buzzing, and indeed, see point 1. 3. As already said in other reviews, torches sometimes whistle, it’s easy to treat by changing the position of the handle, just make a little more or less. not critical for me. 4. When a power outage is reset timer 5. When a power outage does not work gas control, if the burner fills, the gas will not shut off. 6. When turning on the gas auto-ignition works on all burners, not just the one light up. could be made to work only the one that really needed, all this charm is not eternal and once again used I don’t want to go to idle either. repair it, probably not cheap…
Minuses: Pleased with the stove. Of the minuses, the most critical are treated installing the UPS (uninterruptible power supply), I put and I sleep peacefully. 🙂 which I wish you too!

Aleksey Andreev

Pluses: Cast Iron
Minuses: The burners themselves go out, the oven does not light up
Minuses: On low heat, the burner may go out I could not light the oven after I let go of the flame goes out.

Grigory Sysoev

Advantages: Low price, great functionality
Minuses: Poor quality and reliability
Minuses: Bought this model 2 weeks ago, literally after a week of operation, the electric ignition of the oven stopped working and grilling. When you press the handle of the oven, the spark goes to the cooking rings surface, you have to light with matches. Similarly, the grill. At heated oven ignition works fine … official there is no service center in the city, where now to go with this coffin unclear. Our first and last experience with Belarusian products handicraftsmen, categorically do not recommend for purchase.

Tanya Ryzhik

Advantages: For a rather low cost there is all that necessary and even more.
Minuses: Squall small and flimsy
Minuses: Convenient grids they are cast-iron neither pots nor pans do not slip and there are two of them. while cooking on one side one can be lifted if necessary and wiped there, the drawer extends and spacious. I haven’t tried the programmable timer yet, but after reading I understood the instruction which is very convenient: if you know the cooking time dishes, you can set a timer and stove after a specified time itself will disconnect. Many complain that the rings hiss at work, yes hissing is present, but it does not bother me. Good backlight the oven (on both sides) without opening the door you can watch how preparing a dish.

Pevneva Olesya

Pluses: Quality, reasonable price, everything is thought out, oven just a chic, convenient drawer for pans.
Minuses: Not yet discovered.
Minuses: I bought a sister in the DR. Used for about a month, from cookers delighted. I did not even expect such a quality from Belarusians.

Kiselev Dmitry

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