GEFEST 3200-08

GEFEST 3200-08

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Specifications GEFEST 3200-08

General characteristics

Hob gas
Oven gas
Control mechanical, switches: rotary
Clock not
Dimensions (WxDxH) 50x53x85 cm


Oven volume 42 l
Door folding
Convection not
Gas control oven there is
Cleaning traditional


Working surface enamel
Number of burners gas: 4, quick warm-up: 1
Gas control hobs not
Protective shutdown not
Control panel lock not


Colour white
Drawer there is

Reviews on the GEFEST 3200-08

Advantages: low price
Disadvantages: no installation.
Disadvantages: the company that I found on the Internet promised to install for 880 rubles, and eventually resulted in 6500 rubles.

Pankratov Vyacheslav

Pluses: Color
Minuses: Hob Thermometer Hood Weight
Disadvantages: The hob is made out of any plane. That is, there is simply no single plane on the burner space. The grill is made ugly, crooked. The thermometer is set to the space between the door glass, that is, it shows the temperature not in the room, but not in the oven itself (where the products are prepared), but a dog he knows in what such a third space. HEATS. Some kind strange hood on the back of the oven through which it’s warm actively leaves the oven, and if something started to smoke, then this stretches brown following the wall of the kitchen. That is, smokes on the kitchen the wall. On the back wall, below the oven, at the level of the drawer – the concrete element is screwed over the entire width, apparently to reduce total mass.

Erokhin Sergey

Pluses: just a great budget model!
Minuses: no oven lighting
Disadvantages: it is very good that there is a drawer for dishes. Very conveniently! Convenient oven. Bakes quickly and evenly, does not burn neither top nor bottom. Beautiful hob, burners are all different and Conveniently located. I advise everyone!

Kakorin Victor

Pluses: excellent quality, good view, low price, at compared to other models
Minuses: No
Minuses: Excellent cooker for a reasonable price. Perfectly performs its functions. The wife is happy.

Alexandrov Vladimir

Pluses: very compact, lightweight, without straining together brought to the apartment, not expensive, not bad looking, comfortable handle ovens (for the model with art. K85 at the end of the name “3200-08 K85”) The oven bakes dishes perfectly.
Minuses: Everything justified. No adjustments included legs, since the floor is flat, were not required.
Minuses: It was necessary to quickly replace the oven, in exchange much obsolete, needed an inexpensive stove with a minimum set “chips”. As a result – a simple option, I hope that it is reliable. Their performs 100% functions)

Muravyov Alex

Pluses: Reasonable price, good oven, comforts of different sizes
Minuses: not found
Minuses: I chose on the market by reviews, and so not expensive, no frills, settled on this model. Bought mom, and she constantly baking something. The stove copes with its functions on excellent, the oven works as it should, comforts of different sizes – conveniently. In general, a great option for your money, just a stove – just works.

Volodenkova Anastasia

Pluses: I really liked it!
Disadvantages: There are no drawbacks at all!
Minuses: Very stylish, good.

Kovtun Nastya

Pluses: Good cooker. The usual cabbage pie turned out tall, flat and rosy. Delivery and installation in half a day.

Romanova Anna

Advantages: Price, quality, ease of use

Smirnova Ekaterina

Pluses: Good price Convenient grille Convenient location burners Accurate thermometer Good thermal insulation of the oven Quality burner and oven handles Quality enamel
Minuses: The handle in the “minimum fire” position resembles the handle is in the “off” position, so several times left gas included. The problem was solved by tinting the top with nail polish. parts of pens, now strikingly striking.
Minuses: Over 2 years of use, the stove has proved to be very good – it’s convenient to cook on it (convenient single grill, “normal” size, a comfortable arrangement of rings), it is easy Wash, pies and casseroles in the oven are perfectly baked. Enamel holds well, for comparison, before that they took Darina – enamel enough for six months – then it began to peel off from the sidewalls.

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