Fornelli PGA 45 Fiero WH

Fornelli PGA 45 Fiero WH

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Specifications Fornelli PGA 45 Fiero WH

General characteristics

Panel Type gas hob
Installation independent
Dimensions (WxD) 45 x 51 cm
Built-in dimensions (WxD) 42.6 x 45.5 cm


Panel Material strained glass
Total burners 3
Gas burners 3
Express burner 1
Gas burners “Triple crown” 1

Control Panel

Panel Location in front
Switches rotary
Electric ignition yes, automatic


Gas control hobs there is
Cast iron grates there is
Colour burner panels – white
Additional Information complete set: nozzles for the liquefied gas, the adapter for Wok cookware

Fornelli PGA 45 Fiero WH reviews

Pluses: unusual appearance, large powerful comforts, easy to care, excellent price
Minuses: not noticed yet
Minuses: I use about two weeks, no problems arose, I think it will continue, the stove looks reliable, everything mechanisms work well

Vodianova Vika

Pluses: – Made in Italy embossed on the comforts. Dawned hope – metal handles – wok comfort – on the inside the surface around the perimeter is glued a rubber strip, so that liquids did not flow. I have not seen such gaskets in others
Minuses: – KETAH! The sticker on the inside buried hope – Price! For the same price you can take the European counterpart – Without forks. Although this is now so for everyone
Minuses: I needed a small bachelor and light panel. The choice for such is not great. This one seemed the most sympathetic. Let’s see how it shows itself. Maybe I will change the assessment in one or the other side of the UPD. Great comfort whistles and stinks like something like burnt rubber. The stink has been holding for a month and does not pass. Cast iron rough not varnished – it is difficult to turn pans on it. Average comfort often has to be corrected – it disperses. From the pros – great comfort is just a beast. Boils everything instantly.


Pluses: I really like how spectacular she is looks !!!
Minuses: no
Disadvantages: of course not only satisfied with the external characteristics of the panel, but also those functions that are in it are available. Firstly, the installation is independent and among the burners there is one with a triple crown. Secondly, it is made of hardened glass and control located in front. Cast-iron grates, too great advantage. Electric ignition automatic. In general, upon purchase this panel cannot but be satisfied, as it seems to me.

Tamara Pajova

Pluses: excellent work surface is easy to clean appearance great comfort is ideal for cooking pilaf)
Disadvantages: not yet identified
Disadvantages: but I still do not understand how to install it correctly? mnemaster installed on a rubber gasket, I really doubt that it should protrude from the countertop in my opinion it should be built completely flush !! or am I wrong?

Mockers Vyacheslav

Disadvantages: 3 large comforts, grilles are easy to remove, and so on. it is convenient to wash a plate. The auto-ignition mechanism works without delay, ourselves the switches are close together and large enough, but do not cause inconvenience. I use it for a week, I like everything. External The view is attractive.

Kasharina Lena

Pluses: very beautiful. Easy to clean – enough wipe with a cloth or sponge. The burners are conveniently located – even it’s convenient to use three at the same time, the dishes are good on it fits. On the largest burner, the water boils very fast.
Minuses: If you find fault very much – cast iron grilles sometimes they don’t fit perfectly.
Minuses: If you are not tall, please note that the height of the cast-iron grates is large enough, respectively the pots and the pans will be higher than you might be used to. I’m with my 157 cm of growth is still getting used to.

The user has hidden his data

Pluses: Beautiful Compact Functional
Disadvantages: Pots and pans can easily tip over There seems to be no gas control Most requested burner (medium) is far away
Disadvantages: When I did the repair, I barely found it available in the MSC. It performs its functions, it looks good, but there are cons.

Ilya Kleymenov

Pluses: Very stylish design. Fits perfectly in small kitchen. Wok-comfort works like a welding machine.
Minuses: not yet revealed
Minuses: There were doubts about the three comforts, but practice showed that more – almost never needed. Beautiful model. Everything is done without errors, chipping, etc. Strength glass has not yet been tested.

Makarov Sergey

Pluses: Appearance, quality, convenience.
Minuses: not noticed
Minuses: Everything works ordered with a kitchen in the kit. Comfortable quality handles. Auto ignition works well.

Shutenko Vadim

Pluses: I like that this stove has 3 burners, not 4, as often happens. Three is always more than enough for me. there is gas control is a plus for safety. Automatic electric ignition (after an old gas stove without auto-ignition, it feels like a plus).
Minuses: Simple and nice gas stove, convenient on it prepare.

Korchazhkina Albina

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