Fornelli FEA 60 Duetto mw IX

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Specifications Fornelli FEA 60 Duetto mw IX

General characteristics

Oven electric independent
Volume 44 l
Energy consumption class A
Dimensions (HxWxD) 45.5 x 59.4 x 54.5 cm


Heating modes 11
Microwave function there is
Grill there is an electric
Convection there is
Defrosting there is


Switches rotary
Timer yes, with shutdown
Display sensory


Skewer not
Oven door folding
The number of door glass three
Oven cleaning hydrolysis
Other functions and features camera backlight, cooling fan, anti-theft system children protective shutdown
Clock there are electronic
Body color silver


Additional Information removable folding door, 3D heating; complete set: 2 lattices for grill (high and low), “plate” for grill

Fornelli FEA 60 Duetto mw IX reviews

Pluses: microwave and oven in one box is convenient and the place saves bakes well Pleasant twists (not touch buttons)
Minuses: Dear Auto-cooking programs are described in instructions are very concise
Disadvantages: Two months, normal flight. Even hard dough It comes out delicious. I had a glass pan in the kit; with him no problems – not cracked so far. I recommend the device.

Topalov Veselin

Pluses: looking for an oven in which there will be a microwave, here This model approached us optimally in all respects. Besides In addition, it has long been loved by us grill with two grills and hydrolysis cleaning function.
Minuses: no
Disadvantages: using the oven is a pleasure, thanks the touch screen is much easier to operate with functions than with models not equipped with such a chip. I’m also happy with timer, turned on the cooking and forgot until the signal hear. Conveniently.

Bubnev Ivan

Advantages: a model that you need, especially if you are just like I will be able to find her in stores at a discount. Touchscreen, low power consumption, the presence of microwave – for me it’s just a dream, not the oven. In addition, there is convection that I missed so much and grill, which I really love.
Minuses: it seems not
Disadvantages: I use about a week, minuses are zero, especially likes grilled dishes. Goodies! Aaaa!

Danilevsky Kostya

Minuses: During operation, you can not reduce or add time.


Pluses: Pluses in all respects: quality, consumption energy, appearance, surface strength
Minuses: No
Disadvantages: A very interesting solution is to combine the microwave and oven in one, it immediately attracted. Do not have to install separately a microwave, which means there’s more room in the kitchen. Microwave itself works well – powerful enough. No cons or marriage i until I saw it.

Vadim Bolshakov

Pluses: Touch control is very cool, there is a grill, generally a multifunctional thing. The appearance is cool. IN convenient to use, shorter bought and not disappointed!
Minuses: I didn’t even find it!
Minuses: My girlfriend also appreciated the purchase) she is very I liked cooking in this oven.

Mukhanov Oleg

Pluses: Fornelli FEA 60 Duetto mw IX We have this oven Ideal for the parameters, because set in place out of order. We decided not to save and take with the function of protection against children and microwave.
Minuses: I do not see any disadvantages, I like it very much.
Minuses: Despite its many functions, the oven is easy to operation, I quickly figured it out. Cook one pleasure on her.

Shustova Elena

Pluses: Already Nothing
Minuses: Pluses: No Minuses: Chinese product. Had the misfortune to get a cooking gas surface, so one the burner flatly refuses to burn,
Minuses: I will not advise the enemy either

Yuryevna Victoria

Pluses: Excellent electric oven. Searched for it not high, so that the drawer for dishes is located below. Of all rich choice settled on it, maybe. previously bought a cooker Fornel panel and very pleased with it. The price is not small, but not the largest among competitors. It looks very neat. FROM management figured out quickly enough. Built-in microwave, which you can immediately put on for heating several vessels (depending on size). Have simultaneous operating mode of the microwave and oven. There is a warm-up mode. Heats up very quickly. Cooking is a pleasure. If a to cook not pies on the pan, but something else in the container and put it on a stand on a lower rotating surface, that’s all will be rosy or baked evenly.
Minuses: no, just a warning – get through glass.
Disadvantages: Thanks to the built-in microwave, got rid of the usual standing on the table, which freed additional work space. We cooked everything we could, in different modes. Did not use only once mode defrosting.

Xpym kramus

Pluses: Great solution – a combination of an oven and a microwave in one compact case. Save space and money
Minuses: the front panel slaps
Minuses: Fornelli model – normal, multifunctional microwave oven. With upper and lower heating, grill, microwave and a bunch of operating modes. Meat, pastries – everything is prepared perfectly. Menu not abstruse, for continuous operation in the “warm up plate in Microwave “is very convenient. Furniture does not heat in any mode, front glass cold. Do not confuse with models from Samsung and others that essentially just a microwave with a grill. Everything is right in this closet. done 🙂 Of the shortcomings – a glass front panel slap, wipe often. The built-in clock is bright and in the night mode, so they were turned off. Look like that’s it. The oven is very satisfied.

Gryzunov Egor

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