Fornelli FEA 60 Coraggio WH

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Specifications Fornelli FEA 60 Coraggio WH

General characteristics

Oven electric independent
Volume 56 l
Energy consumption class A
Dimensions (HxWxD) 59.4 x 59.4 x 54.3 cm


Heating modes 8
Grill there is an electric
Convection there is
Defrosting there is


Switches rotary
Timer yes, with shutdown


Skewer there is
Oven door folding
The number of door glass three
Oven cleaning hydrolysis
Other functions and features camera backlight, cooling fan, protective shutdown
Body color white


Additional Information tangential cooling, Easy Clean enamel, removable folding door, 3D heating; triple glazing Cool Touch Glass equipment: grill, standard pan, deep pan, skewer, skewer holder

Fornelli FEA 60 Coraggio WH reviews

Pluses: I can only convey the words of the wife’s delight, after of how I made her such a gift – it’s very convenient to use, It warms up quickly and is easy to clean. Ah, well, still beautiful, yes)
Minuses: my wife likes everything so far, there are no problems at work arose

Slavsky Ivan

Pluses: Great design, great bake (it was the main criterion when buying), it is very convenient that when disconnecting the timer turns off the oven itself, the door is easy to clean.
Disadvantages: The smell during the first firing was maintained throughout 4-5 uses of the oven, but now there is no smell.
Minuses: Great purchase

The user has hidden his data

Pluses: very attractive price
Minuses: I liked everything
Minuses: It fits perfectly in size, works without failures

Prikhodko Alina

Pluses: Very good oven. There is a defrost, and convection, and grill, and skewer, and timer, and hydrolysis cleaning the oven. Just a fairy tale. I really like this model and also But it turned out to be much more affordable than other models with similar set of functions.
Minuses: No complaints
Minuses: Satisfied with the purchase, thank the manufacturer for this the oven.

Agurbash Maria

Advantages: Excellent oven, voluminous, convenient baking sheets, have a grill. Washes well, easy to adjust, pretty design.
Disadvantages: I do not notice any shortcomings.
Minuses: In its price category is very good model.

Kormukhina Larisa

Pluses: Great model for not much money, in addition to the most the main thing is that all the dishes in it are very tasty, and It looks beautiful! It has two baking sheets (deep and flat) and a skewer with all the details. I have been using it for 7 months.
Minuses: No, and I hope they don’t show up.

Mirosh Mikhail

Advantages: I liked everything, the build quality is excellent, although China
Minuses: not found
Minuses: Bought immediately the oven set plus cooking one brand. Electric white cooking went perfectly. Very unusual and beautifully designed switches and traced functions beside them. The most necessary modes in the oven are: grill, convection, heating from below / above, defrosting and various combinations of these modes. Of the remaining advantages: 3 windows in the door, an off timer on 120 minutes Comes with two baking sheets, grill and twirled with a catch for him. Covering baking sheets and oven walls it’s very cool inside, I don’t know what kind of material it is, but pollution laundered two times). satisfied with the purchase!

Ilyin Ilya

Advantages: nothing like a patch, test. Two baking sheets. Easy are being cleaned.
Disadvantages: not met.
Disadvantages: the main criterion for me is price. Who is cheaper will offer, I’ll buy from him. I am absolutely satisfied with the quality. Claimed fully justifies the pluses. Do not lie. The spit holder is not I use it, it is too long and not particularly convenient for me. But I think connoisseurs will be found on the spit. Wipe the handles easily. Door in general not heated. It quickly picks up speed in temperature and works almost silently. It extinguishes generally perfectly. Soft meat and good baked. Taste, as if from a Russian stove (who knows what I mean, will understand). I never used a defrost.

Vorotnikova Varvara

Advantages: Comfortable handle and it does not get warm during operation ovens – I don’t know how, but on the previous oven such the problem was! The switches are tight, in a good way. That is not hang out, and smoothly adjust the temperature. The grill works great – already made chicken many times, and even barbecue. Just awesome! There is a defrosting function and there is convection, that is, in principle, and a microwave with this oven is not needed. The oven is very clean easy – fat doesn’t seem to stick to it. Wife just in delighted! Everything you need is immediately included in the kit – a grill for grill, standard pan, deep pan, skewer, holder for a skewer – you don’t need to buy anything else.
Minuses: There is no protection against children.
Minuses: A good oven, especially when compared to old (from Soviet times, which we used to have). Moreover, it’s not expensive at all – we bought it for 24 thousand.

Belousov Igor

Disadvantages: Small, but the amount of internal – more than enough. Convenient hinged door – opens without creaks and other extraneous sounds, sealing gum after cooking is not sticks and does not melt. Convenient switches, there is a timer. Good equipment – grill, convection, defrost. Skewer is. Well done. In general, I am satisfied with the purchase.

Belkova Polina

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