Fornelli fea 45 sonata

Fornelli fea 45 sonata

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Features Fornelli FEA 45 Sonata

General characteristics

Oven electric independent
Volume 45 l
Energy consumption class A
Dimensions (HxWxD) 59.4 x 45 x 57.2 cm


Heating modes 9
Grill yes, electric, 2000 W
Convection there is


Switches recessed
Timer yes, with shutdown
Display sensory


Skewer there is
Oven door folding
Telescopic rails there is
The number of door glass three
Oven cleaning catalytic
Other functions and features camera backlight, cooling fan, protective shutdown
Clock there are electronic
Body color the black


Additional Information removable folding door, 3D-convection; equipment: standard pan, deep pan, grill, spit

Fornelli FEA 45 Sonata reviews

Advantages: compact, many modes – conventional heating, convection, there is a grill skewer)) the timer does not heat up glass
Disadvantages: it feels like the declared temperature on the buttons less real, you have to find out a terrible instruction
Disadvantages: happy with the model. Long chose a compact, not regretted, although her husband was against it. The same baking sheets as before wide oven. In a set there are 2 more baking sheets. Glass at work It doesn’t heat up – the child will definitely not be burned. The buttons are recessed. there is both a timer and a cooking time setting. Instruction is simple a masterpiece. All in a bunch, to find a description of a particular mode you need re-read everything. As a result, we cook using the “spear” method .. We use the floor years, have already become familiar)

Danko Catherine

Pluses: The oven is well done. Materials high quality. I liked the speed of heating, enough fast.
Minuses: I didn’t like that it cools down a little longer than I would like to.
Disadvantages: Otherwise, there are no complaints.

Yanukovych Lisa

Advantages: Compact, many modes.
Minuses: Not everyone had time to check, but with what I used it – I liked it. There is enough cooking space for a family of 4 people


Advantages: Design, convenience, sizes, price
Minuses: not found. Well, maybe the arms are removed unnecessarily easy.
Disadvantages: No complaints. It looks great, it works, too. The control knobs were initially overly “tight” but fast “developed”. Retractable runners for baking sheets – one, fixed in the middle, rearranging higher / lower is impossible. Very easy to clean.

Kuzminykh Pierre and Konstantin

Advantages: the price for this model was the most convenient. At the availability of all the most necessary functions the oven remains Really affordable. Power consumption is pretty low. There is convection and skewer. Burning through the door is impossible glasses installed, as many as three pieces.
Minuses: Nope
Minuses: I am quite pleased that I chose this model. Got everything that I need and at the same time not overpaid for extra, in my opinion, bells and whistles.

Mushkina Julia

Advantages: Design, convenience, sizes, price
Minuses: Not yet found. Not particularly powerful, of course. But – enough.
Disadvantages: No complaints. It looks great, it works, too. The control knobs were initially overly “tight” but fast “developed”. Retractable runners for baking sheets – one, fixed in the middle, rearranging higher / lower is impossible. Very easy to clean.

Kuzminykh Pierre and Konstantin

Advantages: Size, power, quality.
Disadvantages: Desiccant.
Minuses: I have been actively using it for over a year. When cooking in convection often accumulates in the oven glass, which then drains to the floor (the oven is installed according to instructions taking into account air exhaust). As I understand it, this is a tribute compactness. If you find fault, then the telescopic buttons start to fly out of the grooves after half a year.

Sirotenko Andrei

Advantages: Design, dimensions, price, functionality
Minuses: Factory marriage tempering glass
Minuses: Bought this oven in August, in October at the inner tempered glass burst while cooking, the temperature was 200 degrees, okay, we thought we have a guarantee, we call authorized service centers, we explain the situation and we respond that this is not a warranty case, although it is not a warranty case if glass burst itself and it is all dotted with cracks. Contacted official representative of fornelli, left the application on November 1, it seems like within 10 days they should have come to replace however with all my numerous calls in response to this day we hear that we supposedly in the evening someone will call and say when he arrives, but this naturally does not happen! The conclusion is that if something happens then You will repair yourself !!!

Larin Nikolay

Pluses: After repair in the kitchen, changed the classic stove on the oven and hob. Fornelli chose the oven and very pleased with her. The quality of cooking in it is high and most importantly – quick and easy. There are two baking sheets (one of them is deep), grill and rotisserie for grill. I have already tested all the modes and functions. cool! Bakes, fries, stews perfectly.
Disadvantages: I do not note any disadvantages – five points out of five!
Minuses: It looks concise, but stylish.

Nasimova Denmark

Pluses: Does not take up much space (the size fits perfectly size to headset), not high cost, a lot of useful functions (9 heating modes)
Minuses: I chose this model primarily because of compact widths (only 45cm), in this sense successful model. Also there are all the necessary functions: convection, grill. Convenient modern touch control. All these features work. appropriately and I am completely satisfied!

Cyril Larisa

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