ERA ECS-3570

ERA ECS-3570

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Specifications ERA ECS-3570

Main characteristics

Tripod Type floor tripod
Appointment for cameras and camcorders
Shooting height from 63 to 165 cm
Maximum load 4 kg
Length (folded) 68 cm
Head in a set
Removable pad there is
Weight 1.74 kg


Vertical format shooting there is
Bag hook there is
Level there is
Lift mechanism there is
Number of boom sections 3
Rod diameter 28.8 mm
Tips rubber
Case included there is
Color options silver
Features maximum pipe diameter 2.88×2.22 cm, 2 liquid level

ERA ECS-3570 Reviews

Pluses: Got a gift for the camera. Just super! Tall

Potanin Eugene

Pluses: High, removable pad, case included
Minuses: I don’t know why, but my tripod has one of 3 upper knees shorter than two other two because of this when trying to put down a tripod there is a load which results in a departure the second knee position lock …. Check in the store so that everything was easy to assemble ….. and you will be happy. … The latches are all plastic … So it’s a good tripod, if it weren’t for one thing, but …. sorry money spent on it …. although I do not exclude that I got caught marriage
Minuses: As the first tripod is quite ….

Pirogov Anatoly

Advantages: high, stable, easy to install, convenient case
Minuses: my hellish creak, very loud, have lubricate. on the belt of the cover pretty quickly broke the plastic buckle. heavy.
Disadvantages: overall happy with the purchase, except for the squeak and such trifles as weight))

lermark jk

Advantages: 1. It is convenient to take group family photos, so that the photographer himself was also in the photo, but not absent) 2. Photo-pictures a new quality level compared to handheld shots (less shake from hand shake). 3. I began to do with a tripod slow shutter speeds (landscapes and other in low light and at night) 4. Low, affordable price.
Disadvantages: 1. The level of “horizon” in the photo-pictures is different from real by 1-3 degrees, if set by level gauge. But this budget tripod, so the drawback is not significant. 2. Dimensions and weight. But this is not a minus, if you understand that the tripod is more for planned than spontaneous shooting. Such a tripod for a walk you won’t always carry around. But he is not for everyday use to be always at hand.
Disadvantages: Having studied and compared the reviews in the price category 700-1300 rub. chose this company and model.

Dogushev Denis

Pluses: + Very high + High load capacity + Durable + Inexpensive + Steady + Removable pad + Hook from the bottom for cargo (see drawbacks) + Level + Nothing broke for 4 years use (in a tripod) + Case included (see drawbacks)
Disadvantages: – Bulky – Heavy – Uncomfortable to wear – Level lying – All that can creak – creaks – A bottom hook for the load very flimsy thin plastic – On the case almost immediately the plastic buckle broke and the belt had to be tied to the loop where the buckle was
Disadvantages: Normal tripod for a beginner amateur photographer. A DSLR with an external lens and an external flash can easily withstand if suspend the load, then the wind will not overturn it. It’s difficult to shoot a video – do not rotate the handles smoothly – creak and twitch, partly this silicone grease flooded wherever it solves the problem. But I categorically did not like to drag him. Or on a stroller to hang the child, or throw in the trunk – then excellent.

Oleynik Maxim

Advantages: the above
Disadvantages: camera rotation is not around the point; head level is incorrect.
Disadvantages: 1. if you suspend the load, so that he would look at the camera mounting bolt, then when turning the head it leaves ~ 1 cm. 2. set the level of the head and tripod, and rotate the head 360 degrees: the bubble of the head deviates almost to the end. P.S. it’s all necessary if you do panoramic photography, but after some modifications everything is fixed, and if laziness, then the heads separately +1500. My price worth it.

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Pluses: Lightweight, inexpensive. For professionals or for heavy lenses will not work. And so it is very functional. there is level, removable platform, for vertical shooting rotation. Tall. Comfortably stands on the floor. In general, for such money it’s real – super.
Disadvantages: Disadvantages have already been described by other users. – the plastic had tiny burrs (plastic in the production of a little spoke), – after holding a palm over them, – everything was eliminated. Gum – yes there is a smell. – but this is if the nose is straight sniff.
Disadvantages: Took to install a projector on it – 4 kg. Holds steadily, I think I would have supported and a little more weight.

The user has hidden his data

Pluses: Easy. Decent look. Price (990r).
Minuses: 3D head does not move quite smoothly horizontally and vertically. Creepy smell from gum, which glued to removable platform.
Minuses: Worth the money! Gum from a removable platform threw it out, stuck another in its place. 3D head dismantled and greased (there was no lubrication at all), now the ride is at height! I use with a telescope zoom 50x.

The user has hidden his data

Pluses: For your money just a gift. Took him for 820 rubles. For such a price, he simply has no competitors. Technique and I always choose accessories carefully – the highest quality for minimum money. Of course, he’s far from the pro versions, but the price these very versions are even further from the ERA. With canon 600d worked wonderful. The handle stroke is smooth without jerking or jamming. there is the ability to properly load all sorts of lotions because of the high load potential. A big plus for me is the tripod height, this the feature was fundamental in the choice, well, plus the same “load,” made him the best choice, at least for me. I was very pleased
Disadvantages: For its price niche – no (Yes, and actually for up to 3 thousand tripods.
Minuses: I advise you to take – in any case, 800-900r are not the same money to regret later. In which case it will be a spare, or under light can be adapted.

Zhuravlev Alexandr

Advantages: lightweight, easy to fold out and adjustable, hook for cargo, two levels, removable head, carrying case.
Disadvantages: perhaps a slightly defective plastic casting but it’s already nitpicking.
Disadvantages: a little shaky but you can hang a load and everything will be normal.

Shnyagin Elisey

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