Electrolux EZB 52410 AK

Electrolux EZB 52410 AK

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Specifications Electrolux EZB 52410 AK

General characteristics

Oven electric independent
Volume 60 l
Energy consumption class A
Dimensions (HxWxD) 59 x 59.4 x 56 cm


Grill there is an electric
Convection there is


Switches recessed
Timer yes, with shutdown
Display there is


Skewer not
Oven door folding
Other functions and features camera backlight, cooling fan, protective shutdown
Clock there are electronic
Body color the black

Electrolux EZB 52410 AK Reviews

Advantages: Functional, many modes to check so far completely failed, but I think everything will be fine.
Minuses: They are not yet.
Minuses: I tried to bake pizza everything is super, there are a lot of modes bakes perfectly, pies just a bang, duck and chicken turns just gorgeous, I recommend this oven to everyone, take it you will not regret it.

Khmyrin Evgeny

Minuses: We use every day! It runs quietly, bakes on fine. Crispy crust, baked pies!

Ulanova Alexandra

Advantages: All the necessary functions at an affordable price. Beautiful design.
Minuses: not yet identified
Disadvantages: There is no plug in the kit, although it may at all like that – I don’t know. On the whole, the impression is pleasant – good design, all the necessary functions.

Petrov Andrey

Advantages: Value for money, functionality and quality

Matveev Yuri

Pluses: The oven is beautiful. I used to only ovens, so this is the first experience so to speak 🙂 Removable door, glass and guide rails – very cool. Thermal insulation just awesome. Above there is a second fan, which is from the roof removes heat forward, so when working the oven do not be surprised when warm air blows in the face over the door. By timer turns off – also fine. Flush switches too fine. In short, I am very satisfied. Electrolux, Sweden, done with mind! 🙂
Disadvantages: Rotary switches are a little tight.
Minuses: Definitely recommend. Cheap and very angry nothing extra 😉

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Pluses: Beautiful design, non-marking black color. Easy installation, put in Swedish cuisine, everything fell without a problem with 2 two drawers of 10 cm. Many modes (grill, convection, conventional oven and combinations thereof), off timer.
Disadvantages: 1. It goes without a plug and with a short wire, if If you plan to connect to a regular network, buy what you need. 2. Timer It doesn’t work exactly as I expected. When time approaches end, the oven turns off, but without stopping beeps. So get up and you’ll have to turn it off anyway. But there are several modes.
Minuses: I have a gas stove in my apartment, but I’m an oven decided to put an electric one, because they are cheaper, the choice is more, more features. Somewhat worried about power consumption, but everything is fine. I have a 5-floor building from the old foundation, an oven plugged into a regular power outlet. It’s not corking, everything works well. Power consumption – a little more than the kettle (2.7 kW per maximum mode, if you do not turn on all at once, then less)


Advantages: timer, delayed start, off time. then there you can ask her to turn on at 8:00 and turn off at 9:00 recessed handles! and overall, a great oven.
Minuses: none
Minuses: heats up quickly, everything bakes evenly

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Pluses: We bought a hob and an oven, as well as hood for the stock: got 50% cashback back (9 thousand rubles) fearing that there will be something not very high quality: But to our joy everything works and the quality is just SUPER: Oven we We use often and are very satisfied, Thermal insulation is above all praise, when cooking in the kitchen is not hot, Heating is uniform, nothing does not stick, you can choose different modes, We bake: bake and we even dry vegetables and mushrooms, management is simple, do not even suffer with wet hands, everything is clear and elementary, Thanks for the quality
Minuses: not yet revealed

Ogorodnikov Gennady

Pluses: beautiful, functional, inexpensive
Minuses: Everything works until revealed. The grill would not hurt, but it was not indicated.
Minuses: Great oven, everything you need for cooking there is, a timer, time, what else is needed. When you first turned on there was a smell like everyone, the hour was calcined and everything passed. Let’s hope in no further problems))

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Advantages: Quickly warms up, control with recessed handles. Convection works with a bang! There is a timer on-off.
Minuses: not found
Disadvantages: Very convenient and practical oven. By purchase completely satisfied.

Bondarenko Maxim

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