Electrolux EGT 56142 NK

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characteristics Electrolux EGT 56142 NK

General characteristics

Panel type gas hob
Installation independent
Dimensions (WxD) 58 x 51 cm
Built-in dimensions (WxD) 55 x 47 cm


Panel material strained glass
Total cooking zones 4
Gas burners 4
Express hotplates 1

Control Panel

Panel location sideways
Switches swivel
Electric ignition yes, automatic


Gas control of burners there is
Cast iron grates there is
Colour hob – black

Electrolux EGT 56142 NK reviews

Advantages: great solution for a small kitchen
Disadvantages: this is not a drawback, but rather just the fact that gas efficiency is lower than that of electricity, after switching from an induction hob I got used to waiting for a kettle to boil for a long time
Disadvantages: the performance is excellent, the equipment is sufficient, the installation is simple and, most importantly, the dimensions – it does not take up much space in the kitchen. reliable brand

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Advantages: Chukhunny grates, easy to clean, very well thought out
Disadvantages: We suffered for a long time with the choice of cooking. Finally, we settled on this one. Frightened, of course, the black color: painfully easily soiled. But if you think about it, no matter what the stove is, we always wipe it after cooking. Otherwise, it will not be washed later. However, there are still divorces. But they are not striking. And by the time the mother-in-law arrives, you can scrub her))) Small cast-iron grates are very pleasing. Firstly, they are cast iron, that is, the dishes do not slip on them. Secondly, they are small. So washing them is not a problem (I remember my grandmother's old stove with huge cast-iron grates, which was a punishment to wash). In general, the main condition for cooking was small cast-iron grates. And what else is very pleasing in this cooking, it will be very practical if there are small children in the house: the burner control knobs are on the side, that is, a small child will not reach them, and the most used burners are near the wall, that is, again, a small child cannot reach the soup puffing on the stove. This does not cause any inconvenience, but it can bring enormous benefits. Not immediately accustomed to auto-ignition. The handle must be held for three seconds, otherwise the fire will go out. But, probably, this is also good for the purposes of all the same security. In general, I am delighted with cooking.

Julia Shevereva

Pluses: Very comfortable, easy to clean.
Disadvantages: No.
Disadvantages: I really like it, it is very easy to clean, the dishes do not slip.

Shabanova Alla

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