De'Longhi KBI 2011

De'Longhi KBI 2011

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Specifications De'Longhi KBI 2011


A type teapot
Volume 1.7 l
Power 2000 watts
Heating element type closed spiral
Heating element coating stainless steel
Body material metal


Safety blocking of switching on without water
Filter yes, material: stainless steel steel
Thermostat yes, stepwise, temperature regimes – 5, 75 – 100 degrees.
Keeping warm there is
Auto power off when removed from stand there is
Water level indicator there is
Cord compartment there is
Weight 1.6 kg
Additional Information keep warm function (20 minutes)

De'Longhi KBI 2011 reviews

Pluses: Design
Disadvantages: after a year of work, it began to fail: 1. when turned on, it thinks for a long time, beeps, until you hit it, the heating does not work. when turned off, it can also boil for a long time and not turn off, if all the same turned off and the power button is on for a long time (so it must turn off itself), then you need to turn it off from the network so that it goes out, because then the kettle does not turn on, but glitches.
Disadvantages: I was disappointed, and so the kettle is beautiful in my black color

Demakina Julia

Advantages: I liked the design, convenient temperature control, looks reliable, matte surface does not leave stains and marks from hands.
Disadvantages: Not found

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Advantages: There are no complaints about the operation of the kettle. Everything works perfectly!
Disadvantages: What turned out to be inconvenient was the location of the strip with displacement divisions. She's under the handle. It's not very convenient to watch. The price is high.
Disadvantages: If it were not for the location of the strip with displacement divisions, in general it would be an excellent model.

Sergeeva Nadezhda

Pluses: I was interested in the teapot with its design.
Disadvantages: Liked by its design. Comfortable handle and teapot spout.

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Pluses: great kettle! its design will suit any kitchen.
Disadvantages: no complaints) I'm happy with everything!
Disadvantages: very high quality teapot! I like that you can select temperatures for different types of tea … in general, I made my wife and me happy! I recommend to everyone. We have been using it for more than a year and have never let it down! the price meets all expectations. I was afraid that the electronics would quickly fail, but there was never even a hint that there were any problems .. everything is just fine! we plan to take a coffee maker of the same color .. and I also heard that you can take a toaster from the same series)) you get a whole set! =) in general, we are happy .. I hope it wakes you up with a useful tip))

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Advantages: Interesting design, temperature conditions, fingers are not visible
Disadvantages: Difficult to find this kettle, found only in Euronix
Disadvantages: Delongues pleased with a new line of kitchen appliances, the White Pearl color came up.

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