De'Longhi F 26237

De'Longhi F 26237

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Specifications De'Longhi F 26237


Oil volume 2.3 l
Potato slices capacity 1 kg
Removable bowl there is
Making fondue not
Power 1800 watts
Control mechanical, work / heating indicator
Timer there is
Anti-odor filter there is


Cool case there is
Viewing window there is
Body material plastic
Dimensions (HxWxD) 27x27x27 cm
Weight 2.5 kg
Additional Information removable electrical unit

De'Longhi F 26237 reviews

Advantages: no
Disadvantages: A lot of unnecessary things that in the end will only annoy, but the realization of this will come later.
Disadvantages: Remember the main thing! Fryers with a folding basket handle are evil! And no words are needed. Speaking as having experience using different fryers, it should be powerful, and as simple as possible, less mechanical “miracles”. No spinning baskets are needed there, otherwise the dish will no longer be the same, in taste and texture, due to the fact that the basket is at an angle and the product rotates, it is immersed in oil, then it is removed from it again, the crust does not have time to appear, all the oil soaks it inside and that's just terrible. The potatoes are not crispy, but soft and greasy. If you fry nuggets or something in breadcrumbs, all this will fall apart for the same reason, the crust will not have time to grab, and plus the constant stirring. Oil should be changed after frying the breaded product. What are the savings ?! No matter what they say, timers are not needed, this is a marketing gimmick, boiling oil has a lot of thermal energy, so any simple timer is nonsense, it will not cool down at the command of the timer at the same moment, you will not come on time, everything will burn out. Odor filters, too, reed, put it on the frying pan then. Temperature control to the same place. Why do you need the oil not brought to the desired temperature and it is one of the oil, the shorter the frying process, the better, the less harmful substances, the better the crust. And for this, the oil must be at the transfer temperature, and no matter what product you are cooking. Only three things: power, simplicity of design, ease of cleaning. Feel free to ignore everything else. And cheaper is better, this is the thing that, whatever one may say, will very quickly get dirty with the products of combustion of oil and fat, saturated with odors so it's easier to throw it away and buy a new one. Therefore, do not seek to choose her for centuries. These recommendations do not apply to “hybrids” all sorts of pseudo-frying with a spinning spoon or airfryer, then completely different devices are not in fact deep-frying.

Borovichok Mikhail

Pluses: Now everything in the kitchen is clean and odorless. Pies and donuts turn out to be breathtakingly tasty and not at all greasy. Oil consumption is very low. The quality of cooking is beyond praise. Easily disassembled. Very handy and large basket.
Disadvantages: Well .. maybe the size. But – it's worth it
Disadvantages: I always thought that a deep fryer was absolutely useless. But somehow I read the reviews – and bought it. It turned out to be even better than they wrote. I don't often cook something fried, and even in oil. But when this happens, the kitchen fills with fumes, the oil gets dirty, I change it often. And now – a blooper! No smell, no burning. No worries or hassles. And why didn't I get it before? Already made pies and donuts. Next in line are pasties and brushwood. I just go and rejoice at the purchase – I didn't think it was such a convenient and necessary thing.

Alena mm

Advantages: it is very easy to drain the used oil as the bowl is removable and convenient to wash.
Disadvantages: I bought myself a deep fryer. I love to eat deliciously, so I decided to eat fatty food, but it’s a pleasure. Deep-fried chicken, potatoes, fish, shrimps. And it is very simple to handle it, you choose the temperature and fry.

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Advantages: – Total Clean System, i.e. the fryer can be completely disassembled and (except for the timer and control unit) washed in the dishwasher. It's just super handy! – The cord is conveniently hidden in the case during storage. – The timer, if desired, can be carried with you if you are afraid not to hear the signal.
Disadvantages: Not found.
Disadvantages: The model is great. The only difficulty is that we have not yet been able to find oil filters on sale (but this is not a complaint about the deep fryer), so every time we filter the oil through several disposable paper towels. The result is good, the oil is used 4-6 times (maybe more), after fish dishes we change to fresh.

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Pluses: Fully disassembled. All parts can be washed in the dishwasher. Cooking perfectly.
Disadvantages: No
Disadvantages: She even takes out the timer; you can carry it with you in your pocket if you are afraid not to hear it in the kitchen.

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