Bugatti volo

Bugatti volo

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Bugatti Volo Features


Power 930 watts
Number of branches 2
Number of toasts 2
Type of management electronic
Toasting adjustment there is
Single frying not
Cancel button there is
Defrost function there is
Heating function there is
Thermally insulated housing there is


Automatic centering of toasts there is
Automatic toast raising there is
Grill for heating buns there is
Crumb tray there is
Body material metal
Sound alert there is
Power cord compartment there is
Dimensions (HxWxD) 32×20 cm
Weight 3 kg
Additional Information 6 degrees of roasting, smooth rise of toasts, rubberized sandwich clamps

Bugatti Volo Reviews

Pluses: excellent model, I won’t talk about appearance, it is not very important for me, but functionality is what you need. High power, feature availability defrosting, metal non-heating case. In general, one pleasure to use.

Vlasov Ostap

Pluses: Incredible quality, speed, durability materials and good looks)
Minuses: Price
Minuses: friends presented the toaster and of course I was very surprised when I found out the price. But after some time of use I realized that the toaster is worth the money

Mirzoyana Ksyusha

Pluses: The first thing I fell for is design and color decision. Starting a morning with this toaster is doubly fun because of its positive yellow. The second is a few degrees toasting. For example, a son loves more fried ones, and my husband and I less toasted. In this case, thanks to the functionality, please everyone. Third – smooth movement to “capture” the bread and its “extradition”. I like it.
Minuses: a little expensive, this is the only and probably significant drawback.

Frolova Marina

Advantages: There are all necessary functions and appearance for the toaster very beautiful
Disadvantages: price
Disadvantages: We have been using it almost every day for a month now — I’m not tired. Although the people say then abandon. Bought under the influence of toasts in one fast-food chain, there a mixture of sunflower oil, dill, garlic and salt. Delicious. Children in delighted.

Svetlana Lysenkova

Pros: I watched the Bugatti Volo toaster for a long time, Like the unusual design and bright color. As it turned out with functionality everything is in order.
Minuses: I didn’t notice – it works fine.
Minuses: So far I have mastered defrosting functions and various degrees roasting, it is very convenient and fast. I use 4 days, no complaints no.

Shirokova Albina

Pluses: A fairly advanced model, by itself, beautiful, combines several functions. There used to be an ordinary toaster, this one differs sharply for the better first of all functionality, it’s convenient, especially with children and especially with moody and picky about food. Everything turns out delicious.
Minuses: Nothing.
Minuses: I advise you that it will be a pleasure to use.

Pinchuk Raisa

Pluses: we bought a toaster in the kit for the gift kettle, both bright yellow, the kitchen cheered with them.))
Minuses: I like it very much.
Minuses: Stylish design, easy to clean, fast and tasty toasts toasts.

Markushina Olga

Advantages: Not the cheapest model for the price, but it is possible in the market to find offers az for 9848 rubles I am here at such a price and I bought myself this toaster. What can I say? The model is very effective, in the kitchen it looks such a bright attractive spot. Functional wide, you can defrost, heat, fry with different degree. And the most important thing for me is the metal case.
Minuses: I like everything
Minuses: thanks to the manufacturer, the toaster is chic

Gulyaeva Veronika

Pluses: recently bought a toaster, but very satisfied. So far I have found only advantages in it. First is quality making toasts. There is an adjustment of roasting. Secondly, there is heating and defrosting functions. Thirdly, the design of the unit itself Fitted perfectly into my kitchen.
Minuses: I am satisfied. No cons have been found yet)))

victor voilukov

Pluses: Works great! They gave it to me, what am I I am very happy. Myself would never have bought because of the price, although the appearance and the operation of this device is top notch. I recommend a great thing for many years to come.

Nikitina Sofya

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