Bugatti vera

Bugatti vera

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Bugatti Vera Features


A type teapot
Volume 1.7 L
Power 2400 W
Type of heating element closed spiral
Heating element coating stainless steel
Body material metal


Safety water lock
Filter there is
Temperature controller there is, stepwise, temperature conditions – 55, 45 – 100 hail.
Display there is
Timer there is
Water level indicator there is
Inclusion indication there is
Power cord length 0.75 m
Dimensions (WxHxD) 18x30x22 cm
Weight 1.7 kg
Additional Information clock

Bugatti Vera Reviews

Pluses: Great design, famous brand. There is an adjustment temperature.
Minuses: not yet
Minuses: We bought it 1.5 years ago because of the design. Good went under the technique. Control panel with display and touch with buttons, determines the temperature and water level and displays information on the display. Works great.

Sorokina Svetlana

Pluses: Design
Minuses: Absolutely uncomfortable. To pour water, a kettle you have to keep it at an angle. And you need to watch so as not to overfill, since there are no other level indicators. After a year of operation you have to press the button five times to turn it on.
Minuses: Exclusively for show-offs!

Tikhomirova Olga

Pluses: Unusual design
Minuses: Periodically turns off without heating the water After 3 months of operation ceased to “see” the water level
Disadvantages: The main problem is that it doesn’t “see” the water level. because of this does not turn on. After repair, 3 months have passed and again too the most! Kettle SUGGEST!

Kutyrev Ivan

Advantages: I liked the lock function when there is no water, The kettle does not turn on. Convenient) And he is very beautiful)
Minuses: Price tag

Khabalov Oleg

Pluses: Beautiful
Minuses: It really does not work. Does not correctly determine the level water, believes that water is not enough and does not turn on, you need to remove and put several times that I saw water. Maybe not for days respond to water level. The lid opens 45 degrees pouring water is not convenient.
Minuses: Disgusting quality, glitches from the first day purchases

Saleev Sergey

Advantages: Fast heating, temperature control – perfect for me as a lover of different varieties of tea, durable non-oxidizing materials
Disadvantages: price
Minuses: The most important place in my house is the kitchen, therefore, the equipment there is the most “top-end”, and this beautiful kettle Fits perfectly into the interior …

Bylinkina Zinaida

Advantages: I chose this model as a gift to my wife. I know how she is He loves the technique of this brand, so he decided to order. I myself am quite I was indifferent to a similar technique. especially. for that kind of money. But when I noticed how quietly this kettle works and most importantly quickly water boils in it, then I realized that the difference with cheap models is everything there is.
Minuses: no
Disadvantages: it looks beautiful, obviously the model is not mass-produced, the case is strong, quickly boils

Istomin Vitaliy

Pluses: I really like the kettle with its design and features. Took a set with a toaster and a blender in green. Colour happy madly. 1.5 years working properly. Truth in some the moment began to turn off without boiling. I called Moscow representation, where the girl advised to clean from scale. AND oh miracle! It worked! It turns out to be sensitive even to a small plaque.
Minuses: It does not turn on if the water is less than 800ml and only it’s 4 stars.
Minuses: I advise everyone! Very stylish.

Simonova Galina

Advantages: 1) Stylish. Friends come to visit and who sees the kettle for the first time, everyone asks where they got it. Differs from “pop” models. 2) The choice of water temperature. When you want to drink just warm water – it’s not necessary to boil it completely, you can warm to the desired temperature – it’s super. 3) Choice of color. We took Orange.
Minuses: Price, of course. For the kettle is expensive. But he special)

Malchuk Valeria

Advantages: Works well, the function of turning off the heating without there is water, the temperature is regulated in three values, quality steel. I chose a fashionable pink color, cool in harmony with the dishes.
Minuses: Price.
Minuses: I really like it so far. For me, this volume is optimal.

Bystruk Olga

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