Braun HT 400

Braun HT 400

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Characteristics Braun HT 400


Power 1080 watts
Number of branches 2
Number of toasts 4
Cancel button there is
Defrost function there is
Heating function there is


Automatic centering of toasts not
Extra Rise Toasts not
Grill for heating buns not
Crumb tray there is

Braun HT 400 Reviews

Pluses: Great toaster
Minuses: not found

Slepushkin Nikita

Pluses: Stylish design. Color white with chrome inserts. There are 7 degrees of roasting plus heating and defrosting of bread.
Disadvantages: They began to consume more bread.
Minuses: It is written that it is designed for four toasts, but not yet I tried, maybe it is. It’s just not very clear how to get there. shove it. And so happy with the purchase with my wife. There are no complaints about the work. The price is adequate, a little over 2000 rubles. For this amount, I think that necessary.

Zakirov Renat

Pluses: beautiful and practical
Minuses: Not detected

Nikolaevich Alexey

Pluses: I really liked this toaster
Minuses: nothing
Disadvantages: such a not very ordinary model

Moskvitina Lena

Pluses: + Fries bread! + Uniform roast from both sides + Quality of materials and assembly + Tray for crumbs
Minuses: – Short cable
Minuses: Just a great toaster, anyway! More then and there’s nothing to add. Best in its price class.

Poplavsky Jan

Pluses: super black and white design with buttons! fries bread!
Minuses: not found!
Minuses: Cool toaster in every way. I fry all evening and eat bread! Eat and fry again! Especially relevant in conditions the approaching crisis, when everyone will eat only bread !!! Smell burned oil and plastic disappeared, as written in the instructions after the 3rd launch.

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