Braun FX 3030

Braun FX 3030

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Specifications Braun FX 3030

General characteristics

A type harvester
Power 800 watts
Bowl capacity 2 l
Blender not
Control smooth adjustment, pulse mode


Juicer citrus / universal
Meat grinder not
Nozzles universal knife, nozzle for dough, disc for french fries, emulsion nozzle, grater, slicing nozzle, disk julienne total number of nozzles: 8


Execution bowl: plastic, case: plastic
Power cord with storage compartment
Additional Information plastic shredder (volume 0.75 l)

Braun FX 3030 Reviews

Pluses: dvukhashennost, low noise, smooth adjustment speeds, low waste, multi-nozzle
Minuses: For some reason, there were only 4 shredders in the kit knife, not 5. There was no knife for a large shredder cabbage.
Disadvantages: I have no complaints about the device. Even my wife panicky afraid of all home electromechanical, his mastered. There is really little waste. I still do not understand what kind of excavation at the base of the large bowl, for about 12 hours. As if drainage, but not a fact. Like all processors – it drives with enough large volumes, with small – steers a knife and a grater.

Vasilyev Vasily

Pluses: Reliable Mixes everything, and is completely Simple in excellent juicer (squeeze: carrots, apple and citrus)
Minuses: Design last century Noisy It’s hard to get into the groove when you put the saucepan on the machine
Disadvantages: The device, although of the last century, but for that: 1. Shuffles everything without lumps; 2. Nothing breaks !; 3. Excellent juicer; 4. Everything is included in the harvester kit. Nothing more and just enough! 5. Height – low, it is very convenient!

Leonov Vladimir

Pros: Modern clone of the indestructible classics Braun Braun CombiMax K 700. It has all the same advantages, but much more disadvantages (about them below). So, the advantages: functionality, 2 bowls – parallel cooking, many different knives and nozzles, which really do what they are for. There is even a module juicers (quite working). Good speed control + pulse mode. Not very difficult to wash. Good power interferes viscous dough without overheating.
Disadvantages: The disadvantages of the “original” (Braun CombiMax K 700) adds: worst quality materials! Yes now rubber gaskets are not so well fitted under the bowl, fall off and can be chopped into crumbs in the process. The harvester itself is more shaky compared to CombiMax K 700, lighter, not so good fitted in assembly. Bowls do not sit so tightly in grooves and with torsion vibrate and rattle. Etc. assembly and materials on the order is worse than the original.
Disadvantages: Because Braun CombiMax K 700 costs inadequate money and is almost inaccessible in the market already, then you can consider to buying this modern analogue of that classic model. We have works 3 years, while the flight is normal, for comparison CombiMax K 700 has been working for 15 years.

Dav stranger

Pluses: Multifunctionality. Everything you need is here. on the kitchen.
Minuses: No
Minuses: I chose it myself! The most important thing is vegetable cutters, dough mixers, a blender that are needed. And not regretted. Going with a bang. Very satisfied acquisition. I recommend!

Semenyuk Irina

Pluses: many nozzles, many bowls, many functions
Minuses: Defective product found: Small kitchen bowl the harvester enters and leaves the groove only when excessive effort. The lid of the bowl snaps into the “safety island” as well with excessive force that makes the island roll security ”and deforms the groove into which it enters. With a large there is no such problem. I am afraid that when using this the defect will quickly break the plastic parts involved in the process of “snap” and the failure of the mechanism. Brought the second one is the same as a replacement, he has the same problem. Looks like, series issue. We decided to leave it as it is. Impressions from use and whether this defect affected the work, I’ll add after a few months. Assembly China.

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Advantages: Compactness, reliability, versatility.
Minuses: no
Minuses: Great harvester. I have been using it for many years, almost daily. Replaces a meat grinder, and a blender, and a coffee grinder, and vegetable cutter. An indispensable assistant in the kitchen. Very reliable. If a will break, I will look for the same.

Pivtsaykina Lyudmila

Pluses: I like everything, I have been using it for many years. Excellent assistant in the kitchen.
Minuses: Noisy

Antipenko Hope

Pluses: Reliable, all nozzles needed
Minuses: The same one worked for 10 years, took a new one and not I regret

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Pluses: worked 11 years (cracked nozzle on the bowl, which is worn on the screw), while the second bowl continues use). Used every day sometimes several times in day, including stirring not a cool dough, slicing potatoes, carrot and apple grater, grind meat in a small blender (instead of a meat grinder, it turns out the porridge, but for diet cutlet ok) and transfer to large for mixing, grind frozen berries, beat cocktails, muses, sauces … Ah …. pancakes, pancakes, pancakes – it’s all in it … I feel like listing all the menus will have to))))), use nozzles for juice (used) only citrus is good. Pulse mode is a good thing. Easy to wash. Easy to use – without unnecessary frills – clicked. turned. If the bowl is not closed completely – it will not turn on – good protection against forgetfulness)).
Disadvantages: cutting onions is not his hobby – it turns out a bitter porridge. although it may have modernized and now removed this drawback. Mashed potatoes also did not like in him, but he can’t do it all alone! there is no knife in the big bowl, so you have to chop in small and throw in large parts. Cool dough – this is not to him – this is to the bread maker. no storage capacity – all nozzles are not dimensional and occupy a place – live in a separate a little box. Nozzle for squeezing juice (in addition to citrus) used a couple of times – did not like it – with a juicer not compare, but for those who rarely need to, it’ll do (this is the only nozzle used). about the remaining pieces from the grater of vegetables, to Unfortunately, it’s true, but striving for speed and throwing the second time in bulk, not frayed in general, I achieve minimal “waste”.
Disadvantages: Those who thought that they didn’t need a combine (their own gathering dust), bought yourself the same after looking at mine)))) everyone calls advantages over others: power, variety nozzles – and all you need! (and also what is on the table)))) Not take away your comb far – as you think, what to get backs …. immediately grab everyone grabs. knife and whisk)))))). Grieving second day – as if without hands (11 years of mutual love flew by not noticeably). By about silence … hmm … either the newer models are quieter, or I’m even afraid imagine how the others are buzzing ((((not quieter than a juicer or coffee grinders))))) Maybe lucky, maybe because I never turn it on immediately at high speed: turn on at low, then gradually I increase the handle (without turning off) – and does not bounce (the heterogeneity of the mass anyone you want to jump will make)) and the engine tfu tfu))

Romanova Alexandra

Pluses: Quiet. A large number of nozzles
Disadvantages: a small minus, in that when using a grater and shredders, small pieces remain.
Disadvantages: I have been using it for a month and I am not overjoyed. Juicer and I haven’t used a test nozzle yet, so I can’t say how he will behave, but otherwise everything is fine

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