Braun FS 5100

Braun FS 5100

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Specifications Braun FS 5100

General characteristics

Number of tiers 2
Type of management mechanical
Maximum power consumption 850 watts
Timer for 60 minutes, with shutdown
Sound signal there is
Inclusion indication there is


Body material plastic
Steam Basket Material clear plastic
Interchangeable baskets there is
Rice Bowl there are 2 liters
Egg deepeners there is
Display not
Topping up water during cooking not


Thermostat not
Fast steam mode there is
Delayed start not


Compact storage there is
Power cord compartment there is
Additionally Can be washed in the dishwasher; each drip tray baskets; container for coloring products

Braun FS 5100 Reviews

Advantages: Ease of use. Functionality
Minuses: no

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Disadvantages: In the first use, the timer handle broke. Just horror 🙁 return-exchange will not work anymore, maybe the timing gone.

Guskova Daria

Advantages: Braun FS 5100 is a very simple and reliable thing. I use every day, very satisfied.
Disadvantages: I recommend both for home and office. Healthy food, saving time, because no need to stand by the stove.

Novikov Alksander

Advantages: Compact model. Easy to clean. Good plastic. Very easy to use.
Minuses: No
Minuses: I bought this double boiler based on simplicity use, compactness and good reviews. Purchase justified my expectations.

Borisov Alexander

Pluses: Excellent double boiler, just chic, we only cook steam cutlets, eat them 24 on 7. Easy to operate and cooks on Hurray, we recommend it to everyone. Save time + healthy food
Minuses: just shine

Ivanov Victor

Pluses: good double boiler. Separate containers for dyeing products
Minuses: not found
Minuses: a good double boiler for a reasonable price

The user has hidden his data

Pluses: Convenient, simple, high-quality, and no less important she’s beautiful!
Minuses: Not revealed!
Minuses: I decided to write a review, primarily because such a great model and no comments. So, very simple model, mechanical timer installation, reasonable price 4700 rub. It cooks great! (as I myself :)). There was a choice, a slow cooker with function of a double boiler or a double boiler, chose it and did not regret it, beef with vegetables, it’s just a lot of fun 🙂

Popov vadim

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