Bosch TWK 3A011 / 3A013 / 3A014 / 3A017

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Specifications of Bosch TWK 3A011 / 3A013 / 3A014 / 3A017


A type teapot
Volume 1.7 L
Power 2400 W
Type of heating element closed spiral
Heating element coating stainless steel
Body material plastic


Safety lock of a cover, lock of inclusion without water
Removable cover there is
Filter there is, material: nylon
Auto power off when removed from the stand there is
Water level indicator there is
Inclusion indication there is
Compartment for the cord there is
Dimensions (WxHxD) 21×24.5×15 cm
Weight 0.83 kg

Bosch reviews TWK 3A011 / 3A013 / 3A014 / 3A017

Advantages: 1) Does not spill water when bottling in cups; 2) Heats up quickly; 3) Nice minimalistic design; 4) good volume; 5) Easy; 6) No odors.
Minuses: Everything suits.
Minuses: Great kettle for the price-quality. Can use for guests from 2 to 10 people. Heats up quickly easy to use, simple in construction, some advantages – Kettle developers have tried in general. I am satisfied with the purchase. Recommend!

Khusaynov Ayrat

Pluses: cute, quickly warms up
Disadvantages: The lid does not recline, but is removed, i.e. need two hands to open – not very convenient.

Dobrelia Ilya

Minuses: ordered gray – in fact it turned out to be white teapot with a pale gray insert on the handle. Of the inconveniences, only that that the cover must be unscrewed and screwed every time.

Ivanova Natasha

Minuses: A very good kettle, it looks great and its performs functions at 5+

Yuganson Blasius

Pluses: Reliable kettle. I bought for work. Was the same will serve 3 years with a frequent switching mode of 25 – 30 boils in day. The order worked fine, ordered at 17:00 at 9:30 on delivered the next day.
Disadvantages: There are no shortcomings in the kettle. By order there, or convenience store BT or Yandex shared my mailing address with spammers. True, one letter was with spam, I hope no longer will be
Minuses: An excellent kettle for the money.

Zaitsev Mikhail

Pluses: Boils quickly. Plastic doesn’t smell.
Minuses: Not yet found.
Minuses: Satisfied with the purchase.

Rekalo Elena

Pluses: design, speed
Minuses: not identified
Minuses: The first time I bought an electric kettle, so do not expert only heard that iron is better for health

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Advantages: – Price; – Build quality; – Design.
Minuses: The removable cover is not very convenient to insert, but is a technically correct solution, because the kettle is easy to clean and fill.
Minuses: Great kettle for the money. Boils water for 4 minutes (average). Well thought out, water does not spill out spout, conveniently turns on and with an explicit indication. Good model you can take it.

Taih Gleb

Pluses: Great model!
Minuses: No
Minuses: Excellent model in black. Took in the store RaBt at a discount. The kettle is cute, quieter than the one we have was before (Phillips). Thanks to the store and the Market

Roganyan Daria

Pluses: Simple and reliable. Removable cover in practice turned out to be quite comfortable
Minuses: not yet identified

Polikashin Andrey

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