Bosch TAT 3A011 / 3A012 / 3A014 / 3A016

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Specifications Bosch TAT 3A011 / 3A012 / 3A014 / 3A016


Power 980 watts
Number of branches 2
Number of toasts 2
Type of management mechanical
Toasting adjustment yes, smooth
Single frying not
Cancel button there is
Defrost function not
Heating function there is
Thermally insulated housing there is


Automatic centering of toasts there is
Extra Rise Toasts there is
Automatic toast raising not
Grill for heating buns there is
Crumb tray there is
Body material plastic
Power cord compartment there is
Power cord length 100 cm
Dimensions (HxWxD) 19×16 cm
Weight 1.5 kg
Additional Information 6 degrees of frying

Bosch TAT 3A011 / 3A012 / 3A014 / 3A016 Reviews

Pluses: Design Price Convenience Ease of use 2 compartment
Disadvantages: –
Minuses: A good toaster for the money. Doing great with toast making.

Moiseev Eugene

Pluses: beautiful, comfortable, quality is felt

Diaz Jaime

Pluses: Design. Ease of use. The quality of the toast. Toasts are popular with the whole family. Simplicity of construction allows you to use it to both grandson and grandmother
Minuses: not identified

Glushchenko Vitaliy

Minuses: Great toaster, no complaints. With negative moments mentioned by people who put few stars are not came across. You can take it.

Anisimov Sergey

Advantages: – Fries bread well and evenly (read reviews of unevenness, but I’m fine) – Low price. -The toaster is quite quiet, unexpectedly the bread will be taken out only the first time. – It is convenient to remove crumbs from the lower tray.
Disadvantages: – for 2 months there were no deficiencies.

The user has hidden his data

Pluses: -Something pretty attractive -Do not heat up the case -Bread smells delicious and crunches-well and of course the price
Minuses: Does not quite evenly fry the toast at the bottom the parts are noticeably stronger
Minuses: Great device for its price

Stankevich Dima

Pluses: Solid advantages
Minuses: None. True note, the color is red on the picture looks bright and saturated, in reality, not so beautiful, more like a brick in shade. Consider when choosing a color.
Minuses: A great thing a well-known manufacturer for funny money. Took less than 1800 rubles. We use almost every day for a month, not tired. Although the people say then abandon. Bought under the influence of toasts in one fast food chain, there a mixture of sunflower oil, dill, garlic and salt. Delicious. Children are thrilled.

Oleg Khodakov

Advantages: There are all necessary functions and appearance for the toaster pretty
Disadvantages: It’s not very convenient to clean the crumbs, not everything works out remove, but there is a drawer tray and the bulk of it gets in.
Minuses: I have been using this model for 4 years, when it was necessary choose a toaster as a gift to your daughter, no doubt which model to choose It was. Recommend.

Nikolaeva Lyudmila

Pluses: Great toast making! From any bread! warm buns! It’s convenient to take out ready-made toasts!
Minuses: They are not.

Kamyshanov Igor

Advantages: Optimal in design and functionality.
Minuses: Not found yet.
Disadvantages: Probably the best in terms of price / quality. Bought with a discount on RBT for 1690r, in January 2017.

Goryunov Oleg

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