Bosch PCP615M90E

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Specifications of Bosch PCP615M90E

General characteristics

Panel Type gas hob
Installation independent
Dimensions (HxWxD) 5.2 x 58.2 x 52 cm
Built-in dimensions (WxD) 56 x 48 cm


Panel Material stainless steel
Total burners 4
Gas burners 4

Control Panel

Panel Location in front
Switches rotary
Electric ignition yes, automatic
Panel Lock Button there is


Gas control hobs there is
Cast iron grates there is
Colour burner panels – silver

Bosch PCP615M90E Reviews

Advantages: – Beautiful design – Comfortable buttons – Quick heats up but makes noise (see below)
Disadvantages: – Very loud comforts, compared to others wardrobes. In some positions, they start to whistle unpleasantly, everyone this is a consequence of setting the pressure to 20 bar, which apparently does not match with gas pressure in the house. – There are no rubber pads in place junction of the grill and hob limiters located along the center, the consequence of this is that the surface is scratched and the gratings play. – It is difficult to clean a stainless steel. If you spill something, a stain remains then you have to wipe it for a long time, but you can always wipe it every day a stove if you have nothing to do more
Disadvantages: A good cooker, you can ignore the disadvantages Attention.


Advantages: reliability, durability, appearance. The surface is easily cleaned. Cast iron gratings are eternal. Gas control. Gas burns steady
Minuses: Not been noticed.
Disadvantages: If you compare painted plates with stainless, then on In my opinion, the safety advantage of stainless steel is greater. Besides in my first apartment is installed a similar 8 years ago and no complaints.

We gosh

Advantages: A stove as a stove. It burns well. Cast iron grates. Gas control of children (though they’ve never used it).
Minuses: 1) Fools designers put on a gas stove plastic switches. The one near the lower left burner which is more powerful, all melted! 2) Signs of the location of the hobs badly applied. After a year, everyone washed away. And the word Bosh is also gone. The silver paint on the switches cracked. And the plastic sticks out white, and on gas control black. 3) A year later, even earlier on minor scratches appear after washing. I am glad that their seen if you look closely. And if you just stand nearby and look – the metal surface just looks cloudy. 4) If you do not push the handles, the gas will not ignite. Even after so many years use is not always the first time it turns out. Though hands grow from that place (graduated from music school).
Disadvantages: Poor quality and not thoughtful components! The pens will melt and the paint will peel off. Better buy some model with touch buttons! In general, after a year of operation, the stove is no longer will be pleasing to the eye. And none of the guests would even think that she is so much dough ((

Dental Library

Pluses: Cast iron stable grilles, gas can be reduced almost to a minimum, gas control, handles do not heat up. In general, one sheer virtue
Minuses: For some reason, the surface is scratched. Kind and neat with her, and scratches appear.
Minuses: I’ve been using it for more than a year, I can’t get enough of it, everyone recommend

Novikov Denis

Advantages: Price does not bite. There is protection from children. Gas control (very important).
Minuses: Not detected
Minuses: I have long preferred Bosch kitchen appliances for minimum price / quality ratio. This unit is designed to trifles, simple and at the same time reliable. Easy to remove (cast iron). easy to clean surface. If you look after her, then she will be like new for life.

Fedorova Galina

Pluses: Bosch is a company.
Minuses: stainless steel gets dirty, the inclusion of a burner is strange, you need 3-5 seconds to wait for it to click, and then just let it go pen.
Minuses: Excellent fries. Water boils on the middle burner fast. Everything is convenient and how to do it. The only spots remain on stainless steel from everything, even from the hands. There is a button for locking gas to protect against children.


Pluses: There is gas control, protection against children.
Disadvantages: Good surface, comfortable cast-iron grilles, their can remove and wash the surface. The surface itself is easy to clean, not stains remain. Very comfortable, the dishes do not slip, steadily You can put dishes of different sizes.

Andreeva Irina

Advantages: appearance, very comfortable cast-iron grilles, dishes it does not slide or fall over them, even small pots steadily are standing. convenient location of burners, a large burner is very powerful, which is very convenient, it quickly boils a kettle. there is gas control and child protection.
Disadvantages: although it is easy to clean and wash, BUT the view is not the same as the new one doesn’t look anymore if something drops on it or spilled and not immediately extruded, then traces remain on it, which then nothing can be removed. it’s also easy to scratch, but scratches not very visible
Disadvantages: all is well, only these traces of peace do not give, I regret that I did not buy a white one. you need to get used to the ignition, first with the first time could not be ignited.

Abramova Catherine

Pluses: beautiful appearance, resistant cast iron gratings
Disadvantages: when turned on, the gas is noisy
Minuses: satisfied with the purchase, beautiful appearance, no pens melt, stable cast iron grate. But the speakers are much more noisy stronger than on the old Soviet stove, with no habit annoying. Auto ignition needs to be adapted, but overall convenient and fast – with turn the knob to wait 2 seconds. and let it go then it won’t go out .

Yana kiushova

Advantages: Good cast iron gratings, smooth, easy to clean, cool quickly. Fingerprints remain, but compared to dr models are not so noticeable. Good gas adjustment, smooth. No pens get warm.
Minuses: easily scratched. probably like the whole stainless steel. I use soft sponges, but already see traces, maybe from residues food. Scratches are not very visible.
Minuses: I recommend. Nice model. Compare in stores with other models, I liked this one the most. Easy to clean ordinary dishwashing detergent and a sponge, then wipe with microfiber and everything, no traces and stains. Good auto ignition – just turned, held for 2-3 seconds and burns if it is slowly released go out.

Nikolaeva Lena

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