Bosch MUM54240

Bosch MUM54240

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Specifications Bosch MUM54240

General characteristics

A type harvester
Power 900 watts
Bowl capacity 3.9 L
Blender there is a volume of 1.25 l
Control number of speeds: 7, max. rotation speed: 14000 rpm, pulse mode


Juicer for citrus
Meat grinder there is
Miller not
Nozzles nozzle for dough, nozzle for beating, grater: 1 included, julienne disc: 1 included; total number of nozzles: 9


Execution bowl: stainless steel, blender: plastic
Power cord with storage compartment
Additional Information light switch speed; whisk for liquid test; grater for cheese, chocolate, nuts; DVD disc with recipes; nozzle storage bag

Bosch reviews MUM54240

Pluses: I’m 60 and over this period I tried a lot number of harvesters for the kitchen. The pleasure of using Bosch MUM 54240 can not be expressed in words – it’s just a buzz. Don’t need anything support, hold, push everything is clearly fixed and securely fixed. Not the usual silence during the operation of the combine. I recommend to all the hostesses.
Disadvantages: They simply do not. I bought a cutting nozzle cubes.
Minuses: Charming appearance.

Sizov Gennady

Advantages: Metal bowl. Almost everything is collected in one aggregate – meat grinder, blender, stirrer, whisk, for dough, graters, slices. Incorrect assembly protection system, self-cleaning cord. It makes the cream excellent. Rubber feet hold tight on the countertop.
Minuses: The juicer did not squeeze anything out for me, maybe I hands are crooked – cut an orange in half, turned on, press and … no effect, the juice does not drain completely. Short cord, 60 see, this is not serious if the outlet is on the floor, but the unit is on the table. There is no ordinary chopping knife, as in cheap combines (you need had to grind garlic tops for dressing, in blender scattered all around the edges of the bowl and does not mix, because need to the presence of liquid, and the nozzles of the grater rub well, sooooo hard, because there’s a very small nozzle, I don’t know what kind of vegetable or fruit, because carrots are generally super liquid (very thin, bad when sauerkraut), and there is a nozzle half, with extra. slots which make the mashed mass heterogeneous, with pieces and eat just for round slices). With a heavy load – dough, meat grinder, turning part, relative to the base, starts rotate and play until it breaks, but it does not look very reliable.
Minuses: It seems to be a convenient thing, there is a warp, a motor and just change the nozzles. But some nozzles are stupid, and some, sufficiently necessary, absent. Yes, and the same nozzles they require space, since there’s a shelf, otherwise they would hang out in different angles. I bought for 12,000 in 2012, I think its price is 8 thousand maximum. Passed 6 years, while working and nothing has broken

Alexander Alexander

Pluses: I really liked the harvester, all I wanted was for him did, he performs. Maybe not as fast as monoblocks. IN sense, it must first be assembled. And then he does everything efficiently and quickly.
Disadvantages: A lot of small details, but this is not a disadvantage, but necessity.
Minuses: This model completely suits me.

Fedorovich Aleksandr

Pluses: Vegetable slicer, dough mixer, juicer
Minuses: the blender did not work, the meat grinder did not fasten
Disadvantages: The harvester disappointed me that it came with disadvantages and I’m not going to take this company anymore.

Alferimova Svetlana

Advantages: not yet discovered, but we believe that they are.
Disadvantages: a meat grinder, but for us this is the main function of the combine for 3-4 uses per week. other functions – from case to occasion.
Disadvantages: The meat remains in the screw half the length of the screw. Yes if you take it apart, remove the leftover meat with your fingers and try skip again – no result. And it’s on a soft breast turkeys without veins. Before that was Philips. 10 years still worked, but Cracks in the plastic accumulated and decided to be replaced.


Advantages: + design + compactness + metal bowl + multifunctionality
Disadvantages: – noisy running at maximum power, but no louder than the vacuum cleaner – there is no place for winding the cord. It can be removed under the combine, but it turns out not very convenient, so I just lies nearby – a couple of years after use I realized that no meat grinder, had to buy a separate one. From the kit worked fine for about a year, then it was faster to cut the meat hands than to make minced meat on it. Constantly clogged. Sharpening knives and even buying a new kit did not help.
Minuses: I tried all the functions, everything works fine (except meat grinder, which lasted a year). Loved the dough kneading. I liked the shredding of cabbage – my hands do not it turns out. Many complain about the lack of a medium grater, but me Available quite suit. Generally recommend! In a few years after the start of use, everything works as well as in at the very beginning (except for the meat grinder), so I do not regret the choice. A great harvester!

Yashkina Polina

Pluses: Powerful, even very
Minuses: My meat grinder is out of order; the safety clutch worked, cranked the whole meat grinder, breaking ear on the aluminum case, cutting through the stops and hitting his wife on chest (This is not a joke, do not stand close it is not safe). less than a year, Bosch refuses warranty repair. at my expense 4000r. I do not answer questions by mail, service 0.
Minuses: There was also a screwdriver of the same brand, for five years breakdowns. At this joint cooperation ends.

Tumanov Mikhail

Advantages: Everything is done very quickly and almost silently. Design The harvester fits very well into the interior of the kitchen.
Minuses: no
Minuses: Since the purchase of the food processor has never been regretted the acquisition. The price also pleased, completely compliance price-quality. Very easy to build. I recommend this a model for those who love to cook.

Lada Elena

Pluses: I liked only the mixer.
Disadvantages: Fragile plastic, no good fit. After three months flew stock for vegetable cutting. I didn’t expect this from Bosch. Replacement parts 800 rubles. It seems like all the plastic so fragile that it’s breaking.
Minuses: I will never buy Bosch again.

Vilensky Vladimir

Pluses: Bowl, whisks, hook.
Minuses: Everything else.
Minuses: I never comment on anything on the Internet, but now could not resist. Used for about six months and that’s it – has broken. And already there was a repair for my money. Shorter meat grinder You can not connect at all. Even soft tomatoes do not twist maybe – it gets clogged up (not to mention meat). The blender is leaking. All the rest seemed to work, but only half a year. At my parents The harvester is much cheaper and has been working for 5 years !!! And the meat grinder is there good one. Chose based on reviews on this site. To negative did not pay attention, because their minority, but in vain. Campaign who puts positive feedback to this harvester or does not use it at all, or it’s paid comments. In short guys do not fall for this fishing rod like me. CHOOSE ANOTHER COMBINE! Do not waste your money and nerves.

Dima Dima

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