Bosch MUM4880

Bosch MUM4880

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Specifications Bosch MUM4880

General characteristics

A type harvester
Power 600 watts
Bowl capacity no data
Blender there is
Control number of speeds: 4


Juicer for citrus
Meat grinder there is
Miller not
Nozzles dough nozzle, whisk nozzle, grater total number nozzles: 9


Execution case: plastic
Storage space for nozzles there is
Power cord with storage compartment, length 1.20 m

Bosch MUM4880 Reviews

Advantages: Functionality, compactness, quietness
Minuses: Wash, assembly, but it needs to get used to. You love ride – love and sleigh to carry, as they say
Minuses: I recommend, a very useful thing in the kitchen, very makes life easier for the spouse

ortodox presviter

Pluses: Multifunctional
Minuses: Takes up a lot of space.
Disadvantages: This unit in my possession for 10 years. Look, hasn’t changed a bit since then. I use regularly. All like. There are nuances that you can refine, for example, the situation meat grinders (it is either too high or too low set), the blender is difficult to understand, position juicers such that it is scary to press it hard, graters in The kit is either too small or too large. Recent times began to tap the rotating disk. I hope to serve so much more same))) my sister was envious, I bought myself the same (this time the blender became with a plastic case, I still have a glass one). What does the price for 10 years has not changed much, I bought for 7 rubles.

The user has hidden his data

Advantages: enough functions to do everything you need (meat grinder, grater, hood, juicer, etc.). Compact, but powerful enough.
Minuses: When using a blender, there are certain problems due to the shape of the bowl (the product just scatter along the walls bowls, unless of course it is liquid)
Disadvantages: Overall, a good combine for the money, but because blender he’s not “great”

Vinogradov Mikhail

Advantages: Excellent product, functionality.
Minuses: The wire is not removed.

Nek Boris

Advantages: Compact. Not noisy. Not expensive.
Minuses: No cutting nozzle for cubes
Minuses: I chose a combine for a long time, I wanted Kenwood, maybe until I used it, but it costs many times more. Chose this model after long comparisons and reading reviews. And I am very happy! I use it recently, but almost every day! I bought mainly because of meat grinders and dough mixers, and I use them. I feel very comfortable easy. I tried the grater – normal.

Kochetkova Alexandra

Advantages: Multifunctional, powerful, convenient, simple and quality assembly
Minuses: Cool technology, in my opinion not noisy (of course there is noise, but there is no feeling that you are on the runway) quite powerful, with all the tasks it coped with Hooray. Excellent quality and very sharp knives / blades – the only thing every time I think that I’ll grind the entire sponge to zero while I’m manually washing them, so I try to wash them carefully and gently, although almost all parts can be washed in a dishwasher. According to the instructions you can’t wash there knife insert and of course the main body itself. Huge plus that everything is very convenient, easy and quick to assemble and replace immediately several units in one case. Everything rises tightly, reliably, no no vibrations at work, everything is very well done and on conscience. Very happy with the purchase, finally in the kitchen in my there was another beautiful, stylish multifunctional assistant.

rookova lena

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