Bosch MFQ 4020

Bosch MFQ 4020

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Specifications Bosch MFQ 4020

General characteristics

A type manual
Power 450 watts
Number of speeds 5
Additional modes impulse
Number of nozzles 2
Nozzles whisk for whipping, dough hooks
Body material plastic


Attachment Storage not
Nozzle release button there is
Protective lid on the bowl not
Rubber handle there is

Bosch MFQ 4020 Reviews

Pluses: relatively quiet, lightweight, no extra causal goods, glasses, etc. (hence the sane price). Can put on the table, although it would be better if the cord was shifted to side. For a couple of weeks, she made pies, werzer, and charlotte, and to a brawler – everything turns out perfectly – and cool dough, and light, and eggs hits the foam perfectly in a couple of minutes. I am satisfied! Well, still this The device is 10-15 years old and it would be super!
Minuses: feature: right and left corollas are inserted only in its hole.


Pluses: Operational work of the manager, explained everything, explained and all the services worked perfectly harmoniously
Disadvantages: There are no shortcomings in my order.

Shityakova Elena

Advantages: what I counted on and received
Disadvantages: satisfied with the mixer, whips and loosens well shortbread dough. works for 15 minutes without interruption, and this already speaks of that a powerful mixer. excellent for kitchen use fits!

kochetova inna

Pluses: 5 speeds, quiet.
Minuses: Not found.
Minuses: The mixer is quiet, speed control. Conveniently hold for a long time in hand.

Sergey Panov

Pluses: powerful. Silent and for money
Minuses: not yet
Minuses: nice compact and comfortable

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Advantages: excellent mixer, very quiet, almost silent, mixes even heavy dough well
Minuses: I like everything
Disadvantages: large in weight, but this is because large power

Ivanova Alexandra

Pluses: Quiet, compact
Minuses: Does not whip cream until stable peaks, at high power is weak
Minuses: I bought it for whipping cream and, as a result, I don’t whips. Missed the choice after reading reviews positive

Ekaterina Shevchenko

Pluses: Very quiet at medium speeds! Conveniently lies in hand! High speeds whisk foam easily! Separately, you can note Stylish design! 06/08/2017 – I declare with confidence – reliable mixer!
Disadvantages: For 3 years not found. 5 years flight normal!
Minuses: I do not know if it is still on sale, but if you find it, then it will be a silent mixer, without flaws.

Galimov Rustam

Advantages: 1. Quiet, except for 5 speeds, it is noisy. 2. Easy 3. It is convenient to put on a table, the cord does not interfere. 4. Powerful, whips and mixes quickly.
Minuses: Plastic smells a bit, I think it will pass
Minuses: I liked very much, whipped butter, cream, proteins, the eggs. He coped with all the tasks. Switching from 0 to turbo there’s no chance, it’s someone completely armless that way. Lever walks smoothly. It may be possible to buy a blender head.

Sukhanov Sergey

Pluses: high-quality assembly (Slovenia), easy, very quiet, simple old-school mixer.
Minuses: while I like everything
Disadvantages: bought a few months ago, I use it often. at it has several modes, whips the cream perfectly, the dough may interfere. not a problem to hold in your hand for a long time, not a heavy one. looks strong good build. but it’s not very convenient to put on the table during breaks, falls if the surface is smooth.

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