Bosch MFQ 36480

Bosch MFQ 36480

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Specifications Bosch MFQ 36480

General characteristics

A type manual
Power 450 watts
Number of speeds 5
Additional modes turbo
Number of nozzles 4
Nozzles chopper, whisk, dough hooks, blender
Body material plastic


Attachment Storage not
Nozzle release button there is
Protective lid on the bowl not
Rubber handle there is

Bosch MFQ 36480 Reviews

Pluses: Value for money. Chopper just class. It is very convenient to use. Going fast and understands. The blender is quite powerful.
Disadvantages: Plastic bushings for whisks.
Minuses: I recommend.

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Pluses: good, quiet, functional, powerful fail-safe
Minuses: there are no
Minuses: a good thing, we advise and recommend, always come in handy, great gift for example

Pogomarev Vladimir

Pluses: Production Slovenia !!! (what was nice surprised). And it is noticeable. The handle is rubberized, does not slip in the hand, very nice and comfortable to hold. It works very quietly. Powerful. Glasses of good volume.
Minuses: Not yet revealed.
Minuses: I only worry about plastic connections, but old German was also with plastic connections over 20-three years served. I hope for the European quality.

Room Vladimir

Advantages: It performs its functions perfectly: grinds and whips just with a bang. It is quiet. For 2 years no claims It was.
Minuses: Unsuitable. For this model, Bosch does not produces couplings, service centers offer to change the entire engine assembly, and this is almost the price of the same new mixer.
Shortcomings: Wife whipped some thick mixture with a blender and whisk for the blender turned the seat of the plastic clutch (The place where the whisk is inserted). The price of such parts is 200-500 rubles. But the manufacturer does not do these parts. Now we have just a mixer, without a blender))

Vetrov Alexander

Advantages: powerful, reliable, convenient.
Disadvantages: for the year of use they did not find.
Minuses: Very convenient and high-quality mixer, does not take plenty of space, good whisks, good blender head, also the chopper is very classy and wash conveniently and grind well, excellent jar with a lid, does not smell like Chinese.

guzhov evgenii

Pluses: The blender was good, convenient, multifunctional.
Disadvantages: Power was slightly lacking. Broke down after 1.5 of the year. Not repairable.
Minuses: Now (April 2016) it’s not worth your money, one and a half years ago, the price-performance ratio was normal.

Filatova Elena

Pluses: Perfectly whisk, knead, chop. Longevity by Compared to competitors. takes up little space. More Helpful Than some stationary mixers with declared 600 W power.
Disadvantages: include fragility of the plastic, from which a glass was made under the blender and the chopper bowl (the pieces broke off plastic at the base of the glass and bowl, but on their functional destination it did not affect. Just drop these plastic glasses do not need))) and so there are simply no flaws !!!
Minuses: The mixer pleased me for a long 9 years enough frequent work. indispensable assistant in the kitchen. Knives chop, blender grinds and makes excellent homemade mayonnaise. But alas, burned down yesterday motor. I will seek a replacement for the deceased “friend.”

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Advantages: 3 devices in one
Minuses: Broke. Three devices in one
Disadvantages: There are no complaints about the results of his work – cream on excellent cake, mashed potato soup and minced chicken for cutlets chopped, but …. After 4 years of very careful and infrequent at all use (a couple of times a month) the engine burned out. Everything inside flimsy, super cheapened. Bosch disappointed. Now small appliances only brown.


Pluses: He is a sheer virtue!
Minuses: No
Minuses: A great option for those who are not too fixated at the cooking. There is everything you need: a metal “leg”, hooks, beaters, amazing chopper! I bought this for my parents – on rejoice! Old Bosch worked for 9 years – the plastic fell apart “leg”, broke a glass chopper, but the motor is still in good condition works! ) At the mixer itself with a bowl, I think this is a big plus. But this is for those who do not bother with the extra capacity in the kitchen)) Everyone Declared specifications. The quality is excellent, the model wonderful.

Galukhina Anastasia

Pluses: + Powerful + Quiet + High-quality assembled materials good ones
Disadvantages: – It is not very convenient to unwind the wire, but this most small appliances suffer
Minuses: I bought and was very pleased. Whips and cuts excellent, fast, and, importantly, not very loud. Bowl Plastic thick, suction cups are made on one so that it does not slip. Mixer assembled perfectly, nothing creaks anywhere. Convenient handle, plastic easy to clean, not very heavy, hand does not get tired to hold, even when eggs must be beaten in foam. The wire is removed by wrapping it around mixer, therefore, slides often enough, but frankly saying, the normal “holder” for the wire there is nowhere particularly cram. In general, I recommend.

Zaydman Valeria

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