Bosch MFQ 36460

Bosch MFQ 36460

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Specifications Bosch MFQ 36460

General characteristics

A type stationary
Bowl rotating plastic
Power 450 watts
Number of speeds 5
Additional modes turbo
Number of nozzles 4
Nozzles whisk for whipping, dough hooks
Body material plastic


Attachment Storage not
Nozzle release button there is
Protective lid on the bowl not
Rubber handle not

Bosch MFQ 36460 Reviews

Advantages: I have been using it for more than 6 years. I have a home confectionery. The mixer has been working in industrial mode

Kozlova Zhenya

Pluses: Price, appearance
Minuses: Burned out ten months after purchase.

Strelnikov Alexey

Pluses: Knead the dough very well, whisk, does not work very noisy. 100% satisfied
Minuses: not revealed

The user has hidden his data

Pluses: good mixer, low noise, the cream is very good whips.

Tsepkin Vyacheslav

Advantages: Compact, fast. Very convenient to use as Separately mixer, and with a bowl.
Minuses: I think they are not, because I was looking for just such
Minuses: Noisy works with a bowl.

Korotaev Pavel

Advantages: 1. The mixer chose a long time. In the end, settled on the planetary and on this model. As a result, we bought a bosh. Beats quietly, thicket spinning perfectly. Proteins in 1 min whips !!!!! Why did I choose a stationary: all the same for the usual Cooking is more convenient. You can remove the mixer itself and beat something else in another more often, and planetary – it’s already necessary to shift and wash the bowl, then just beat again! 2. The quality of the material on top! The mount is so firmly on the table, you can’t move it if you don’t lift) I am very pleased, not in vain I chose so long. Buy you will not regret!
Minuses: They are not!

Yuryevna Natalya

Pros: Powerful and quiet for such power
Minuses: no
Minuses: Long chose a mixer, including on reviews on this resource. For those who claim that the mixer is not powerful enough I would like to ask – is it not powerful enough in comparison with what? from hammer drill or hammer drill? Neither shortbread nor biscuit dough endure intensive kneading and especially beating, because in the test gluten develops and it turns into a sole. On the palate and color, of course …. The protein mass until stable peaks whips just on “Hurray.” A dumplings dough … well, here excuse me – take stationary mixer or blender (there is technology to do it in blender, very comfortable and clean). In general, the mixer is powerful for its task and at the same time is quite quiet, which is misleading and gives the impression that he is weak. Take it do not hesitate !!! I would like this miracle to have a steel bowl, because the preparation of some confectionery is accompanied by “water bath”.

Murar Katerina

Advantages: Normal, reliable and simple mixer from sound firms. Corresponds to the description as a whole. Inexpensive.
Minuses: Weak. However, no one promised industrial unit for 5 cents))
Minuses: The usual mixer from Bosch. We are already the third of these inexpensive models. Previously, they were just tame. We decided to try with a bowl. In general, convenient for the lazy 🙂 But you can do it. Knead very cool dough will not work. A lot – the same will not work. Dough for I knead bread, but I have to hold the mixer on top with my hand so that he was not pushed out. How much gears are enough, with this operation – I do not know)) While coping. Given the price – we all satisfied. But of course a metal planetary mixer would be much more interesting. If it weren’t like a cast-iron bridge!

Alesharov Oleg

Pluses: Great helper in the kitchen! Used already 3 times, very satisfied. While she’s mixing, I’m at this time I prepare additional ingredients, or prepare molds (I made cupcakes yesterday). Choose between manual and semi-manual with additional accessories. In the end, I preferred it. Doubters recommend.
Minuses: For me there are no disadvantages

Fedoseeva Ekaterina

Pluses: Perfectly whisk sponge cake, cake dough, quiet
Minuses: No turbo mode
Minuses: Good

Ukraintseva Sveta

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