Bosch KGN39LB10

Bosch KGN39LB10

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Bosch KGN39LB10 Specifications

General characteristics

Freezer from below
Color / Coating Material silver / plastic / metal
Control electronic
Energy consumption class A (383 kWh / year)
Number of compressors 1
Number of cameras 2
Number of doors 2
Dimensions (WxDxH) 60x64x200 cm


Defrosting the freezer No frost
Defrosting the refrigerator No frost
Standalone cold preservation up to 18 hours
Power freeze up to 14 kg / day
Indication temperature increase – light and sound
Additional features super cooling, super freezing, temperature display


Overall volume 315 l
Volume of the refrigerator 221 L
Freezer volume 94 l

Other functions and features

Glass doors Yes
Ice maker is absent
Shelf Material glass
The ability to outweigh the door there is
Noise level up to 42 dB
Climate class SN, T

Bosch KGN39LB10 Reviews

Pluses: Design.
Minuses: Very high noise level.
Minuses: After closing the door of the refrigerator or freezer some kind of rhythmic knocking starts inside the refrigerator. Fan probably. The knock is very loud and annoying. Very disappointed with this defect. Probably have to call the wizard to fix it.

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Pluses: Beautiful
Minuses: Noisy like a helicopter. Do not take to the studio. Even when new noisy.
Minuses: I have such a refrigerator for less than a month. And already called a service engineer. He changed the flap between the freezer and refrigerators. Is free. They have a disease. Engineer said to put a freezer -22 and below, and a refrigerator +4 and above. And at we were -16 bottom and +4 top. The fridge is noisy. Fact

Savelyev Mikhail

Pluses: top view
Minuses: noise level
Minuses: Loud noise, do not believe any of the reviews, all lies – something constantly rumbles in it, each time the door is opened triggered by nofrost, which always rattles between refrigeration and a fan is installed in the freezer, which also rattles, and sometimes buzzing – it’s just trash. At the same time, bosch service They say that it’s not a marriage, but the normal operation of the device. Move him It turned out to be a problem, because 2 rear wheels installed solely for beauty, or rather for show. In addition, when door openings remain open holes from fasteners … The general feeling is that I bought not a bosch refrigerator, but a noname Chinese with adhered beautiful black glass.

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Pluses: Appearance, management, battery life.
Disadvantages: wraparound reviews, very high noise levels, with such dimensions have little space, children’s and flimsy wheels, incomprehensible the location of the cold box, the axis of the door hinges does not allow put the refrigerator in a niche (an additional 4 cm width so that the door opens, and preferably 6 cm so that it opens completely), when slowly closing, the door creaks (this happens on all refrigerators of a similar model), flimsy stops of protection of the back parts, easily soiled glass, high energy consumption A (for many A ++, and for a lower price), a high refrigerator.
Disadvantages: Bought in a large chain store. Such refrigerators are usually in one copy, so a display case. bring it for a fee and not in the box but just wound into a pimply film (the lower part with glass is open! break and scratch as easy as shelling pears). Workers brought to the 5th floor .. bye brought one broke off a plastic emphasis and a wheel. surprised that glass did not break. Wheels certainly look funny on the old Atlanta, who is 20 years old, is much better. Set by level, took into account all the numerous wishes of the manufacturer bosh and everything exactly does not save from loud noise. In short. Take it only in case you want a beautiful refrigerator without magnets. In others cases of any other non-Chinese refrigerator.

Sivkov Eugene

Advantages: NoFrost system. Spacious. Quality materials. Silent work.
Minuses: not found
Disadvantages: Parents asked to help them with a new choice the refrigerator. The choice fell on this model. Quality assembled The materials that make up the refrigerator are also top notch. Design attracts attention. It is quiet. The cameras are very capacious. There is an excellent NoFrost system. Energy consumes minimal.

Kotova Lisa

Pluses: High-quality assembled. Spacious. Beautiful. Stylish.
Minuses: no
Disadvantages: Choose a refrigerator for a new repair in the kitchen. We settled on this model. It is roomy, it works practically silently, there is a NoFrost system. The antibacterial coating is not allows unpleasant odors to spread inside the chamber. Shelves made of durable glass, withstand a good load and rearranged to various heights.

Ivan Illarionov

Advantages: NoFrost system, electronic control, high-quality and durable shelves, the presence of an audio signal when open door
Minuses: not found
Minuses: This is a very roomy refrigerator with a beautiful design. There is an indication of temperature. Convenient that there is a sound signal when the door is open. Super cooling features are also available. and super freezes that allow you to keep foods longer in proper form. Very convenient to use, on a glass door fingerprints do not remain.

Tab Alexandra

Advantages: Good accommodation and excellent functionality. Quiet work, nice design.
Minuses: not found
Minuses: the refrigerator is excellent and roomy, for all The parameters are very suitable for our family. Holds a lot products and has convenient drawers for fruits and vegetables. Lekgo take care of such an aggregate and is easy to operate. Bought at early summer and very happy with such a purchase.

Petrova Elena

Pluses: Roomy, functional, great box for vegetables and fruits.
Disadvantages: No disadvantages, some pluses.
Minuses: Stylish, roomy handsome! I use recently, but very pleased with him. Amazing refrigeration lighting and freezers. A box with a wavy bottom for vegetables and fruit, which protects products from condensation, is just a find. I like the separate temperature control in the freezer and refrigerator compartments. Wonderful model!

Dena Danilenko

Advantages: In the ratio of price, functionality, quality and The design of this refrigerator is the best option.
Disadvantages: The only drawback is that often have to wipe the outer cover.
Disadvantages: We have been operating this refrigerator for the third month, very easy to operate and convenient. Color won me over unusual and fashionable. This is a great choice – noofrost suitable for us in volume, moreover, the refrigerator has a low noise level. Products are always fresh and do not deteriorate, greens do not fade. The manufacturer has done everything to make customers happy by purchase!

Travina Faina

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