Bosch HBG634HS1

Bosch HBG634HS1

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Characteristics of Bosch HBG634HS1

General characteristics

Oven electric independent
Volume 71 l
Energy consumption class A, connection power 3.65 kW
Dimensions (HxWxD) 59.5 x 59.5 x 54.8 cm
Maximum temperature 300 ° C


Grill there is an electric
Convection there is
Defrosting there is


Switches rotary
Timer yes, with shutdown
Display sensory


Skewer not
Oven door folding
Other functions and features camera backlight, cooling fan, anti-theft system children protective shutdown
Clock there are electronic
Body color silver

Bosch HBG634HS1 Reviews

Advantages: Heating modes 13, touch switches, off timer, electronic clock, high quality assembly.
Disadvantages: We did not find such indicators for six months use
Minuses: Excellent technology, reliable and comfortable in use, and what else is needed from the oven ?! Bosch as always on level! The oven is made cool, the materials are all durable, the bolt to a bolt. We use it long enough to draw such conclusions. I also like how quickly it heats up and is ready to work b quickly cools down, and the glass is 3-ply, so just burn yourself unrealistic. At any level, the baking results are excellent, as Thanks to the 4D mode, the distribution of hot air is uniform. There are a lot of different modes that I just didn’t cook anymore, the family is very happy.

Esenin jack

Advantages: The control system is very convenient and understandable. There are many modes – only 13. Touch screen, anti-theft system children. Nice design and color for this model.
Minuses: There are no disadvantages
Minuses: I decided to buy a new oven in my kitchen, There is a large selection of stores, but of all the models, this one was liked more. Well, firstly, the appearance of the oven is beautiful, stainless steel. AND secondly, I liked the capabilities of this oven. Functional the data struck me and I made my choice. 5 months already enjoy the cooking process. After all, now it’s become much easier to cook easier than before in a gas oven. My new oven has Interactive TFT display, self-cleaning function. Thanks a special coating that absorbs dirt the oven does not requires special care. Having a grill and convention is very handy I often use these features.

Svetlana Cartanina

Advantages: Design, reliability, character display with touch temperature control and indication, 3-layer glazing, halogen lighting.
Minuses: Just bought, while everything is cool
Minuses: I’m fully operating this oven for two weeks, she bakes wonderful. I also really like how fast she is. ready to work, conveniently configure all sorts of modes, everything is displayed seen perfectly. The first thing I cooked was baked chicken, in the old it was not always evenly fried in the oven, in the same it turned out just perfect, with a golden crust, husband and son fingers licked, now they ask me to cook this more often. For any the hostess this oven will be a real salvation and cool assistant in the kitchen. I recommend to buy.

Bubentsova Camilla

Pluses: Many programs, quickly heats up, rotary controlring switch, multifunction clock, door with shock absorbers. 2 baking sheets per set.
Minuses: No
Minuses: I’ve been cooking in a new cabinet for several months. Any the dish is cooked in this cupboard, you will lick your fingers !. In the old the oven did not work out that way. This one was liked first of all by her functionality and appearance. The display on the panel is very convenient. Colour good, fit the tone of all kitchen appliances. Heats up quickly cools quickly. Glass does not heat up the door, so no fears that during cooking you can get burned. Good oven with I was not mistaken in the choice and I am satisfied.

The user has hidden his data

Advantages: Display with temperature indication, 13 modes, quick warm-up function; there is a childproof door lock.
Disadvantages: no such indicators
Minuses: The oven is very good – I recommend! Bakes / bakes cool and fast, and at several levels at the same time, it’s easy to manage – the character display with touch control. The care is very simple, no need to buy special means to tear off fat from it, special enamel which the oven chamber is covered with is easy to clean, therefore just enough to wipe it sometimes. Electricity costs minimal.

Kurzina Lena

Pluses: Rotary switches with sensors, many all sorts of modes, pleasant lighting, fast heating. Telescopic guides.
Disadvantages: I can not say about the shortcomings
Minuses: two weeks as I cook different snacks in this the oven – the cooking results are excellent, there’s nothing to complain about at all. Cool technique, you can’t say otherwise. All sorts of modes, but the most important thing is that now I cook pizza just perfect, with the mode for pizza it’s easy to do. It’s great that there is protection from children, recently I was distracted, and my son tried to look into the working the cake is not baked, but the door is locked. What about me scared, but nothing happened.

Solntseva Sofya

Advantages: The design is not catchy, the quality of workmanship and materials are excellent, comfortable to use and manage. Simple in care. There is a function of quick heating, convection, 4D hot air. Text display, child lock.
Disadvantages: No skewer and probe.
Minuses: We bought the oven recently, but I can already say that it is not only made very soundly, thought out to the smallest detail, but also in management is very comfortable, not confused. I use it already the second week, almost every day, since cooking in it is very simple and excellent cooking results, uniform baking of dishes, there are many modes, only 13 – I do not want to choose. Glass door, strong does not heat up, since there are three glasses, but everything is visible perfectly Through them. There is also a child lock, which is very important when in home children who constantly want to twist and push something, as we have, so this item was important when buying.

Kocheva Svetlana

Pluses: Easy installation. Convenient management and use. High reliability. Pleasant lighting. Large volume. There is a grill and convection.
Cons: Flush switches would be better
Minuses: This technique in the kitchen is always a win-win option. Quality, reliability for many years is provided to you, we have this oven has been around for five months now. In circulation, it’s better not to come up with convenient, safe, powerful, ready to work very quickly, there is a timer that can be started and it will turn off the oven at the right time, and you will be waiting for the finished dish, and cooked great – equally baked on all sides and with a crust, this is achieved due to the presence of convection and 4D hot air. The external data of the oven is excellent, the design and color fit perfectly in our kitchen, door with shock absorber, excellent staffing – 2 baking sheet and wire rack.

Anatskaya Nina

Pluses: Grill, convection, 13 modes, halogen lighting, catalytic enamel, large volume. Display informative.
Minuses: no
Minuses: In the oven, the main thing is that it quickly heats up and evenly baked, but at the same time the costs of electricity were minimal. In this model, all these points are observed perfectly. AND it is also safe, has a timer, backlight, internal coating catalytic enamel, which means a minimum of care. I like very much and then how smoothly the door opens / closes, first with I kept my habits, I was afraid of popping, especially when the child asleep. The display is very convenient to use and settings.

Black Marta

Pluses: Good and high-quality equipment. In management and care simple. Security is well thought out. Staffing great.
Minuses: Yes there is nothing like that
Disadvantages: We are satisfied with the oven, even more than. Did not expect that it will be so easy to use, especially to me I like to manage it – a character display, a clock, a timer. Trains excellent, 4D hot air evenly distributes heat to all levels, and convection helps the formation of a golden crust, such beloved by all of us. Heats up and cools quickly, has 3 pane glazing of the door, and protection from children, so I do not worry when my three year old son is spinning around the oven. Equipped with excellent, halogen lighting, economical electricity consumption.

Oleneva Sandra

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