BORK T700 (TM EBN 9910 BK)

BORK T700 (TM EBN 9910 BK)

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BORK T700 Specifications (TM EBN 9910 BK)


Power 1050 watts
Number of branches 2
Number of toasts 2
Type of management electronic
Toasting adjustment yes, smooth
Single frying there is
Cancel button there is
Defrost function there is
Heating function there is
Thermally insulated housing there is


Automatic centering of toasts there is
Extra Rise Toasts there is
Automatic toast raising there is
Grill for heating buns not
Crumb tray there is
Body material metal
Display there is
Control backlight there is
Additional Information 7 degrees of frying, function “operational control”; function “memory”

BORK T700 Reviews (TM EBN 9910 BK)

Pluses: An ordinary toaster, nothing more. Pleasant design.
Minuses: The first and most important disadvantage is the wild repeated squeak at completion of work. If you wanted to quietly have breakfast while everyone is sleeping – will not work. For a long time I want to disassemble it and break this tweeter. Uncomfortable to take out bread, not enough height lifting. It is necessary to pick up with a fork. On the body can be burned. Screen lives its own life, it works fine, it disappears picture.
Disadvantages: Dissatisfied with the purchase, an extremely unsuccessful model. Bork makes a pretty good technique, albeit at an inflated price. But this one is just completely unsuccessful.

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Pluses: modern design; Convenient electronic board; Case material, resistant to scratches, slapping and tanning.
Disadvantages: Unevenly fries toasts and bread (around the edges burns out); ready-made toasts are difficult to pull out, no declared smooth lifting (adapted for this, tongs for sugar); upper body Heats up very much, burns fingers, which is not safe in use !!! the crumb tray is small because under the toaster constantly crumbs; there are many heating functions (9), but you use a maximum of 5.
Disadvantages: This model is not practical, the price is clearly overpriced. It is clear that the promoted European brand, but similar flaws functionality upset the buyer and undermine the reputation manufacturer. Not happy with the purchase !!!

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Pluses: Design
Minuses: Size. Reliability.
Minuses: Burned out after a year.

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Pluses: Design. The quality of the roast. The convenience of use. The presence of a tray for crumbs.
Minuses: Price. No power failure.
Minuses: At first I really liked the look. The toaster is assembled high-quality, aluminum and a little less plastic, rubberized handles. Fits perfectly into the design of the kitchen. According to the operation: the device itself does not heat up during cooking; there is a degree control roasting and it works correctly. I really liked the roasting function one side. There is a tray for crumbs. Possibility forced toast to look at the degree readiness, but given the excellent work of the regulator, so far this function is not actively used. The family is happy. Of cons: the lack of a switch. It’s standing, and the display is on, shutdown only by means of disconnecting the plug from the network, which is not quite comfortable.

Poll andres

Pluses: Beautiful design.
Minuses: Electronics stopped working, the screen is nothing showed, and apparently therefore the solenoid did not magnetize the foot in the lower position.
Disadvantages: After the service recommended to throw it’s g … in the trash, I decided to make out for the sake of curiosity and, strongly surprised at both the lowest quality components inside and engineering ideas of developers, as a result, to collect back and not I could, and not because my hands are crooked, you just need to see this abomination, Vobschem and raked everything in the trash. After that, I am not a client of this manufacturer.

Kupriyanov Damir

Advantages: Beautiful design and shape of the toaster. There are like the function of frying on the one hand, and the grill for buns. For a long time I was looking for such a toaster. The firm is good and the stuff. Heats up only upstairs. The crumb tray is easy to remove.
Minuses: the price is a bit overpriced
Minuses: If someone is embarrassed, then the toaster is very loud rings when the toasts are ready, personally this does not bother me. Toasts fry evenly enough, and if the frying is not satisfied I turn the bread over and set it on a little more.

Lisitsyna Asya

Advantages: Stylish design, electronic display, uniform roasting.
Minuses: Not found.
Minuses: I really like this toaster. Fully responsible its value. The degree of frying is always uniform and corresponds to the set level. We often use the function warming up. The toaster is easy to clean, the case does not heat up when work.

Maltseva Irina

Pluses: beautiful design, quality matches the price
Minuses: no
Disadvantages: Toasters, in principle, are all the same and we chose in mainly because of the design, to look beautiful in the kitchen. Works it’s good, but it also has one feature. This is heating mode on the one hand, we only use it. Fried alone side and the second stays soft it is ideal for sandwiches.

Vishnyakoa Alexey

Pluses: Beautiful design, electronic display, roasting corresponds to the set mode
Minuses: Everything suits
Minuses: Great toaster. For me the most important thing is that the set roasting level always corresponds to the result. You can adjust the degree of cooking smoothly. If necessary toaster easy to clean.

Pudeyan Svetlana

Advantages: convenient LCD display, even frying
Minuses: no
Minuses: For a month now, the toaster has been working in our kitchen almost every morning and have delicious sandwiches. It has nine frying modes and a convenient LCD display, toasts are prepared evenly. In general, our purchase is ready.

Timonina Valentina

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