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Specifications BORK K810


A type teapot
Volume 1.5 l
Power 2000 watts
Teapot there is
Body material metal / glass


Safety water lock
Removable cover there is
Filter is, material: stainless steel
Temperature controller there, step, temperature conditions – 5, 50 – 100 hail.
Keeping warm there is
Display there is
Timer there is
Water level indicator there is
Inclusion indication there is
Compartment for the cord there is
Power cord length 1m
Dimensions (WxHxD) 18x23x23 cm
Weight 2.4 kg
Additional Information delayed start function, tea brewing technology, function quick brewing tea, adjusting the strength of brewing tea (3 mode)

BORK K810 Reviews

Advantages: The kettle consumes 1800-2000 watts versus 2200 watts of ours old kettle, but the water boils 30 seconds faster. Basket the tea leaves are movable, of good quality, the tea in it does not get stuck. we teas, so for us the temperature and brewing time are important factors, and with this kettle they can be controlled. Someone will call it’s laziness that the kettle does everything for you, but for us it’s not – as you know, teas can be brewed several times. If you leave teapot in an ordinary teapot, then the tea is simply re-brewed. If take out (for example, there is a sieve inside), then the question arises, where to put it? It’ll just so much, it will lose its taste in the refrigerator. In this teapot tea does not wind because it is always humid inside. Teas didn’t become tastier, but we often began to drink tasty tea :)) (i.e. not re-brew and DO NOT under-brew) Brew settings are pre-installed, but you can configure it in your own way.
Disadvantages: -PRICE! – Fast brewing mode, – Glass, -boiling water (?) The fast brewing mode is VERY stupid. The idea is that in this mode the basket will move up and down like a tea bag when we want to brew tea quickly. But! The kettle is not able to determine how much water is in it. poured, so it seems logical that the basket should move somewhere in the lower part of it. But no, in the “fast brewing” she falls and rises entirely! Given that on a basket lift it takes 10 seconds, brewing FAST should be somewhere a minute or two, and the water does not always reach the MAX mark, then the efficiency from such “fast brewing” is extremely low. Those. Basket dropped by 5 seconds, then another 5 seconds it is not in contact with water, and creeps up, creeps up, creeps down again (time goes, but tea at this time is still not brewing), and so on circle. I think you understand. The glass itself does not cause complaints, but no matter how heat-resistant glass is, the laws of physics do not cancel it maybe: if you just boiled water, poured it into cups and pour more cold water, it will likely crack. When you set the boiling C °, for example, at 75 degrees, then the water is just It is heated to 75 degrees, and does not boil first, and then cools. If you drink good water, then nothing critical, but if you necessarily boil, then this option is not for you. And of course PRICE. She’s huge (see life hack below)
Disadvantages: For some reason there is a delayed start function – IMHO, whim. If you really want such a kettle, but 18 extra thousand you are not there, but you or your friends are traveling, for example, to Europe, where you can look at copies of this teapot: these are not fakes, not analogues, these are absolutely the same kettle and other equipment that produces Bork (they are also a brand of Technopark) under other names. Just in Russia it is a TYPE PREMIUM technique, and for Europeans simpler. Copies: gastroback, Kambrook, stollar, breville. Represented in Russia, but very few models. In general, the teapot will be useful to teapots with financial opportunities. They gave it to us, and we are happy 🙂

Trenin Maxim

Pluses: The thing itself is good, beautiful, and all that. But it turned out to be very unreliable.
Disadvantages: After a month of operation, a few drops fell water into the connector (on which the kettle is placed). Result – Repair 6300 and warranties. 30 tr – a little expensive for a teapot (purchase + repair). It’s still a teapot, it’s always near the water, it was necessary to make a defense. With some Braun for 3000 never there will be such a problem.

Ustinov Alexey

Pluses: very convenient. Fast and safe ..
Minuses: It does not keep heat in the kettle for long
Minuses: The price of course bites but I do not regret spent sum. only husband scolded

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