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Specifications BORK F700

General characteristics

Number of tiers 1
Type of management electronic
Maximum power consumption 1600 watts
Timer for 60 minutes, with shutdown
Sound signal there is
Inclusion indication there is
Low water shutdown there is


Body material plastic
Steam Basket Material clear plastic
Water tank volume 4.5 l
Rice Bowl there is 1.5 l
Water level indicator there is
Display there is
Topping up water during cooking there is


Auto cooking there are 7 recipes
Thermostat there is


Dimensions (WxHxD) 29x26x29 cm
Weight 4.7 kg
Power cord length 1m
Additionally 3 independent cooking zones, separate control containers 2 containers for cooking in own juice and a grid that allows you to place food in a container on two levels; memory function; maximum working time without topping up water 2 hours 20 minutes

BORK F700 Reviews

Advantages: 3 independent compartments, including time the possibility of adding water during operation
Minuses: The price bites. It’s inconvenient to wash bowls in the corners – wash immediately after cooking. Inexpressive hole for topping up water – pour in too thin a stream. Fragile plastic – a couple of corners have already broken off.
Minuses: Simplicity of preparation is a bachelor’s dream – neither no need to stir, nor follow how yes what is being done there … Cut, put meat in a bowl and separately a side dish, poured water, turned it on, eat in an hour. Prepared for a small child – super, availability 3 compartments really helped out. Now fill only bottled water – no more limescale. For cooking, we put everything only in bowls, i.e. there are no juices in the pan and tank. Feature the cooking is so surprised – even white chicken is easy chewing. (and I don’t really like him, for example, cooked in soup)

The user has hidden his data

Pluses: Very decent design. Because of him, in general, Bought on this model.
Disadvantages: 1. Bulky. She is so big! Takes half a table. 2. Headache with her wash. After the first cooking I I was ready to hand it back – complete disappointment. maybe and a dishwasher saves someone … But for the money to this a double boiler dishwasher should be included. Even if you boiled potatoes in one container – you have to wash all three compartments with all lids !!! Half the kitchen in containers. Main heating part also have to be washed, which is terribly inconvenient, given that the cord doesn’t come unfastened, and you won’t put all of it in the sink – electronics yet. Really – you cook faster than you wash. 3. Manti turned out dry. Although, the same manti, as before, were prepared in the mantle and turned out amazingly juicy. And this is complete nonsense – cook in such a famous double boiler on foil. For the money you can buy three crock-pots and also steaming successfully – the result will be 100 times better and faster. I was shocked when I read that the rice is cooked for more than an hour … Well, probably really really useful. 4. Price. She is not worth her money. Half the cost – overpayment for image.
Minuses: Complete disappointment. After several setbacks in cooking mantles and meatballs (maybe we just don’t know how to cook :)), this double boiler was used exclusively for cooking vegetables on a vinaigrette. Then they removed it altogether, stood for a year in a box. They sold it through an ad. Bought a crock-pot pressure cooker for much less money, and use it every day. And also There is a steaming function, while the meat is prepared below. Only nothing dries and the rice is cooked in just 10 minutes. Bought this a double boiler before multicookers appeared on the market, otherwise and did not take.

Motherland Elena

Pluses: The possibility of separate preparation of three dishes, the ability to add water during cooking.
Disadvantages: 1. the figured bottom of the containers is very difficult to wash, even brushing is not perfectly washed out of the corners. 2. plastic in three years of use cracked in two containers. (by the way, one a container costs up to 3 thousand). 3. if during the preparation of water turned out to be insufficient, then begins to nasty squeak sound signal, when topping up the water does not work. Those. the device is necessary turn off the network, wait about a minute and then start again. (you must remember the program and the end time and set independently). 4. After cooking everything that has juice you have to wash the entire container, as well as the pan and tank for water.
Disadvantages: This model is not worth the money.

Chernyshova Ekaterina

Pluses: I liked the fact that you can add water to any moment. It’s great that three departments can be prepared in the family everyone that he loves. It’s good that there are cups for everyone to the department, we cook soups in them, very cool!
Minuses: No delayed start. We leave with the child on the street, come, you need either 25 minutes to wait for readiness, or eat what stood all the time on heating. Delayed start us would be so bailed out !!

Kovaleva Natalya

Pluses: a miracle of technology, not a double boiler
Minuses: a little expensive
Minuses: I decided to seriously take care of myself, and, first of all revise your menu. And as all nutritionists claim, all are delicious and wholesome meals are cooked only in double boiler. Tried old by the grandmother’s method, she herself will build a double boiler from the pan and colander)))) I stopped doing nonsense and I went for the shaitan machine to the store, I’ll say that they were different there, but I bought the present miracle of technology bork. Firstly, beautiful, made of transparent plastic with interesting design and fits perfectly into my kitchen, secondly, very comfortable (through this same plastic I can see in what condition my food), thirdly, there are three cooking zones in it, that is, I I immediately cook meat, a side dish and you can still bake a pie for my husband. Yet I liked such things as memory, laid and scored already successful proven settings, shutdown when there is a lack of water and sound signal at the end of cooking. In general, when I get used to it finally, you can put everything and forget it for 2 hours, and get delicious dishes.

Paramzina Tatyana

Advantages: quality and speed of cooking, convenience in management
Disadvantages: –
Disadvantages: overall happy with the purchase. This is not the first double boiler I, in this convenient control, boil all the products and meat and vegetables, nothing remains raw. Rice bowl included – a trifle, but nice) And most importantly, my family likes the food that I cook on this double boiler)

Irishka Beloshangina

Advantages: Compact, does not look like the tower of Babylon. Timer for different compartments. The mode of “heating” after cooking. An opportunity to add water during cooking. Ease of washing in dishwasher. Menu interactivity.
Disadvantages: Misting of all departments. The paint quickly faded. Not fully thought out timer.
Minuses: 2.5 years already use this double boiler, therefore I can objectively evaluate all the pros and cons. Main criterion The choice was design, size, functionality. F700 doesn’t look like towers competitors, fits very well into the modern design of my kitchen and is comfortable the fact that you can cook several dishes with different times readiness for one moment. However, this has its drawbacks. So, if I cook the dish for 40 minutes, at this time I’m cooking dishes number 2, the timer remains 18 minutes, dish number 2 50 minutes to prepare, I will need to set a timer for 18 minutes, otherwise, dish number 1 will stop cooking and wait for 50 minutes will reach 18. Hard not a thought. Paint on the button partially erased, one generally completely. For such a cost – low-quality paint depresses. When you cook in one compartment – all three are fogged up, and although one element heats up, in fact gives away heat from all three compartments. This is not a minus, but After cooking, wash all compartments and covers. Though branches and transparent, you will not see anything, as in other double boiler – all the walls and the cover are fogging up, I don’t understand the meaning of this PR at all move “you can see how your food is being prepared.” But this applies generally to all double boiler. And the main thing: I cook absolutely everything, rice and fish are divine.

Rogozin Alexander

Pluses: I love this double boiler. I bought it a year and a half back, since then I cook a lot for a couple: fish, vegetables, cereals, I even cook fruit (apples) for applesauce. Delicious. I would like more power, because I have potatoes and beets 45-50 minutes are prepared, and not as stated in the instructions. I chose this double boiler, because the containers are on the same level, and not on top of each other, like most double boiler. Of course takes more space in the kitchen, but for me this is not a problem. Wash containers really hard because they are bulky, faster to throw I’m going to a double boiler than to wash it later, but then for me it’s not problem. Once every two or three weeks I clean the cup from the scum: I drive it away double boiler with citric acid.
Minuses: Over time, cracks appeared on plastic containers. And the price is quite overpriced.
Minuses: I recommend for supporters of a healthy diet. It is prepared easily and tasty. Threw food into a double boiler and left for tasty and wholesome food is being prepared in the meantime. Nothing it doesn’t stick like on a stove.

Lebedenko valentina

Pluses: Beautiful design, three compartments each with its own heater, a good set of additional containers, high pallet, good plastic. The function of heating after cooking. Automatically shuts off if water runs out for steam.
Minuses: Nope.
Minuses: I am very glad that I bought this particular double boiler. It Looks very nice, cooks deliciously, easy to use. Thanks to commentator Vera for advice on using foil. it certainly reduces the time of caring for the device, and the fish tastes better it turns out. Today, during washing, I forgot about the pan, you can’t water got there. I put her right in the bathroom water. Drops of water were even inside the electronic display, where shows the time. She stood dry for half a day. When turned on, Failed, not all numbers were displayed, and refused to soar, let out some squeak. After reading on the Internet, I dried the bottom with a hairdryer. And now my fish is ready! I’m going to eat!

alim mila

Pluses: Easy to manage. Smells do not mix! Easy wash. Compact Cooks deliciously and all in 1 time
Minuses: not identified
Disadvantages: Long chose and settled on this model! I bought and did not regret it!

Nikolai Barannikov

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