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Specifications BORK E800

General characteristics

A type stationary
Bowl 4.70 l, stainless steel
Power 1000 watts
Number of speeds 12
Number of nozzles 4
Nozzles whisk for whipping, dough hooks
Body material metal


Attachment Storage not
Protective lid on the bowl there is
Cord winder not
Rubber handle not
Power cord length 1m
Weight 7.9 kg
Additional Information included: nozzle-confectioner, nozzle-spatula, whisk, hook for the test; planetary mixing, sensory control electronics engine operation; automatic security system;

BORK E800 Reviews

Pluses: comfortable bowl, 12 speeds, stylish view
Minuses: not seen
Disadvantages: In comparison with a hand mixer, the stationary one will be a cut above convenience. The only thing that was worried at first about the complexity of cleaning it, but in this model it’s elementary done. But the most important thing is of course how the mixer shows itself in work. Even heavy dough kneads without problems, which even do not knead with hands. If, for example, whip cream or proteins, then on there is a special lid on the bowl, with it there will be no spray all over kitchen fly. In general, I can say that the thing is thought out and its definitely worth the money.

Omelchenko Polina

Advantages: Power, many modes, work without failures
Minuses: Bulky
Minuses: I saw this mixer for the first time in the Kind program morning “with Chekalova, examined the manufacturer, and then in it wasn’t a problem to find on the Internet, all the more so with Borc, the e800 is one such a massive, stylish, metal! Yeah he’s pretty bulky, which is not always convenient, but the performance itself justifies. I think that not every mixer can beat margarine for the same Napoleon. Mostly they chop it, but here for one of the nozzles approached the case. The rest most often serves for kneading pizza dough, for pancakes and various kinds yeast baking. Well, things like cake cream, or custard cakes, not a problem at all. Speed ​​modes abundantly, there is a special cover to the substance was not on the clothes. Wash up, not a problem, the surface is smooth, nothing gets clogged! Good assistant!

Kazakova Tanechka

Pluses: powerful, reliable
Minuses: hard for me
Disadvantages: we have a mixer E800 relatively recently. Also year no, but without it in the kitchen it’s like no hands. Large set of nozzles a lot what allows you to do. Knead the dough and whip the cream. Twelve speeds, though I don’t know why. I use or the highest for whipping, or low for dough. And so everything is great. Need to try another ice cream on it to do, all hands not reach …

Bazaeva Marina

Advantages: A large set of nozzles expands it opportunities.
Minuses: I would like a smaller price tag.
Disadvantages: We have been operating this mixer for more than a year. A great assistant. Knead the dough very high quality. Son cooks himself mixture for omelet. The husband explained that there is no need to abuse maximum speed mode, then the mixer will last a long time. I AM I think this recommendation will not only work for the mixer. Maximum modes overheat the technique, and this is fraught. Going to for the manufacture of ice cream an additional set to purchase. People, judging by the reviews, get great ice cream …

Kovaleva Elena

Pluses: Appearance and heaviness
Minuses: The bowl is indeed sometimes difficult to remove from coasters. Well, and the current price.
Minuses: Acquired several years ago, as more or less Affordable model of stationary mixer. Over the years not I was disappointed, but only happy with this purchase. My helper. Having read the latest reviews, I thought – are people talking about this mixer? write ??? I don’t understand how the metal nozzle could break while stirring the dough. Is it the bricks crushed by her mixed … I’m fond of baking, so Bork to me in this help. Yeast, dough kneads perfectly on sourdough! Years old, probably six or seven he serves me – never overheating was, although the dough is different in density and kneading time happens long. That’s about the movement of the mixer on the table – I’m not lying – yes, it happens, it moves when the dough is heavy. And, for the same reason, then it’s hard to remove the cup from the stand – it wedges a little. The rest – very satisfied. Protein, cream whips perfectly. In general, the controls are simple and straightforward. And honest power. Mixer her fulfills. Good workhorse. “Four” I put only due to the price.

Kravchenko Sergey

Pluses: Design
Minuses: Heats up strongly and smells burnt, after kneading dough the two have to pull the cup out of the stand, because her just there jammed.
Minuses: Kneading the dough is not bad.


Pluses: Price and rustic show
Disadvantages: 1. Low build quality as in principle everything is Borka 2. The nozzle broke while stirring the dough 3. It makes a lot of noise, Compared to Kitchen Eid 4. The engine smells during operation
Disadvantages: I’m contacting Borka for the last time, it’s like crockery dishes. I believe it’s hard, I believe it myself have written

Multikov maxim

Advantages: Power, noiselessness, ease of use and perfect result in everything !!!
Minuses: absolutely no
Minuses: When choosing, there were very few reviews! Embarrassed price, but stumbled upon a discount on a showcase sample of 35% and bought !! for six months did not regret even once! chic assistant – biscuit dough, cakes, dumplings, manti, pasta, yeast, bread dough, pancakes, pancakes, various creams, including protein custard, mayonnaise and much more – everything is perfect, very fast and of high quality. kneads everything completely, nothing remains at the bottom, as in many other planetary mixers. And it does not depend on volume – whips and one egg and 10 are equally excellent !!! I’m just full delighted. Everything is washed in the dishwasher, dishes are dirty at least. For example, buns made of yeast dough – dough in a bowl with a mixer mixes, it’s suitable in it, then kneading again with a mixer, and again into the heat right in the bowl! Then he washed the cup and nozzle and that’s it !!! No whole heaps of dishes as before! In general, if possible – buy, do not regret it !!! For me, the cooking process has turned into great pleasure! Of course, spend that kind of money once a month to knead the dough for dumplings is not worth it, but if you like cook and delight your home goodies, then this magical assistant is the best help !!!! Recommend!

Levchenko Elena

Advantages: design, power, workmanship
Minuses: no, wish a bigger bowl
Minuses: The planetary mixer is my dream and it came true. Husband gave me a birthday. We went to the store together but after another CENWOOD Chef. But the husband saw and examined him and listened The consultant refused to buy it. Shop consultant offered to buy a BORK E800. Of course the design and quality of materials are excellent. Plus 4 nozzles and a shovel. I have nothing else it was not necessary. The price of course is a bit high. But in the end, this handsome me in the kitchen. The dough kneads any with a bang. Proteins, cream. Puree and minced meat I tried it. The stainless steel bowl is attached tightly. I would not say that It works quietly, still 1000W. But not critical. In general, I am very happy. Made life easier for my hands. I hope the BORKE800 will justify its brand and its price for many years.

Leushina Larisa

Pluses: beautiful design
Disadvantages: 1. Price !!!!! 2. Since the purchase (gift) was rattle when kneading, eventually broke !!! 3.No parts in Moscow time !!
Minuses: Do not buy !!! Operated since July at home conditions with a load of less than average! From the moment operation was a small rattle with stirring and whipping. When whipping proteins (!!!) for meringues, it was heated several times, which it was impossible to touch !!! And so, when kneading the dough grated and began to tumble on its side !! I barely managed to pick it up, not to crash to the floor! As a result, the upper part came off If anything happens to him, almost all services say that Not a WARRANTY CASE !!! “We were ready to fix it for your money, but there are NO spare parts in Moscow !!! And they are not expected !!! The result – to release 22 000 (albeit not mine !!) Is that ?? Disposable technique ??

Soboleva Love

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