Beurer KS 48

Beurer KS 48

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Features Beurer KS 48

General characteristics

A type electronic
Weight limit 5 kg
Measurement accuracy 1 g
Tarocompensation there is
Sequential weighing not
Fluid volume measurement not


Timer not
Clock not


Packaging design platform
Removable platform not
Platform material glass
Dimensions (WxDxH) 240x180x17 mm
Additional Information digits height 12mm

Beurer KS 48 Reviews

Pluses: Exact. Convenient to use. Beautiful – to his wife I liked it.
Minuses: They are not
Disadvantages: Excellent scales for the kitchen and diet. No extra action, one click and removes tare. No extra functions not. I chose the reviews, use a little more than a week. Very satisfied!

Klimov Andrey

Advantages: The model is stylish, accurate, quality made.

Fedorov Demid

Advantages: Compact scales. Laconic design
Disadvantages: Constantly the scales begin to increase weight. Even there is nothing on them; weight is added

Zee max

Pluses: especially appreciated when I recently bought others new scales. These worked for a long time, it seems to me more than 5 years. Accurately weighed, the first time dropped containers, turned on and turned off, it was possible to wipe, without having to pull out the batteries, as in my new ones. Sensitivity on height! Not soiled! (Now I have glass black, there is something compare). Functionality is optimal, nothing more is needed. IN in general – some advantages.
Disadvantages: at first the design seemed not very interesting. But Now I have stylish black scales of another model and wipe them in 2 times more often. therefore, this drawback was just nitpicking)
Disadvantages: miss them. I bought heaped up with counting kcal and I understand that these were more convenient and more accurate. In general, I advise!

The user has hidden his data

Pluses: Stylish design, precise, practical glass surface
Minuses: not found
Disadvantages: The choice of these scales made by the reviews and not at all regretted. I use every day for six months. No complaints. Before used tefal weights. No comparison, these are more accurate. AND keeping this model clean is much easier because glass surface.

The user has hidden his data

Pluses: beautiful / stylish accurate button “packaging”
Disadvantages: touch buttons / their ergonomics battery format 3A
Minuses: Buttons. Put the bowl under the loose things and buttons / screen closes. May be falsely triggered when 1) “measured thicket “runs into the area of ​​the buttons 2) when in the kitchen or on them splashes of water fly. After about 5 years, they came off almost simultaneously 3 anti-skid legs. This format of acb is still infuriating – 3A is more expensive for a unit of capacity comes out, and the scales would not become thicker if set would be 2A. Marky? Well, what do you want from a glossy surface? But easy to wipe. No scratches were found during use. The accuracy is really in 1g, but they do not weigh the initial 1g. can =)

Duzzmuck Smoochpooflove

Pluses: Beautiful Accurate (error in the direction of increasing 1 gr.) Light in weight and in control Button “container” with the ability measuring extra weight or negative values.
Disadvantages: Marked and fragile surface of the platform: with the test measurement with a coin caused minor scratches, remain handprints.
Minuses: Good scales for such a price – took delivery for 1650 p. Not a no-name (Supra, Rohlsen, Scarlet, Simba, etc.), but famous German brand, although made in China. The bottom is made of plastic so that it can be easily glued to the board of the bottom surface in the center (where the notch for the fingers) is a plastic pull-out hook and hang safely in the kitchen, the weight of the scales is small ~ 200 gr.

Mineev Denis

Pluses: Small Design There is a button “Packaging”. Pretty accurate, show weight up to grams.
Minuses: Sometimes they’re not showing exactly, you put them on them something, they think for a long time what number to show jumping by one to another. At the beginning of operation, this was not, they are level, new batteries. A little annoying that include a few seconds, but this is my troubles, I hasten and do not want to wait.
Minuses: I’m happy with the scales, I count calories and they tell me help a lot. If before switching on, put something on them (for example the plate is empty), then the scale will show when you turn on 0 and you can already pour the desired product into the plate, the weight will be clean without a plate. Or, when weighing, press the “Tare” button and the weight will be reset to zero existing products on the scales. With constant use I notice that sometimes (not always!) there are small errors when weighing about a few grams, but when I ask specifically Check the balance, then they always clearly show the weight! 🙂 )

Ivanova Catherine

Advantages: very accurate, light and small, pleasant design
Disadvantages: a very delicate case that requires careful exploitation
Disadvantages: scales perfectly fulfill their main function – weighed, and very accurately. But they only served me year, then fell and after that they were no longer able to reanimate. Be very careful with them.

Lysak Alla

Pluses: Glass surface – wipes well, convenient to weigh with packaging, compact, not expensive,
Minuses: Not yet discovered.
Minuses: Reliable compact scales, Nothing more – You can weigh with packaging and without packaging, as well as add new weight on the scales. What else is needed for happiness? 🙂

Litvinov Vladimir

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