Beurer KS 32

Beurer KS 32

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Features Beurer KS 32

General characteristics

A type electronic
Weight limit 5 kg
Measurement accuracy 1 g
Tarocompensation there is
Sequential weighing there is
Fluid volume measurement not


Clock not


Packaging design bowl
Removable bowl there is
Bowl volume 3 l
Body material plastic
Weight 921 g

Beurer KS 32 Reviews

Pluses: Precision Convenience Versatility
Minuses: We almost never use the bowl (only for loose products), but otherwise the scales are very convenient and accurate. Fashionable to weigh both in a big plate and in a small one – the display is all the same it is seen.


Pluses: Convenient bowl
Disadvantages: Constantly buggy.
Minuses: Tired of constantly removing the battery and “tap” to turn on. Maybe of course the marriage was caught, but disappointed with the purchase. I am looking for new ones, I do not advise taking these.

Demidov Andrey

Advantages: Scales work reliably and accurately. Battery per year not yet changed. With a gift of such a model – the gift will look more solid thanks to the big box. This model is recommended to those who will bake bread himself.
Minuses: It’s not very convenient for me that switching from grams to other units are very easy (press and hold on few seconds) a single button. Accounted for sometimes to return. Plus, this is confusing for his wife. Quickly turn off. The weight display time is very short. Sometimes it’s not enough especially when you need to pour a few ingredients, and you need a common weight.
Minuses: I don’t use the bowl, I immediately fall asleep in the container bread makers, ceramic plate or pan. The bowl is big takes up a lot of space in the pasudomoyka and plastic. For everyday Needs we prefer glass bowls. Such large bowls are rarely we will use. Therefore, the bowl is gathering dust on the far shelf.

Moiseev Ivan

Advantages: Quality, accuracy, multifunctionality. It is seen, what an expensive plastic. Big numbers. I really liked the scales. Weight weighing – up to 5 kg, and not up to 3x. 3 year warranty! Germany.
Minuses: Only one – you do not always get the cup, but the kitchen the dish almost always covers the display so that you have to bend down to see the result. Otherwise nothing – but compact.
Minuses: Excellent scales, I recommend.

Semenov alexey

Advantages: Quality Convenience storage Simplicity
Disadvantages: lack of a measuring scale for liquids
Minuses: Convenient scales for the kitchen, bought for my wife along with bread machine

Mikhailov Alexey

Advantages: – rubberized bottom of the bowl; – large readable font; – the accuracy of each subsequent weighing of the same mass practically does not differ from the previous one (max 1 mg).
Minuses: not yet discovered!
Minuses: Great thing. There are no extra bells and whistles with which all Equally no one uses it. Easy “jumped” all sorts of tefal and others antler brands !!!!!!!

Pinkas Andrey

Advantages: The cup is large convenient, and if you turn on the scale, when a bowl is already standing on them, oh they automatically minus its weight. Fairy tale !! I have a sieve from ikea, so I’m right in this cup and sift flour and look at the scales.
Minuses: Not yet discovered.
Disadvantages: I took it specially for the bread machine for 930r. Thanks they did it the first time

Lybuschka Lybuschka

Advantages: Good quality plastic, easy storage (scales can be put in a bowl or covered with it), ease of use. A large convenient bowl with a spout, while the bowl does not slide on the table, because has a rubberized base.
Minuses: not yet discovered
Minuses: Summary is a good thing!

Shatokhina Natalya

Pluses: I was looking for scales on which you can weigh in the bowl and separately in any other container. The bowl is very comfortable, but it happens that it does not need to be used. You can store everything separately and use separately
Disadvantages: After weighing, if you move the products in the bowl, weight may vary + -5 grams, but I’m not sure if this is a problem specifically this model.
Disadvantages: Good scales for this price category. Can use without a bowl. There is a weight in grams and pounds. Measurement the volume of fluid claimed on all sites I have not yet found.

Skrebkova Maria

Pros: Large cup, easy to use, accurate, stylish 🙂
Minuses: The battery was a little off at first, it needs to be press harder
Minuses: Excellent scales, I advise everyone!

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