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Specifications of BEKO CSM 62321 DA

General characteristics

Hob gas
Oven electric
Control mechanical, switches: rotary, display, timer
Electric ignition hob
Type of electric ignition auto
Clock not
Energy consumption class A
Maximum oven temperature 250 ° C
Dimensions (WxDxH) 60x60x85 cm


Oven volume 65 l
Door folding
Grill there is an electric
Convection there is
The number of glasses of the oven door two
Cleaning traditional
Oven Features backlight


Working surface strained glass
Number of burners gas: 4, quick warm-up: 1
Gas control hobs there is
Protective shutdown not
Control panel lock there is


Colour the black
Drawer there is

BEKO CSM 62321 DA Reviews

Pluses: NEVER! NEVER buy this stove and this brand. Not only does the stove stink of chemistry when using the oven. The top cover comes off, as a result of which they get into it liquids and electronics begin to fail, constantly clicks electric ignition without stopping. Yes, and authorized service centers send away and require money for a warranty case. Disgusting model and disgusting manufacturer company! Scoop will remain a scoop !!!
Minuses: Horrible model

Lapshin Igor

Pluses: Design, easy to clean))
Minuses: not found
Disadvantages: Of the advantages, the main thing is design. All the more hot plates gas-on-glass. I really like her in appearance. Picture not cheated. At first I thought that it was hard to wash such burners. Honestly, I did not notice much difference with the usual one in this regard. Washes without problems)) As for the oven, it has a convenient timer and several modes. I do not use everyone. Very useful mode defrosting. He saved me many times. Well, there is still a drawer retractable))) It is convenient to store all sorts of pots or pans there. Good quality stove !!

The user has hidden his data

Advantages: – Many options for little money. – Design. -Glass is easy to clean. – Free access to glass, even pots shooting is not necessary. – Electric oven. – retractable box
Disadvantages: – The frame / base of the plate is made of thin tin. -Lattices on which pans are placed. They are separate, unrelated between themselves. Accordingly, any pan shift to the side fraught with her fall. – Lattices for installation of pots and hobs do not protected against corrosion. (In fact, it was not corrosion, but something another. After prolonged use, the grilles have become common, black, greasy, shorter as on all plates.) – When disconnected electricity clock on the stove has to be re-configured. – On the glamorous front panel clearly visible fat and other kaku, It doesn’t look glamorous 🙂 – Even water drips are visible on the glass. -When the front panel is greased, the hotplate start valves wedged, you have to remove them and wash.
Minuses: I use about a year. The picture on which The plate shown does not correctly indicate the location of the burners. By at least for me differently. Middle right is a small burner. Middle left is the largest burner. Both distant – medium quantities. Explanations about the frame. When installing the stove in horizontal need to twist the plastic screws resting on the floor. The plate frame and horizontal installation are deformed. difficult. In the future, the frame may deform even more. The stove will certainly not roll over, but the horizontal will go away and for example the sunflower oil in the pan will be accumulate in one half of the pan … Explanation of corrosion grills and burners. After several spills of compote grates in several places were covered with natural rust, and burners in places where compote spilled changed color from glamorous black to not glamorous brown … Update. Over the year, the grilles are greasy, fried and became the usual black color. About the design. It looks great, yes, until you get it dirty. Any spot is noticeable. To take or not to take for design? Suitable as an item interior decoration, or for infrequent use. If use daily, then the design is killed by greasy spots and corrosion, and it seems to me irreversibly. Took for everyday use, and I wanted exactly gas from above, an electric oven and glass panel. The feeling is that with the glass I lost … But electro the oven is wonderful and unlike a gas oven has more functions and more predictable. There are no complaints about the work of the upper burners. The opinion is quite subjective, since the wife is preparing and everything to her like. How could he describe the shortcomings I saw. Update. My wife read this review, said that I was too nit-picking on the stove. In her opinion, it is not necessary to look at greasy spots, but to wash, then they will not be visible … She found only one drawback – a weak frame … On the other hand, put it once and nowhere is it go away.


Pluses: 8 modes, including 3d turbo mode, beautiful och-looks solid drawer
Disadvantages: plastic hollow bolt legs, drawer plastic


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